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I am looking for some stuff

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*A shy voice is heard over the radio*


Hi, my name is hailey.

*A deep breath is being taken*

I have set up fidge's at the well in kabanino, so people that are passing by, can get something to eat.

I am traveling a lot at i find a lot of stuff that i am sure people can use, so i hate to just leave it. 

Therefore i am looking for a shed or a tent, where i can put the stuff in for people to grab when they come by.

I am also hunting a lot, and i really wanna try hunt with the winchester.

So if anybody got any of those things, please let me know.

I will of course pay for it.

You can contact me here,


*The radio goes silent*

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A European accented voice can be heard over the airwaves as the PTT is pressed down.

This is Chameleon!
I can inform you that there is some storage left by The Highway people in Chernogorsk. Maybe you can find anything there.
Chameleon out.

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*The shy voice is once more heard on the radio*


" i have my shed now, but i am still looking for a winchester, so if anybody got one they wanna get rid off, i will pay for it"

*the radio goes silent again*

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