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A Message to the People of Chernarus


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The radio would cackle and static would be heard. Then there would the anthem of of Chernarus. Then it would be followed by a middle-aged Chernarussian man speaking

"Bratři, friends, and foreigners. I speak to you today from the old Zelenagorsk capital with some tragic news. Our Provisional President, Adam Zavat, son to Joseph Zavat, a peaceful protestor during the reign of the dictator Lopotev, was shot and killed today in Zelenagorsk. It is a a sad day for Chernarus. The murderer and a Russian Spy have also been executed. With the tragic loss of our beloved President, the line of succession now falls to me. I, Josef Liska, will now preside as the Provisional President of Chernarus until elections are help to select a new official President. I am aware of the dangers this job holds. I do not tremble before the road ahead of me. I welcome it! As the first order of my new position, it is to declare Martial Law. The Chernarus Liberation Front will be taking the lead on operations to rid our free land of these terrorist who do not deserve to have their named mentioned. These rodents will face justice. Now, in the name of the Martyr Zavat, we must Unify and create Progress! Slava Chernarus!"

The anthem would resume

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*Jan hears the broadcast and turns it up and listens intently before pressing his push to talk*

"Government presidents spies and martial law?"

*he pauses*

"Boring, I am sure the CLF will continue to do what they want just under the guise of governments. Seriously Hasn't the world tried this whole dictator I mean president thing before. Well Whatever doesnt impact me I will keep drinkin and fishin on the beaches hopefully CLF can come visit sometime and I can provide them a meal while they explain  exactly who they are trying to root out and deport from this place."

*The radio button is released and the mans voice fades with the ocean waves in the background*

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Kustaa listens in to the broadcast before speaking

"Very sad to hear, my largest condolences for the loss of what was probably a great man."

"I'd love to have an interview with you fine gentleman. I'm a reporter, and I could get out on the radio to look out for anyone you may suspect of being associated with this assassination. Pick the time and place, I'll be there."

Kustaa turns off his radio, leaning back and sighing.

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AWOL listens in on the announcement

*Sigh* "This is tragic news, Zavat was one of the few people I've seen that could go about such a task"

"He was one of the very few people who understood that foreigners such as myself were not an enemy of the people. I held respect for that man for he parted away from the differences of others around him and simply strived to get his country back on it's feet. As for you Joseph, we've spoken before and I know you well enough and your good intentions as well.

There is a difference between rebuilding a country and Extremist Nationalism, I'm glad you're focus is on rebuilding and let it stay that way.. please.

AWOL's voice fades away as the releases the button

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A new voice came to the frequency, from the sounds of it, no close to Chernarussian not Russian, but a Polish accent. 

"Op... Kurwa. Not a day arrived here and already your temporary president is killed...? I can tell my drifting adventures led me to some interesting place, well, I guess it's Chwała Zavat."

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A long deep tone would come on the radio. Static would follow and a middle0aged Chernarussian man would speak. He was glad to speaking over radio instead over television 


"Bratři, friends, and fellow patriots... I speak to you now... with a heavy heart. I have declared Martial Law and in doing so, I have spread an environment of confusion and uncertainty. There is some good news; the Anarchists have not been heard from since Martial Law was declared and must conclude that the CLF have made success in their duty in removing the terrorist threat."

Bratři, přátelé a kolegové vlastenci ... mluvím k vám nyní ... s těžkým srdcem. Prohlásil jsem stanné právo a tím jsem rozšířil prostředí zmatku a nejistoty. Existují dobré zprávy; od vyhlášení stanného práva nebyli anarchisté vyslechnuti a musí dojít k závěru, že CLF uspěla ve své povinnosti při odstraňování teroristické hrozby.

He pauses and takes a long deep breath

"Chystám se vám říci, že to není podporovat nezákonnost nebo poškodit naději ve vašich srdcích. Fronta osvobození Chernarus měla v úmyslu odvolat Adama Zavata ze své funkce a nechat ho nahradit kandidátem vybraným CLF. Adam je nyní mrtvý a mohu jen konstatovat, že budu také odstraněn z funkce. Přání CLF, aby byli všichni ministři cizinců odstraněni ze svých pozic v Republikánské radě. Tato víra je v rozporu s mojí politikou jednoty a pokroku. S touto znalostí mohu ne vést národ, který lpí na starých vírách a nepřizpůsobí se neustále se měnícímu světu kolem nás. Proto já, Josef Liska, zde rezignuji na svou pozici prozatímního prezidenta. Vzdávám všechny státní mocnosti a vládní autoritu Černarovu osvobození Přední. Věřím, že nás dovedou k velikosti. Moje povinnost jako Černarusana je nadále bojovat za mou zemi. Budu v tom pokračovat, ale jako soukromý občan. Ačkoli se moci moci mohou změnit, moc moci Pokud národ stále hoří v srdcích svého lidu. SLAVSKÁ OSVOBOZENÍ! SLAVA ČERNARUS!"


"What I am about to tell you, is not to encourage lawlessness or damage the hope in your hearts. The Chernarus Liberation Front intended to have Adam Zavat removed from his position and have him replaced with a candidate selected by the CLF. Adam is now dead and I can only conclude that I will be removed from position as well. The CLF desire to have all foreigner Ministers removed from their positions in the Republican Council. This belief goes against my policy of Unity and Progress. With this knowledge, I can not lead a nation that clings to old beliefs and will not adapt to the ever changing world around us. Therefore, I, Josef Liska, here-by resign my position as Provisional President. I surrender all State Powers and Government authority to the Chernarus Liberation Front. I have faith they will lead us to greatness. My duty as a Chernarussian is continue fighting for my country. I will continue to do this, but as a private citizen. Though the hands of power may change, the might of the nation still burns in the hearts of her people. SLAVA LIBERATION! SLAVA CHERNARUS!"

The radio would fall to static as Josef takes a swig of vodka. He turns off the radio and gets up from his chair. He take Adam's armband and leaves Zelenagorsk

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The frequency would come alive as a sigh could be heard from a younger Chernarussian man, those who knew him would recognize Krystof speaking with a sad, disappointed sounding voice.

"Ahoj, pane Liska.
Your words fill me with sadness - and disappointment. I genuinely believed that you acted in the best interest of the people. I trusted you when you assured us you were no part of Zavat's corrupt transactions and that you would do what it takes to guarantee stability and peace for the Chernarussian people. I personally supported you as the right choice to lead our country into a better future after the despicable assassination of Adam Zavat. With your public address today you made not only a fool out of yourself but also out of me, in front of my bratri a sestri. I - no, we - can only accept your resignation, but be assured you leave us disappointed and disillusioned... I hope you find your peace as a private citizen, rest assured that we, the CLF, will carry on our duty and do everything in our power to shape a better future for the Chernarussian people..."

The man would pause for a moment before continuing to speak with a more informational, less personal tone of voice.

"That being said, I want to address some of your accusations, on behalf of the Chernarus Liberation Front.

It is true that the CLF was evaluating whether or not Adam Zavat was still maintainable in his position. This happened after his affiliation with Nikita Belov, an FSB agent, spy of a foreign occupying force and convicted murderer was uncovered. The CLF had evidence of Adam Zavat being engaged in corrupt transactions with the Russian Federation. Hence, it was a matter of national security and our duty to consider removing Adam Zavat from power to prevent further damage.

In the interest of the stability of the New Chernarussian Republic, and to preserve the dignity of a man who has done a great service to our people, we chose to address the issue with pane Zavat directly without involving the general public. Zavat assisted the CLF with the apprehension of Nikita Belov, who was tried as unlawful combatant in an ongoing conflict by a military tribunal and sentenced to death for his crimes against the people.

The subsequent, despicable assassination of Adam Zavat is just another proof of how fragile the current peace is, and how easily criminals like the so-called Anarchists can undermine the safety of all decent people in our country. It shows that those of us who are on the right side of the law need to stand united against the greed, corruption and injustice that our land is still poisoned with.

We, the Chernarus Liberation Front, understand it as our duty to protect not only Chernarussians but all decent people who reside within the borders of our country. Rest assured that we act in the best interest of all good people. And that we act confidently and fiercely, to crack down on these criminals and rid the country of corruption and injustice. We will do what it takes to move on to a better future for our homeland. For we are the people of Chernarus – and their fist. Glory to the Liberation Front!”

Krystof would release the PTT and slowly shake his head as he returned to his bratri with a stern face.

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*Sins clears his throat for a second when pushing down the PTT, then speaks up in his Chernarussian accent*

My glorious bratri of Chernarus, as you can see the fascists are doing exactly what me and my fellow freedom fighters warned you about. They impose martial law even though they have no real authority. They take away your rights even while defending a traitor like Adam Zavat. We've actually done you a favor, that man wished for nothing but to be worse than Bernarus, he just wanted power to control and then use the CLF like a puppet to do his bidding. This... martial law they are creating is just the beginning. I have seen what absolute power does when serving in the CDF, during the war. Remember history, remember how tyrants use chaos as a means for total control. Their next goal would be to either confiscate or limit your weapons, then they will limit your speech. You all called the anarchists evil and villains, you will see soon enough that we were anything but that.

*The sound of other individuals, varying in accents are heard speaking in the back ground the sound of Sins is heard speaking for a second lowly before bringing himself back*

Ano, just wait one moment I will be there.

As I was saying, we have won our battles here in South Zagoria. We have fought battles against Spero and won. We have fought battles against CLF and won. We have fought battles against many who oppose us and won, it is only appropriate to move on to other regions. To spread the revolution onwards. While we are around, no Tyrants will be safe to rule over people. I've heard that CLF left South Zagoria in the past, however depending on who I spoke to told a different reason to why. You have all seen our strength, there should be no doubt in our power to liberate not only Chernarus, but the rest of the Caucasus and then onwards.

Glory to mother Anarachy, there are no gods, there are no kings... there are no masters

*The same chant is heard in the background before he releases the PTT*

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