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Its been some time since i wrote in a book.

I dont even know how long i been out here now... luckily the time of year the animals are coming in... I decided to mainly stick to the west of the land, plenty of tree's and animals around.

I found a broken down structure by a old barn... been using that for shelter, found a old tent and built a simple wooden shack, should keep me warm at least..

did have a run in with another survivor near a summer camp, it was hard to let him know i couldn't talk due to the damage on my throat those wolves cost, he had his hand on his gun the entire time, I just lowered my weapons, dropped him some food and water... and a few rounds for his rifle and quietly walked back in the woods. hopefully they got the message im just trying to survive like everyone else...

well the suns getting low... i should turn in, im going to also put a bit of paper in a bottle and let it flow down stream, if anyone finds a town called zvir i think... dont worry, Im here to help.

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