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The Story of Michael Jobin Vol. 2


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This is Volume 2 of Michael Jobin's story because, in a previous wipe, I had another character called Michael Jobin and I did a whole Story/Journal about him. You can read it here if you are interested. 

Edit : With how Michael is going right now, I've decided to try to write his story like a book. So more details, more information than a "normal" journal. Also, 99% of what is written here did happen in game. But, from time to time, I will change some little detail. Either to make it more realistic or simply because I can't remember everything perfectly. (It's gonna be mostly for the dialogue between characters.)

Special Thanks to @Matt Chillas for the Graphics on the "Polaroid" pictures!


Entry 1

Finally found a blank book. Took me some time. 

My name is Michael Jobin. The reason why I write in this book is for a few reasons. The main ones are to keep track of what is happening to me, or at least, the main things. And also to keep me busy in the down times, and God knows there are a lot of those times where you don't know what to do and you are bored to death. 


I guess I should start by who I am... I already said my name. I'm 24... Or 25, I'm not sure I lost track of time. I'm French-Canadian and came to Chernarus in a hunting trip with 4 of my very good friends. Nicholas, Mick, Paul and Laurent. 

I don't find it useful to talk about every single day so I'll just stick to the main events. 

Before shit hit the fan, we were staying in a cabin in the woods all the way up north near Stary Yar. It was a popular hunting area. When we heard of the infection starting again, Nicholas and Mick went in Stary Yar to look for supplies before everything was gone. I was against the idea but we didn't have a choice. Our own supplies were low since we were on the end of our trip here... 

After a few hours, I heard Mick shout something about being chased before the transmission was cut off. 

After a few days without any news from them, we left our cabin in look for a better place to stay and supplies. We left a note hoping that they were still alive. 

We sticked to the woods and avoided bigger cities and the main roads. It was less dangerous that way. But, unfortunately, Paul lost his footing and fell down a cliff and badly injured his leg. We did not have any medical supplies for him so the wound quickly got infected... We were very close to the Russian border and, from a map, Laurent said that there was a hospital up there and that we should check it out. I was against the idea since Paul couldn't move easily... Laurent decided to go anyway, alone...

At the end of the day, he contacted us, saying that he will wait for the next morning to go. But, we never heard from him again. I went looking for him, only to find a burned out camp fire and a tent, shredded through with blood everywhere... Looked like an animal attack. Wolves packs were very common up there so I feared the worst. And it got confirmed after a few days without any contacts from Laurent... 

Sadly, without any medical attention, Paul died from the infection in his leg. I was forced to bury him there and leave this place. I went back to the original cabin and lived there for a while. Until Winter came. 

As it got colder and colder, I couldn't stay up north anymore. So I made my way south, that's when my "real" adventure started. All I did in the first month of the Outbreak was being isolated in the woods and talking to no one...


I was passing though an airfield when I came by this man called AWOL. He directed me to a Bar in Berezino. I went there and found the Belic people. It was a quiet Pub and I started to think that it could be a good place to stay warm and pass the winter. 

But that's when I heard news of a zombie hoard approaching and that we should go to this Island called Namalsk... Fuck even saying the name of that place gives me the chills... I don't want to talk to much about it so I'll make it short... 



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Entry 2

Welp, I can't sleep again so might as well continue writing... 

Namalsk... What a shit show. I'll keep it short. 

First, I almost died going there. The small boat I was using hit some shallow ground and sink, almost drowning me. After finding some dry clothing, I found a hospital occupied with other survivors that were offering help to anyone. The place was run by a Dr. Williams and a Dr. Liz. That's where I stayed for a while until it wasn't safe anymore. That place became a target of this group called Cerberus. I don't know why... Then, random crazy fuckers started showing up and... well... started doing crazy shit like smacking me on the side of the head with a fucking shovel!! Knocked me out cold and robbed me... 

When I came too, I went looking for him. Lucky for me, either this guy didn't have a fuck or he was just stupid cause I found him very close to the hospital talking with someone. I raised my gun at him and demanded my stuff back, which he refuse to do. So I shot him in the leg... I'm not proud of what I did but I was so angry I couldn't stop myself. The gunshot attracted a lot of zombies so I ran away. The last time I saw the man, he was limping away with at least a dozen of zombies after him... It safe to say that he died since he had no weapons other than a shovel and he had a fucked up leg. 

After that, I left the hospital. I made friend with a man called Runian. Him and a few others had started building a base to the south of Namalsk so I walked over there. We stayed there for the remaining of our time in this cursed island. 

After staying there for a while, I was shown how to use an AKM, an automatic assault rifle. My little SKS was no match against a pack of wolves or a bear. This saved me more than once. 

A few weeks before leaving Namalsk, I was on my way back home when I got attacked by a pack of wolves. At this point, this was a frequent thing so I was used to it. I shot and killed 3 of them and the last 2 ran away. I wasn't done reloading when I heard a fucking bear growling at me... I turned around to see this beast of an animal not even 50 meters away from me, sprinting towards me... I almost shat myself... I started shooting at it with my AKM when it fucking jammed on me... I switched to my pistol and started shooting but it also fucking jammed!! At this point, I was panicking and screamed for help over the radio. Our base was very close by so I was hoping my friends could help me.

I started running towards the base, trying to grab my Winchester when I felt something push me very hard in my back and a flash of pain hit me. I lost my footing and fell face first into the cold snow. The last thing I heard before passing out was the growl of the bear behind me, followed by multiple gunshots in front of me. 

When I came too, I was back home, laying on my stomach and a doctor next to me. Apparently, my Plate carrier saved me by blocking most of the blow from the bear but I still got a nasty gash on the left side of my back. And I hit my head pretty hard on the landing, but, I was still alive. 

This is only one of the few fucked up things that happened to me in Namalsk. Sadly, getting jumped by bears and wolves wasn't the real danger... Others were. Cannibals, cults, Mercenary groups... This was fucked. I needed to get away from this place. 

Thankfully, not long after the Bear attack, we heard that the hoard in Chernarus has dispersed and it was once again safe. Well, as safe as a post collapsed society can be...

So me, Runian, Flip, Charles, Dimitorou and some others traveled back to Chernarus and we established another home on the west side of the country. West of Zelenogorsk. 

Well, this writing session actually got me tired. I'm gonna get some shut eye. It's been a crazy day and I need some sleep... 

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Entry 3

For a while, maybe 3 or 4 weeks, everything was going pretty well at our place in the west! There was a lot of deep woods around us so I had plenty of hunting grounds while the others could fish in the nearby river. It was still too cold to do any kind of gardening. It was mostly uneventful but there was this one time in Zelenogorsk. We were 4 survivors. I can't for the life of me remember their name... Oh wait! I can remember one name. Ara or Ary or something like that. She was a Chernorussian friend of our group. Anyway. It was me, another man I'll call Vlad since I can't remember his actual name, Ara and another women. All 3 of them were Chernorussians. We were looking around Zeleno for supplies when Vlad spotted a large group of zombies hanging around the clinic. Worried someone might be stuck inside, we went to help. We started shooting the zombies with our suppressors when more started coming out of nowhere! At first, we just hid inside of a building and shot them from the windows. Nothing too worrying, we had worst. But then my suppressor broke or something cause my following shot was very... very loud... That's when we started hearing a.... roar in the distance. Vlad went on the second floor and came down very fucking quickly and kept saying "Kurva, we need to leave NOW! We need to go!" I've never seen him panic like that. And I'm talking about a battle-hardened Chernorussian!

We started hearing the front door breaking down from the amount of zombies pressing against it so we had to try to push out of the back door. Vlad opened the door, Ara and I killed the few zombies blocking our way and we started running towards the north of the town. We only made it to the Town Center when I turned around... Fuck that image will stay in my mind forever... Zombies everywhere. A literal sea of zombies! There must have been hundreds of them! Vlad realized that I wasn't following so he turned around calling my name but stopped mid sentence when he saw the hoard too. "Oh Kurva we need to get to higher grounds right fucking now!!" he said. Ara spotted some scaffoldings on the side of a building that led to the roof. We climbed it and we were safe on the roof. We started shooting the zombies from up there when the other women jumped from our roof to the adjacent one. Ara tried to follow her.... tried... 

I saw her do a runup but then, just before the ledge, her foot caught something or slipped on something I'm not sure. Everything became very slow as I saw her go face first into the wall of the adjacent building and vanish from our view has she fell down the roof of our 2 story building... Vlad screamed her name and ran to the led, as did I. There was Ara, laying down on a pile of garbage in between the buildings, not moving. But, I think I saw a cloud of condensation from her breathing, meaning she was alive! I'm guessing Vlad also saw it since he immediately bolted for the scaffoldings. I ran down with him since I knew he would need some protection from the zombie hoard rapidly approaching. I was standing at the foot of the scaffoldings, picking the zombies off. Vlad grabbed Ara and started dragging her towards me and the scaffolding when I was forced to fall back from the sheer amount of zombies coming my way. He shouted "Fuck fuck! I'm going in this building, help me!!" But I couldn't get close to them. I shouted that I needed to go around the building. Which I did. But when I got to the other side, I came face to face with 5 or 6 zombies... I was almost out of ammo in my mags so I had no choice but to run away. I hide in a nearby shake, repacked my mags while talking with Vlad on the radio. Ara was coming back to, thankfully, but she couldn't walk. And a massive amount of zombies was trying to break down their only door. I ran to them as fast as I could. He wasn't kidding about the amount of zombies. Fuck they must have been 20 or 30 of them all piling up at the door! I told Vlad that I'll try to kill as many as I can and attract the rest away so the other women on the roof could shoot them.

 I kneeled down and unloaded all 3 of my AKM mags into the hoard, then unloaded my 2 pistol mags and then my VPER mags. I know I dropped a lot of them but it didn't look like I made a dent in their numbers! But I guess I killed and attracted enough away since Vlad was able to kill the remaining zombies at his door and the other women on the roof helped me clear the remaining on the streets... When everything was done, we regrouped at a nearby well to drink. Vlad said "Holy shit I've never shot that many mags in a row. My shoulder hurt like hell..." After we checked how much ammo we had left, we realized that we shot well over 300 rounds all together... As for Ara, she got extremely lucky. As she fell, she hit the opposite wall, which kind of straighten her position so she didn't land on her head. She landed on her legs in a pile of trash which acted as some kind of absorber. We made her a makeshift splint for her leg. It wasn't broken since she could walk on it thankfully. We came back to our camp in a bad shape but alive... We were a lot more careful the next times we went into bigger towns.


After that, a few weeks passed without anything happening. But, at some point, talks began between members of our groups about a potential threat of a group. I didn't pay attention to it since that kind of problem was recurrent and I was only a hunter, not a soldier. Fuck I should have listen...

I was away on what I like to call a "Hunting Trip". That's when I leave camp for a few days and go far up north to hunt animals. I go far up north since other survivors rarely go there. Anyways... I was out on one of these trips when I heard a lot of shouting and noise on our group's frequency. Most members of the groups were Chernorussians and they had the bad habit of speaking in their native tongue during stressful situations... And since my Chernorussian is very very very basic, I barely understood anything but... fuck it sounded really bad. I rarely heard them speak in their language for that long and they all sounded panicky... I packed up my things and made my way back home as fast as I could but it still took me about 2 days... When I arrived to our camp, I found it abandon... No one to be seen, every gates busted open or in pieces on the ground. Our storage were all emptied out. Nothing was left... I tried to contact anyone over the radio. Runian, Flip, Dimitorou but no answer... I didn't understood what was said over the radio but the scene at our camp told me enough. I grabbed my things and some little extra I could find laying around and left the camp.

The first few days, I stayed around Zelenogorsk in hopes of hearing from anyone. But no luck... After 3 or 4 days, I decided to leave the west side. There was nothing left for me around there... I knew only one place to go to. The Belic Pub in Berezino. It was a few days trip unless I jogged but I was in no hurry...


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Entry 4

The Belic people.... Thinking back about my first time here brings back some emotions. Back then, I had absolutely no idea was I was getting myself into. For the first few days, all I did was relaxe and talk with the survivors passing by the Pub and talking with members of the Pub. I didn't know a lot about these people to be honest. I didn't hear about them much over the radio other than they own the bar area and help anyone passing through. So, before deciding if I wanted to stay there, I had to make sure that they were good people. I quickly found out that they were! Most of them are very friendly, especially good ol Woody. He was the first Belic member to welcome me at the bar. Him making an effort to speak a bit of French to me was a very nice gesture too. 
After a few days, I decided to help them around when needed and tried to find a way to be more helpful towards them. There was only one thing that I am really good at and it's hunting. So, one day, I tried to get a hold of the man in charge and owner of the bar, Ivan. It was... more difficult than expect not gonna lie! Ivan was a busy man that day. After waiting around not to far away from him, waiting for the right time to approach him with my proposition, I guess it was pretty obvious cause this lady came to me and started talking, asking me what I was doing here, if I was just passing by etc. Callie her name was. I told her that I had a business proposition for Ivan but he was so busy that I couldn't really get a hold of him. As soon as I finished my sentence, Callie went
"Oh let me help you with that". She turned towards Ivan, who was further down the street talking with someone, and shouted "Hey! Ivan! Someone here wants to talk to you!" It took me by surprised and I try to tell her that it wasn't urgent, that I don't want to force him to talk with me. She laughed and told me to not worry about it. 
Eventually, I was able to talk with Ivan and say the proposition. I wanted to help around the Pub more and I could offer my services as a Hunter and provide fresh meat to the Pub and it's visitors. Ivan liked that proposition and showed me where to store the food and told me that he'll put me to the test for a little while and, if I prove my worth to him, we'll talk about me joining the Belics!

For the first week, nothing really big happened. I went hunting often, brought back a lot of food, at least enough to impress Ivan and did some other odd jobs. After a while, I was with the other Belics walking down the road after a day out on a supply run when Ivan came next to me with an armband. One of their armband, which they used to identify themselves as Belics. "Michael, you showed your worth in the last few days. Welcome!"

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Entry 5

Now that I was a full member of the Belics, I had access to more stuff. The more private things going on. My main job remained to go hunting and provide food for the Bar obviously, but I also had to help out whenever a friend or friends of the Bar were in trouble. I'm not the best for fighting. It's never being my thing, being aggressive. I always relied on talking with the other parties and try to defuse the situation. Not that I won't fight someone if I have too. But, this started to change the more I spend time with the Bar. Multiple times a week, either us or people we were allied with got into fights and called for help. Most of the time, we arrived too late. The fight was already over. Other times, I was out Hunting and I was too far away to come help. I was present for a few fights but never actually shot someone. Like I said, I'm not a fighter so I never really wanted to get really close to the fights. 

Adding on top of the stressful situations, some people at the bar didn't seem to take me seriously most of the time... Either because I'm French-Canadian or because of my clothing choice... See, back in Namalsk, I had to change up my cloths a bit to adapt to the colder weather. I started wearing a Checkered Blue and Black Hunting jacket. Over time, I kind of adopted the color blue as my clothing. Something people could recognize me by. So, I found a blue beanie, then a blue shemagh and then blue gloves. I kept green or brown pants. When I came back to Chernarus, the weather wasn't as cold as in Namalsk so I started wearing other Blue jackets. When Fall arrived and the snow melted, I switched the Beanie for a Blue Baseball Cap, and switched the Blue Hiking jacket for a Blue Shirt. I learned pretty quickly that I wasn't the only one wearing blue clothing to be recognized. A women called Deebs. She was a doctor and I had met her at the Bar just before going to Namalsk and she was also one of the doctors helping at the Hospital in Namalsk. Back then, the only thing blue on her was her Medical Vest. But after I left the Hospital, I lost track of her only to meet her again at the bar. Welp, turns out that she started wearing blue clothing just like me when she came back to Chernarus. Almost the exact same cloths as me! We even both need vision glasses! 
So, people made fun of me with that because they thought I was copying her style even tho I technically started before knowing she was also wearing all blue. So all that teasing and not taking me seriously started to get on my nerves... quite a lot actually... I found myself almost looking for fights with people whenever someone was acting like a dick or was trying to start trouble. A few times, Ivan or Woody had to drag me aside and order me away to calm down before the situation worsen. At first, I didn't realized it. It was only a few weeks ago that I really saw it for the first time. I knew I needed to find a way to calm down but I couldn't really figure it out nor was I really comfortable talking about it with anyone at the Bar...

Then I started passing a bit more time with Deebs. Every time she showed up at the Bar, I was chatting with her and people often got surprised when they see us next to each other since we almost looked like twins with our very very similar outfit! Which led to us talk even more. One day, I woke up to her and other member of her group at the bar. Most of them in a really bad shape... I learned that her and her group got into a nasty fight during the previous day and were badly injured. Her included. She got hit in the leg and was stuck in crutches, having a lot of trouble walking around. As I'm talking with her, she ask me if it would be possible to hitch a ride with a car back to her place since it would take her ages and cause a lot of pain to go on foot. I was allowed by the Car Gourou himself, Woody, to borrow a car and give Deebs a ride. Her place wasn't far away so we chatted a bit in the car. When we arrived, I helped her walk inside her place. We ended up talking for quite some time when she said that she wanted to go fishing and asked me if I wanted to come with her. I happily accepted, since.... I won't lie, it felt really really good to just sit back and freely talk with her. I knew that she was married to someone else so it wasn't anything more than friendship between me and her....... Why do I even explain myself in my own Journal.... It's not like anyone else will read it right....... Right? There I go being paranoid about a fucking book....
Anyway, Deebs and I went fishing for a little bit, talked the whole time about anything. Talked more while I was cooking the fishes for her after she prepared them. At some point, I left her to sleep and went back to the bar. After that, I felt a bit better but I didn't really talked about my mental issue with her... It didn't felt right with her. It was such a calm and happy moment that I felt like I would ruin it by talking about it. But, soon, I met someone else that pretty much changed everything... It sounds stereotypical but she did.... Sophia changed everything...

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This page has 2 Polaroids attached to it. Both of them showing a blonde girl with green eyes, wearing a black jacket and a denim short. In one picture, she is looking at something of camera, while in the other, she is looking at the person taking the picture with a big warm smile in her face and making a heart with her hands. A little message hand written can be seen at the bottom of both Polaroids.

Sophia_Polaroid_01.png.cdc99a5a7945241227d20c44ff0b2db0.png   Sophia_Polaroid_02.png.0758da5ede6fbc1ac7708ad6f01053e8.png             

Entry 6

Sophia Sparks. Damn what a women! When I first saw her at the Bar about 2 weeks ago, she immediately caught my eye. She was very pretty. Not too small, nice blonde hair and piercing, hypnotizing green eyes. God those eyes... At first, we didn't really talked since we were in a helicopter flying at high speed hahaha. But I couldn't stop staring at her. When we landed back at the Bar, Ivan and Charlie went off again for something. So Sophia and I just sat next to the fire and we started talking. We introduced each other and talked a bit about us. Then we talked for a while about many things. I tried to open up a bit and to talk about my worries but I couldn't really do it... Once again... But it was a very nice talk. We.... kind of connected at that moment I think. We spend more time together, talked more and more and went on a supply run with 2 other friends of the bar. The more we talked, the more I was getting attached to her. And now, I'm starting to worry that I might get too attached to Sophia... Last time I got attached to someone like that, I had to witness him slowly die to an infection... It almost broke me. I don't know if I can live through that again without having something in my mind break... And this time, it will feel even worst... That someone I saw slowly die was a very good friend, but Sophia, I'm falling in love with her... 

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Entry 7

Okay, it's been a few days now and.... things have changed since then.
During the last few days, I thought a lot about what I really felt and if I was ready to let someone close again. Then, one morning, I walked in the bar to find Sophia in a rough shape... She looked like she had 0 energy. She sounded tired too. When I asked her if she was alright, she said that she didn't felt good, like she was coming down with some kind of virus. She tried to take different pills to help boost her immune system but nothing seemed to help... She suggested going to the nearest hospital to look for anything that could help her. Sadly we didn't find anything, but when we came up to the roof, we could see the sun rising. Which, in it self, was very soothing and relaxing. At that moment, I saw Sophia in a different light. She seemed to vibrate with the first rays of the morning sun hitting her. At that moment, I knew I had to talk to her about how I really felt. 
I won't lie.... it was really fucking difficult to start talking about it, but, once I started, I couldn't stop myself. I let everything out. How I always felt angry and not in control of my emotions before meeting her. How she was able to calm me and make me realize how I was really acting. I told her how much I loved the talks that we had and how grateful I was towards her for being there and caring for me when no one else was. I also told her that I felt something for her but that I wasn't sure if I was ready to let someone close again. When I said that, Sophia said something that I will remember for a long time.
"Well, what's the point of going on if you have no one close to your heart to come back too? Allowing someone to get close to your heart will give you something to hang on too."
And she was right... Ever since I lost Nicholas, Mick, Paul and Laurent. I've kind of being aimlessly walking around, lost and unsure what to do exactly... Sure I had friends like Runian, Dimitorou and Deebs, but it's not the same as having someone really close to my heart.
After that talk on the roof, Sophia and I went back to the bar. We didn't really talk about being together but I guessed at that time that I just have to wait and let her decide. Funnily enough, it didn't really take long for Sophia to decide. 


I was at one of the gates, waiting for someone to arrive with a car when Sophia came up to me running. She seemed all excited and was moving non stop. She said "I've been thinking about our conversation on the roof and I was wondering if you really wanted to.... you know.... become the thing?" She said "The thing" as she was doing a heart shape with her hands. That hand motion mixed with the expression on her face was.... wow... it was something I really really wished I could've capture with a camera. Her whole self was showing love towards me. I can't really explain it but I just felt it. I obviously said yes, that I really wanted to become more! She let out that little girly giggle that made me instantly smile and warmed up inside. 
That was yesterday and I can still feel the excitement of that moment. I really really hope things will turn out better for us. I really do because, the more time I pass with her, the more I get attached to her and the more I worry about something happening to her...

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Entry 8

So uhm.... a few interesting things happened yesterday and today. 
Yesterday, I woke up and there was no one at the bar. It was early morning so people were mostly still sleeping. But Sophia was up! After talking a bit, we got bored and decided to take a car to go look around the North West Airfield. People often leave things behind. We grabbed a car and started driving. On our way, we talked and I learned that Sophia doesn't know how to fish! I told her I will show her how to. After that, I had to tell her about a little something I started preparing for her. The day before, I contacted Deebs and ask her questions about what I would need if I were to have a fishing spot. Tackle boxes, fishing hook, etc. There is this place called Black Lake just north of Berezino and it has a very beautiful lake surrounded by woods on one side and high wall of rocks on the other. There is a building there also so we can sleep there and have some privacy from the Bar. I was planning on gathering what I need to make a nice cozy place for Sophia and I to get away and have some Us Time. She was thrilled by the idea! I promised her that I'll also show her how to fish.

Later than day, we came back to the bar and there was a few guys there already, but it was still only me and Sophia. No one else from the bar had woken up yet. So we served them food and alcohol and had a good time. At some point, one of them took a huuuuuge brick of cocaine from his backpack!! Like the kind of shit you see on TV! The another guy, he called himself Tex I believe, also took out a brick of cocaine! The first guy said "Anyone want a sniff?" To my surprise, Sophia said yes! She snort a fucking line of coke!! At first, I was worried. But, as the drug kicked in, I realized that it wasn't that bad. She was super active, running everywhere and punching people but all of them just got into it and started fucking around. It was kind of like a small moshpit. I was just sitting on the side, looking at it happen. It was hilarious and cute to see Sophia have that much fun even tho she was high as a fucking kite. But hey, there isn't a lot of moment in this world where you can just let go of everything and have fun.

I went inside the bar to serve someone and, when I came out, I saw Sophia finish snorting another line... I got worried since she just took one not even 20 minutes ago... When I got closer, I saw her expression change from a big smile to a worried face. She looked at me and said "Oh I don't feel soo-" Her eyes rolled backward and she fell on the ground, having a seizure. I ran to her and turned her to her side so she doesn't drown if she vomit. I had a friend overdose once and he puked, almost drowning in it. Someone next to me took out an auto-injector of something from his bag and stabbed Sophia in the arm with it. After a few seconds, she stopped shaking and took a few huge breaths. Then coughed. A lot before vomiting. She was alive, thank god.

I helped her get next to the fire and sit her down. I turned to the guy that gave her the Coke and said
"You! I swear to fucking God if I see you give her any more drugs, I will beat the shit out of you and make you eat that Brick of cocaine whole you got me?!" I was so pissed at this cunt for almost killing Sophia. Yes, she agreed to take another hit, but she was still under the influence and not thinking clearly. That guy was clean and knew she was still under the influence. The guy said "Ok ok sorry man I didn't mean for any of this to happen." then walked away. I stayed next to Sophia for a bit before bringing her to her place so she could rest. I stayed there and rested a bit myself.

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Entry 9

When I woke up a few hours later, it was dark outside and Sophia was still sleeping so I silently left her house and walked to the bar. Most of us were awake at that point and were taking care of customers. The 2 guys that were there earlier with the cocaine were still here. When I arrived, the first guy stared at me and started walking away. I sat by the fire and just chilled for maybe 15-20 minutes when Ivan asked us on the radio. He said that Charlie overheard the 2 guys was saying some shit about having received the cocaine from El Familia, which we knew was a lie since El Familia would never deal drugs... And saying some other lies about the Bar and El Familia like calling El Familia a Cartel. Ivan contacted Hector, the leader of El Familia. Hector, Deebs and someone else was on their way to deal with them. We were charged with keeping these two guys busy in the mean time. At some point, they sneaked out of the bar and Charlie followed them behind the bar, next to the clinic.

Thankfully, that's when Hector and Deebs arrived. Hector did his thing and started asking questions. The 2 guys were really on the defensive and starting throwing random accusations at Fuckin' Josh. Yes that's how we call him. He says "'Fuckin' "  a lot and he's not someone you wanna piss off. After some back and forth. Hector took his gun out and ordered the two man to lay on the ground. They complied and Hector said : "Ok now you two will listen here. And listen really fucking good yeah? I will let you go this ONE time since no one from us nor the Bar got badly injured. Sophia is alright now. BUT, if I even hear one of you spread some lies about my Family or the Bar people, no matter how small, we will find you. Don't EVER call my group a Cartel ever again." The two man agreed. Hector made the man that gave Sophia the coke get up. He said "Put one hand up and don't move" The man complied and then Hector shot his hand with his FAL.

The man screamed in pain as the gunshot rang off the surrounding buildings. He fell to his feet, clenching his wounded hand. Hector says "If I have to hunt you down again for spreading lies, this is what will happen but I'll shoot your fucking head next time, you got it?!" The man agreed, still in a lot of pain. "Good, now get up and fucking run. I don't want to see you around the Bar ever again!" The man got up and ran way. 
Hector turned to Tex and told him to also put one hand up. Tex started mumbling before falling on the ground, limp. He passed out from panic or something. Hector left him there and we walked to the bar.
After that, things got quieter. When the sun came up, me, Sophia (who woke up not to long ago and was feeling better), Josh and Tammy, a member of El Familia, we took a car and we drove to the Eastern trader to sell some stuff, then we went to the Civilian trader to sell and buy other stuff. I bought some items that Sophia and I would need for our little fishing hut. A double size bed, 2 sleeping bags, a Fishing rod rack, a frying pan and I bought some extra ammo for my Winchester.

When we got back to the bar, Callie was awake and as soon as she saw Sophia, she got her aside and whispered something to her. Both of them then started walking towards Sophia's place. I was about to follow them when Callie literally ordered me to stay at the camp fire for a little bit. 

So here I am, writing in my journal while I wait for Sophia to come back. I don't know why Callie wanted me away, but the way Sophia smirked at me, I have a feeling it's for a little surprise...

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This page has a Polaroid Picture attached to it.


Entry 10

Awww man... What happened on the rest of that day will stay in my memory for ever. After maybe 15 or 20 minutes, I started walking around, just trying to stay busy. At some point, I saw someone in all white cloths coming from the Gorka side gate. As the person got closer, I realized that it was Sophia and that she was coming straight for me. She was wearing a white suit jacket with a white short skirt, pink gloves and bunny ears. When she got close, she started slow walking towards me. It was one of those sexy walk that women can do with their hips. She was looking at me with this very seductive face. She had the smirk and the look on her face that only a "femme fatal" can have. Without the deadly side hahaha. She was.... so sexy. Obviously all the man turned their heads to look at her but she was fixed on me and I was fixed on her. She got really close to me and placed her hands on my shoulder, getting really close to my face. "How do you like this outfit Michael?" She said with a hint of tease in her voice. "It's... really fucking sexy not gonna lie" I said before laughing and hugging her. The woman called Tammy got closer to us and said in her deep Southern accent "Wow, you really are a lucky man Michael".

Unfortunately, I only had the time to take one picture of her with the Polaroid camera before Callie quickly approached us with a worried look on her face. She asked Sophia and Tammy if she could talk to them in private. They went inside a room and stayed there for... quite some time. I only heard some little snipped here and there but it sound like Callie was involved with some kind of Love Triangle with Deebs and her Husband Hector... During that time, I just hang around the bar, talking with people and relaxing by the fire. At some point, I started drinking a bit. That's when Charlie showed up and we started fucking around, throwing insults and some random shit at each other. Shortly after, it evolved into pushing each other, then punching. At that time, I thought it was all in good fun since we do that from time to time. Charlie and I are like.... brothers that beat each other over the dumbest shit but we like each other, even tho we don't say it. Well, that's how I thought it was between us. Because of the alcohol, I guess I couldn't see that he started getting serious in punching me... His punches didn't really hurt since I was getting numbed from the Vodka. He took out a brass knuckles and punched me twice with it. Really fucking hard. This time, I felt the hits. The second hit me on the side of the head and my vision went black instantly.

When I came too, Sophia was over me trying to wake me up. She was really worried. I have a massive headache and it took me a second before being able to get up and walk. When I did, my vision was all blurry and wavery. I asked Sophia if she had any Ibuprofen or any kind of painkiller. She had some but in her house so we walked over there. The whole way, she was holding on to my arm and helping me walk. At that moment, I saw how much she cared about me. She didn't want to let me go when I told her that I was fine, trying to regain some of the ego I lost. She didn't want to hear none of it.

Once in her place, she gave me a painkiller. She told me she had to change. When I said that I could wait outside her building but she said that it wasn't necessary and that I could wait at the kitchen table. I sat down as she started going upstairs. That's when I felt something hot dripping down the side of my head. I removed my hat and felt around. The wound from the shovel hit I received back in Namalsk had open up and started bleeding. I took a bandage out and started applying pressure. It was painful but I had worst. As I was applying pressure, Sophia walked back down. She saw the blood and asked if I was alright, rushing towards me. I told her that it was fine, that it was just an old wound that opened up again. She then walked towards a wardrobe next to the table and opened it. She had removed the bunny ear and the gloves. She started removing the white suit jacket and then her skirt in front of me... I couldn't help myself but look at her. She kept her underwear on. She was so pretty. She was slim but very fit. Mostly from all the gear and the physical work she has to do around everyday. But she still have all her feminine curves... all in the right places... She turned around and saw me. She smiled and said "Well aren't you a voyeur" before giggling and putting on her usual black jacket and black shorts. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself" I said, feeling my face turn red. "Don't worry about it" She said before winking at me. "Oh, before I forget,  I have something for you!" She said before walking to her gun cabinet. She pulled out a Deagle handgun. It's a pistol that chambers .357 magnum rounds. A very powerful round and a very rare gun too. You see, Sophia always carries one on her. It has the letters S.S. professionally carved into it for Sophia's initials. It was giving to her by her father a while back as a gift. "Here, I was able to find one and I would like you to have it. This way, we can be the Deagle Couple" She said before laughing a little. "Sadly, I don't have any extra mags for you but I do have 2 box of ammo I can give you. I'm sure we can find some magazines for you." I was so surprised but also very happy by this gift! The handgun was really heavy in my hands but it was beautiful. Silver with a slick black pistol grip. I thanked her for the gift and put the Deagle in my backpack. Sophia smiled and walked upstairs.

After a few minutes, the bleeding had mostly stopped. The wound hadn't open up a lot. I threw the bloody bandage in the garbage and started heading upstairs. Sophia was searching something in one of her lockers. I took her in my arms from behind and gave her a huge hug. She turned around in my arm and wrapped her arms around my neck. I leaned in for a kiss, which she gladly returned. It was our first kiss. We never had the opportunity to be together alone in private before. We stayed there, in each others arms, kissing for a minute of two before separating. It was getting pretty dark outside and with my head injury, I felt really tired. I tried to go back to my place but Sophia didn't let me. "We don't know what kind of head injury you suffered from Charlie's hit. You may as well have a concussion. It's best if you stay her for the night so I can keep an eye on you just in case..." She was right, I had a concussion when I was younger and it wasn't fun. Sophia went back to my place and grabbed my sleeping bag and some spare clothing. She had 2 beds in her place so we could both sleep comfortably. The beds weren't next to each other but were kind of close. I fell asleep very quickly.

At some point during the night, I woke up to the feeling of Sophia laying behind me and placing herself in the Little spoon position behind me. I couldn't turn around because of the wound so I grabbed her hand and fell back to sleep. It was one of the best night I've ever had since the beginning of this nightmare. I usually either have trouble falling asleep or I can't sleep at all or I sleep only a few hours. But, this time, I slept like a baby and god it did some good to me. When I woke up the next morning, Sophia was still asleep. I guess she stayed awake for a bit to take care of me. I very carefully got out of bed and got out of her house to start my day.

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Entry 11

Yesterday was pretty much uneventful. I passed the whole day walking around Berezino, looking at almost every building, every shed, every barn. I am missing a few things to be ready to build a little cabin for Sophia and I. I had most of the concrete or cement walls, I'm not sure what they are made off since they seem sturdy but are very light... I'm mostly missing wooden planks, nails and some gravel bags. Thankfully, Berezino has a large industrial area that seems to have an infinite amount of building materials. I guess that there barely is anyone who needs concrete slabs since they were everywhere. I was also looking for a cooking stove or a fireplace. We will need something to cook the fishes. Also a fridge and a tackle box to transport all the baits.

After a whole day, I only found the materials to build the cabin and a fridge. I tried going to El Familia's place in Solnichniy but no one was there. The sun was almost down so they must have been all asleep. On my way back, I found a fridge that seemed to be in good shape. There is no electricity to make it cold but it can still be used for storage. So, at this point, all I was missing was a fireplace or a stove and a tackle box or something to easily transport the baits. I could build a round campfire, gather rocks and make my own makeshift fireplace but it's not stable so I have to make it outside the cabin to not risk burning it down... But hey, as long as I'm with Sophia, it will be a good time over there. When I arrived at my place, I went to sleep, knowing that the next day would require a lot of energy from me to build the cabin. 

I woke up early and gathered all the materials. Over the last few days, I had brought most of the heaviest material to where I wanted to build the cabin and hid them under branches and grass. So I only had to grab my tools, the nails and the other smaller items. I am no house builder but I had build a few things and was good with a hammer. I also got lucky and found a blueprint to build the cabin in the summer camp north of Berezino so I knew how to build it correctly. Beats me why they would need that at a summer camp but it doesn't matter anymore. I grabbed a lot of food and water bottle too.

Once over there, I'll keep the location secret for now. Even if I try to keep this journal secret, you never know who can stumble upon it. I traveled to the location and started going at it.
Dig the wholes for the main structure, planted the support beam, nailed planks to make the outer walls, slid the concrete slabs in between the planks and filled the remaining space with gravel. It's probably not the most durable way to build it but it's gonna do for now. I can't exactly make liquid cement or concrete and pour it... Once the main structure was done, I took a break to eat and drink. Looking at the structure, I couldn't help but think how efficient Chernorussians engineer can be. Their building might not be the safest in some area but they do know how to make them easy to build. Gotta give them that.

I finished the day by placing the 2 beds, a table and a shelf. We will have to bring the rest to be sure they don't get taken. I walked back home, tired, but satisfied with the result. Now, all we need is to find the right moment to go there for a day or 2.

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Entry 12

Today was an interesting day. I was on my way back from the civilian trader when Johnny started talking on the radio about a gunfight between 3 guys that just happened at the bar. Apparently, a member of the Bridgewater boys was at the bar, chilling, when 2 CLF members walked in. I don't know how it got to that but the Bridgewater guy tried to hold up the 2 CLF man. They tried to pull their guns out but they got gunned down by the Bridgewater. He was alone against these 2 Chernorussians and still won. This guy had some fucking balls I tell you that much. Not to long after, I was driving through Chernogorsk when this random guy with a big beard just walked in front of my car shouting "Hey please stop! Wait I need a ride!" I swerved to avoid him and was about to drive off when he shouted "Wait! Its Cleetus! Wait!". Cleetus Bridgewater. He told me that he saw my armband, that's why he shouted his name. What the fuck was he doing all the way over here while his brothers or cousins were at the Bar?... He claimed that he fell asleep here and they left him here. Whatever, I gave him a ride to the bar anyway.
Not long after we arrived, pretty much everyone left so it was just Me, Sophia, who had just woken up, Woody and Ivan. Woody had been up all night, serving the Bridgewater boys so he went to sleep not long after everyone else left.
As Sophia and I were chatting next to the fire, we heard some gunshots towards the south. Ivan started getting worried for some reason and said he'd be right back before taking off towards them. It was odd but hey, he's the boss.
I told Sophia that the Fishing Hut was ready and that we could go over there anytime. She thought it would be a good idea to go now since there was no one at the bar right now. We went to my place to grab what we needed. The fishing rods, the baits and some other random supplies we would need for a day or 2 over there.

As we were about to lock up my place, Ivan came up on the radio : "Hello? Anyone up there?" Confused, Sophia and I looked at each other before I asked him if he was talking to us. He then started talking like he was having a conversation with someone. I could faintly hear another voice in the radio but couldn't make out who it was. But I knew enough. It is a thing between us members of the Bar that, if we are alone and start feeling like we might be in trouble with another survivor, we leave the PTT of our radio open and talk so everyone else can hear it. Starting to get worried for Ivan, Sophia said "Click your PTT once if you are in danger and need help, or twice if you are Okay". When someone presses the PTT, a little click can be heard. Ivan's radio clicked once, signaling that he needed help. We looked at each other with a face saying ,Really? Now of all times? "Well, we can't just leave him if he needs help..." So I immediately went back into my place to drop my extra gear while Sophia was doing the same at her place.

We took off on foot and started heading towards the last location we knew Ivan was. A small construction area south of the Bar. He did say ,Anyone up there?, at some point so it was somewhere with a 2 story or more building. After maybe 5-6 minutes of jogging, we could see the construction area. At that point, Ivan had stop talking over the radio and didn't answer our calls so we started to worry. We scouted the construction area but there was no movements. We checked the surrounding woods but still nothing. We then headed towards a little village at the east. As we were looking at it, Sophia spotted Ivan getting out of a building. At the same time, we heard him talking over the radio, saying he was alright. Turns out that there was some old members of a Hospital group that we had a few problems with a while back. We thought that they were all gone but turns out they weren't. Most of them were in hiding for a while before joining back again to create this new group. Cordis Aido or something like that. I'm not sure exactly the last name. Anyway, Ivan was now fine so we started heading back to the bar.
We were planning on preparing again for the trip when this random guy showed up, Thomas. He claimed to be an old friend of Ivan so we kept him busy while Ivan made his way to the Bar. When he did arrive, Ivan recognized him and sat down to chat with him. Johnny then came up to Sophia and I and said he was heading to the North West Airfield to pick up Dave and take a little look around the Military areas if we wanted to join.
And so we went up there and retrieved Dave and brought him back to the bar. I was putting some stuff in the bar when I heard Sophia and Dave talking about drugs or something like that. Sophia went
"Oooh Cocaine?!"
Dave said "Well I might have some in my place." I almost tripped over as I was running to him to tell him "NO! Don't give her cocaine! It is not going to end well!!"
"End well for who? For her or for me?"
"Both! When she gets high on cocaine she start punching people.... a lot. And I know she won't hit me, which leaves only you."
"What are you? His boyfriend or something?? You can't decide for her!"
"Well, actually I am her boyfriend and I've seen her on cocaine before and she had a fucking seizure the last time so yeah, I'll say I can say No for her."

As I said that, Dave just looked at me, obviously not believing me. Sophia said "He's right, he is my boyfriend."
Dave was dumbfounded and he just turned around saying "Well fuck alright then, nevermind." as he walked away. We finished storing the gear and decided to just go to sleep. It was a short day but it was a tiring one.

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The following page is filled with pictures of both Sophia and Michael and a few sentences.

       Michael_Polaroid_01.png.fc0b83be0e055ddeff1fe1f56f91fa52.png                                         Michael_Polaroid_02.png.82e56daf7747e7286dabb5a41c908a02.png 



                  Sophia_Polaroid_03.png.af53b66433986b66105f9d9b50989446.png                        Sophia_Polaroid_04.png.de758d7de66fcefd61af98675147a3c0.png                 




Entry 13

This is probably the best day of my life since I've arrived in Chernarus! Sophia is resting next to me right now. She had a little fall, she's alright but just needs some rest. I'll explain.
This morning, I woke up and walked up to Sophia's house. We gathered our gear and made our way to the Fishing Hut. The day was perfect! Bright blue sky, a bright sun, nice temperature. We couldn't have a better day than this. The Fishing Hut was at a lake called Black Lake. A very beautiful lake with a rocky side surrounded with woods. It is very beautiful. We arrived at the camp house and started setting up the furniture. A fridge, a couch, a Cabinet, a Fire place and our sleeping bags. We started by fishing a little bit. There was a small dock in the lake so we setup there to fish. Before going there, we dropped our gear in the cabin. In this world, a body armor is pretty much a requirement if you want to stay alive. You never know when a bullet can fly by you. Same goes for weapons. Without a gun, you are an easy target. I kept my Winchester and my Deagle on me just in case but I left the rest. It felt good to be free of movement and not have that constant weight on your shoulder.

Oh. Sophia needs my attention. I'll finish this later.

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Entry 14

So, to resume where I left off, we setup our fishing gear at the end of the dock. I showed Sophia how to prepare her fishing gear. Attaching the fishing hook to the rod, digging up worms for the baits, how to hook the baits and then how to throw the rod. She got it very quickly I've got to say. She is a fast learner! We fished for a little bit and caught quite a lot of carp. For a small lake, it was filled with fishes. We talked a little bit while fishing but mostly just enjoyed each other's company and the nice scenery.

After we caught 6 or 7 carps, we went back to the cabin to gut and prepare the meat. Sophia did the gutting and I did the cooking. After eating, we decided to talk a walk using the trail that passed next to our cabin. I build the cabin on the higher section of the cliff surrounding the lake. It gave us a perfect view of the surroundings. One side of the lake had a rocky side. It was maybe 2 stories high. Sophia and I sat down on top of these rocks. I couldn't stop looking at her. The sun was still high in the sky so it spread an even light on everything. Sophia was radiating, she was so beautiful. I had brought the Polaroid camera but left it in the cabin so I went to grab it. It took me a few minutes to find it. When I came back to the rock, I couldn't see Sophia. I looked around in the woods and on the other rocky section but she was nowhere to be seen. I started calling her name but got no answer... That's when I realized that there was a part of the rock that seemed to be missing... I looked down and there was Sophia, crawling on the lower rocks!! I shouted her name and ran down the rocks as fast as I could, while trying not to fall myself. When I got to her, I looked for a wound on her legs but I couldn't find any...

"Sophia what happened?! Are you hurt??" I said in panic.
"I got closer to the ledge to look down and a part of the rock rolled over. I kind of fell with it... My legs hurt, especially my knee."
I had checked her leg but didn't see any wounds but I checked her knee. It was bleeding from a gash on the side, that's why I didn't see it the first time. I helped her get up. She was able to walk so nothing was broken. I brought her to the cabin and she lay down on the bed. She was in a lot of pain so I gave her a little bit of morphine. I didn't gave her the full injector. I then wrapped her knee in a bandage after cleaning it up with some disinfectant before siting next to her and stroking her hair, trying to be recomforting. 
"Thank you Michael." She softly said.
"For what?" I asked.
"For being there for me. Every time I am hurt or need someone, you are there for me."
"What kind of boyfriend would I be if I just let you suffer??" I slightly laughed and so did she.

I let Sophia rest for a while. I took this opportunity to start writing in here and attach these pictures with papers clips.
Sophia grunted from the pain a little bit so that's why had to stop writing. I proposed that I went back to the bar to grab a car and come pick her up if she was in too much pain but she refused, saying she was already feeling the morphine kicking in. Not long after that, she said she'll be alright to go back to the rock to take some pictures. Before I could argue, Sophia was already on her feet, walking towards the door. She stopped in the door frame, looked at me and smiled. "Come on Michael". We walked to the rocks and I took some pictures of her. Unfortunately, it started raining so we jogged back to the cabin. We sat down in the beds and talked more.
Then the subject of our family came up. Sophia had lost her younger brother from a disease in a refugee camp. They didn't have the time to bury the body when the camp got overrun and they had to leave. Sophia's family was able to get their hands on a car and drove. Not long after they arrived in Chernarus, they got into a violent car crash... When Sophia came too, zombies were getting very close so she had no choice but to run. Since then, she has no idea if her family was alive. Now I understand why she takes drugs and drink a lot. I saw her a few times drunk out of her mind... She can't get ride of that demon that keeps telling her she is at fault since she left them behind. I told her that I know this man called Bryson. He claims to be going around settlements and gather name and information of survivors to have a list. Maybe, if we are lucky, he heard of anyone with the Sparks last name...

After having this talk, it obviously got Sophia in a sad mood. It had stop raining so I brought her outside to breath some fresh air. When I am in a bad mood and there was a lot of these moods in the weeks following Paul's death from the leg infection, the one way for me to get better was to go hunting. I just walked the trails that goes all around Chernarus for hours and hours and even days. The deep woods and the calmness of nature was my drug. I grabbed Sophia's hand and brought her with me to do exactly that. Walk the trail. I think it did her some good. Or at least it changed her mind a bit. We walked along the rocky side, took more pictures and then walked around the whole lake. 
The sun was starting to set so we walked back to the cabin and ate some fish. I had brought 2 bottles of champagne that we emptied so, after a few hours, we were a bit under the influence. I had to grab more wood for the night so I went out for maybe 10-15 minutes. When I came back, arm full of logs, I was welcomed by the majestic and sexy sight of Sophia laying in our beds, naked! I almost dropped the logs on the spot hahahaha.
I won't go into details obviously but it's easy to imagine the rest of the night. Luckily, I had thought of this eventuality and was able to get my hands on some condoms. They are quite easy to find actually. I guess sex protection isn't on anyone shopping list these days hahaha. Anyway... We were safe in a way. It was... one of the best nights I had. Such a beautiful women who also had a golden heart. Tammy was right the other day, I really am a lucky man!

This was yesterday night. Sophia is still sleeping next to me. I don't know how long we'll stay here for but I might want a few more days to Hunt and relaxe here.

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Entry 15

So, I haven't updated my Journal in a few days. A lot of things have happen.

I decided to stay at the cabin for 3 days. I hunted, I fished, I went for walks in the trails and, most of all, I took the time to relaxe. Radio turned off for most of the day and appreciated the calmness of the woods. It did some real good to me.
After 3 days, I walked back to the bar. When I arrived, there was a few customers so I went back to work and served them. 
The rest if the day was pretty quiet for the most part until Sophia woke up. She said that she was thinking of moving house to have more space. Her place was getting to cramped with all the stuff that she had. During my time in the cabin, I started thinking about moving places too since my house was a bit too small. I suggested her to move in together in one big building! She happily agreed!
We found a 3 story building just on the side of the Gorka Gate. It is perfect! The first floor will be for food, tools and building supplies. The second floor is for Sophia's things and the third floor is partially for me and partially our bedroom. The windows gives us a great view of the bar and a good view when I write. I can look up and see the apple field and have the sun warm me during the day.
We took a good portion of the night moving our stuff. We did it at night so not to many people would be at the bar and risking getting some of our stuff stolen while we were moving. At the end, we were very tired but it was worth it. Being able to sleep in the same bed each night will be very enjoyable. And it gives us more opportunities to have some intimacy. 

The following day was an interesting one. First, in the morning I saw Bryson locking his place. I jogged to him and talked with him a bit before going on the reason why I went to him.

"So, I know you are gathering information about survivors, their names and whatnot. I was wondering if you could keep an eye out for the anyone with the last name Sparks? My girlfriend and her family got into a bad car crash on their way to Chernarus. Sophia woke up outside the car, quickly being surrounded by infected so she had to run away. She doesn't know if her family is alive and it is eating her from the inside... I am worried about the effect of not knowing what happened to them has on her mind... Please, let me know if you find any information about anyone named Sparks"
Bryson agreed without hesitation! He then went on his way outside the bar and I went back behind the counter, ready for another day of serving patrons.
During the day, we were informed of a little BBQ meeting in the woods with some members of El Familia. We weren't told the location at first, only an estimated time. So, Sophia and I served the customers while the other members prepared some food and other stuff we would need to bring over. As I was gathering more wood for the fire, this man showed up wearing some kind of hazmat suit... He started asking question about Namalsk and if anyone knew a Dimitorou. I did know that guy... one of the only friends I made in Namalsk that I knew was still alive... But he was in a bad shape. I had seen him a few weeks ago at the bar. He told me about some kind of split personality problem he had developed in Namalsk. The soul of his dead brother or something like that? Anyway, no matter who it was, it was making have these "Episode" where he would blackout and wake up with blood on his hand a knife... He seeked help with this group of scientist. The same group the guy in the hazmat suit showed up. Dante was his name. Dante was wondering if I was willing to answer some questions about Namalsk to help out understand what is going on over there and help understand what exactly happened to Dimitorou... 
I really hate talking about Namalsk but, at the same time, I think people need to know about what really was going on over at this cursed Island... I will have to explain here. Maybe writing it will help calm my trouble memory too...

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Entry 16

Namalsk... I briefly talked about it in one of my previous entries, but I didn't talk about the most fucked up thing I witness over there...
There was these... storms that would happen from time to time. It would start with a vibration that you could hear in the distance. Like a low low growl. It would get closer and closer and at some point you would start hear whispers... Then footsteps around you and children laughing... You would look around for the source of the noise but you would find nothing... The first few times were very very creepy. But after a while, you kind of get used to it, as weird as it sounds.
Then, after the footstep, that's when the "Shockwave" or "Tremors" would start. A very loud "bang" like noise would make your whole body shake. You could feel every bone, every muscle in your body violently shake wiuth each Tremors. When these Tremors starts, everything would look red-ish and darker. If it happened during the night, you wouldn't be able to see anything passed your hands! There was always 4 or 5 Tremors, each stronger than the other. And the last one would be so powerful that it would knock out most people... There was these Headset called APSI that were discovered in some research centers that could diminish the effects of the Tremors and protect you from the final one, making you "immune" in a way. These storms were recurrent events in Namalsk so they quickly became normal. 
Runian found some classified documents from a group called the NAC. These documents described some kind of sphere called "The Artifact". There is another name for it but I can't remember it... The base that Runian, I and others had happened to be very close to the location of this Artifact. So, one day during the Storm, Runian, Dimitorou, myself and another man which I can't remember the name, we went to the Artifact. 
And there was the Sphere... Floating maybe 15-20 feet off the bottom of a crater. Rocks were floating around it and small lighting bolts would come out of the sphere and hit the rocks and the ground around it... We could.... feel it vibrate and every Tremors felt like someone was knocking 2 metal pans together inside our heads, but multiplied by 10... It was sooo strong...
There was rumors that when the Storms were happening, if you tried to jump through the Sphere, it would teleport you to another place in Namalsk. For some reason, Dimitorou wanted to try it. The crazy bastard. So, he took a recording camera we found and started walking towards the Sphere. As the final Tremors started happening, Dimitorou turned around and started sprinting towards us, panickily pointing at his APSI headset. We couldn't understand at first, then realized that he was saying that his battery ran out! I'm guessing the APSI were only prototype since they burned through 9V batteries very quickly. We tried the best we could to find another battery fast enough but the final shockwave hit before we could get one in the headset... Everything turned black for me.
Almost immediately, I came back to myself. I realized on the spot that a few hours had passed since it was starting to get dark... Almost at the same time, Runian woke up. We saw Dimitorou and the other guy, still laying on the ground, not moving. The other guy's APSI was off even tho the battery was charged. Idiot didn't turned it on... Both of them had blood lines coming down their eyes, ears, nostrils, ears and corners of the mouth! We were not able to wake them up but we could feel their pulse so we brought them back to our base were our doctors would be able to check them. 
Ever since then, Dimi and the other guy were different and we never went close to the Artifact without an APSI ready and charged. 

So, I told this to Dante, who silently listened while taking notes here and there. He asked a few questions during my story to get more details about the event. After I was done, he said that Dimitorou had an almost identical story except for one big detail... He claimed that, after being knocked out by the Tremor, he had visions of another world very similar to ours but... happier. Kind of like a Heaven version of the world and we were living in the Hell version of the world.
Dante then said that him and his group believed that this Artifact was emitting some strong radiation during the storms. Which would cause the sky to turn red and apparently cause the tremors. He said that Dimitorou probably suffered some strong impact to his mind from the radiation and the Tremor, which caused his split personality disorder. 
When he said that, I started to get worried since I was also right next to the artifact when the last tremor happened. I expressed my concerns to Dante, who agreed that it may be a problem. 
He started asking questions like
"Have you experienced any form of sickness after this event? Like dizziness, blurry vision, very bad case of heavy sweating, vomiting, etc? Have you experienced any sort of Blackout where you would wake up somewhere without knowing how you ended up there? Did you experience any kind of visions?"
I had none of these thankfully. He still asked if he could take a sample of my blood to send back to his group's lab to get it checked just to be sure. I agreed without hesitation.
I rolled my shirt's sleeve and let Dante do his job. During that time, I looked at Sophia, who had been at my side during the whole time I told my story. She smiled at me and I smiled back.
But then, I got worried... Just a few days ago, we had some very close relation her and I... I was worried I might have transmitted something to her... When Dante was done, I asked to speak with him in private. We walked on the other side of the street.

"So uhm... these symptoms or radiation poisoning you are talking about, can they be transmitted to someone? Like if I had a sexual relation with someone?" I asked Dante.
"Uhm... well it is possible yes but very very small... Why? Did you?" Asked Dante.
"Yeeessss...." I said, carefully, a bit alarmed at his revelation. "With the lady with the purple shirt. We had... sexual relations for the first time a bit less than a week ago.." I said, while pointing at Sophia who was talking with a patron by the fire.
Dante silently though for a few seconds before saying "I see... well I could take a blood sample from her and get it tested just to be safe."
I walked to Sophia and brought her away from the group of people to do a résumé of what Dante said. She agreed to the blood test, so Dante did one on her. 
"Alright" He said as he was writing Sophia's name on her blood bag with a large black marker. "I'll bring this to the lab and we should have results in 2 or 3 days! Thank you for this, it will be an immense help in our understanding of this weird phenomena and it's effect on humans!" He then said before storing the blood bag in a small protective case. 
He then walked away from the bar. The rest of the day went without incident....
Until the BBQ with El Familia. But that'll have to wait, I'm falling asleep and Sophia is calling for me to join her in bed. And there's no way in hell I'll say no to that!

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The following page has multiple Polaroid attached to it.

       1603430407_ElFamilia_BBQ_01.png.053bbbd1f5673ed89ca520538f79b85b.png                             419180464_ElFamilia_BBQ_06.png.f5edeb393a133f1c4723cfb41447e8fa.png  2094311152_ElFamilia_BBQ_04.png.22ed81c3313845ed606ccb162c3a2807.png                                 269693309_ElFamilia_BBQ_05.png.f97be106a2af0a39b8f4d4d747ba060f.png         

       1179674433_ElFamilia_BBQ_03.png.844afe2ea4e354378e8806bf11034c35.png                                   1674181648_ElFamilia_BBQ_02.png.85443872985ab724947fbb48b8e174a0.png


Entry 17


El Familia has had it rough for the last week or so... For some reason, the CLF is trying to crush them everyday and it's starting to wear them down... I'm not sure of the details but, most members of El Familia decided to go into hiding or to leave the country. From what I know, Deebs decided to stay behind. Probably because she doesn't want to leave this country, her home. Yesterday, she decided to invite us to a "BBQ with family". I won't say anything about the location in case someone finds this book and uses it to find Deebs.

The only detail I'll say about the location is that it is so fucking beautiful! It's close to some rocky formation so you can climb on them and have a beautiful view of the surroundings. When Jager and I arrived, there was Deebs, AWOL and Tammy. Not long after that, Sophia, Ales, Callie, Eliot and others arrived. When Deebs saw Callie, I saw her expression change from happy to angry... But she quickly changed it back. 

A fire was already started so we sat around it and we all talked and joked around. Sophia had brought a sleeping bag and set it down so both of us could sit on it. After a little while of talking, eating and drinking, some of us went on the rocks to look at the view. Sophia and I did the same and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of her and the area. She was so lovely with the beautiful view in the background. I even saw AWOL and Tammy on the rocks not to far away from us getting a bit closer to each other. I think they would make a great couple. They fit well together and they both deserves some happiness after what they went through. 

We went back and sat down by the fire. We chatted and had a shit load of fun! Cracking jokes, telling stories, it was fun. But then, I saw Callie go to Deebs and I overheard her ask if they could talk. Deebs didn't seemed to happy about it but she got up and went with Callie anyway. 

Sophia, Jager, Tammy, myself and I believe Ales all sat on top of a big rock to look over at Deebs and Callie talking in the field. I asked Sophia what that was about and, the resume of it was that, a while back, Callie apparently "stole" Deebs at-the-time-boyfriend... This got fixed later on but, recently, rumors started that Callie was flirting with Hector, Deebs's husband, and wanted to go on a "camping trip" with him... I did overheard Sophia, Callie and Tammy talk about something like that a little while ago when Sophia dressed as a Sexy Bunny... As we were watching, AWOL went over to them. Maybe he wanted to be sure nothing to bad happens between the 2, I don't know. At some point, Sophia said "Is Deebs pointing a gun at Callie??" I used the scope on my Winchester and checked... She was! At the same time, Callie went down on her knees, hands on her head... That was really fucking bad. 

As I was running over there, I started hearing Deebs screaming at Callie.


"I'm not lying a swear! I never flirted with Hector! I never wanted anything from him other than protection when I was in trouble! I swear!" Said Callie. 

Deebs was visibly very angry. She pulled the hammer down on her pistol. "STOP! YOU'RE STILL LYING!" 

"GO AHEAD! SHOOT ME! I BEG YOU TO SHOOT ME SO I CAN BE WITH MY BABY GIRL!" Said Callie, in tears. A few months ago, she was pregnant but had a miscarriage... That fucked her mental stability for a very long time. We thought she was fine now but she obviously wasn't. Deebs was obviously not pulling the trigger, maybe because she didn't want to fulfill Callie's wish. That's when Callie pulled a gun of her own and start pointing it at her head. "Fine, if you can't shoot me, I will" She said in between rivers of tears. That's when Jager pulled out a tazer and shot Callie with it, to stop her from hurting or killing herself. Sophia grabbed some metal wires she had in her bag and attached Callie's hands with it. It was for her own safety. As they were doing that, myself and the others tried to calm down Deebs, who we could almost see the steam coming out of her hears. She was red with anger too. 

I stopped Jager for a second. "Jager, we should call Ivan on the radio about this... This could turn really fucking bad and we might have a war start here. Starting with us shooting each other right fucking here." I said as I pointed at Ales and AWOL, who were looking at us. AWOL had a radio in his hand and was talking to someone. "Not right now, we can still try to defuse the situation. If we can, maybe we can keep this quiet from Ivan. He cares a lot about Callie and I'm worried he might say something that would push Deebs to kill Callie or something." 

We brought Callie closer to the camp fire and attached her to a tree just to be sure she doesn't try to run off the rock ledge... That's when it started raining... Hard... The following, uhm, 20 or 30 minutes consisted of Deebs questioning Callie about Hector, about her lies, about the rumors. Deebs claims that at least 4 or 5 people came to her, all saying that they saw Callie flirting with Hector and wanting to go with him somewhere. But, thing is, I never ever saw Callie close to Hector except at the bar when she was the bartender. I never saw Callie throw a strange look at Hector, nothing that could indicate that she wanted him... 

Deebs and Ales searched through Callie's stuff, her camera which contained only pictures of us and other people she cared about around the bar, her phone which didn't even turned on. 

After maybe 10 minutes of this, Eliot walked away and started smoking a cigarette. She was passing around, obviously lost in her thoughts. I walked to her and whispered "Eliot, we have to do something, I don't know who to believe exactly cause I care about and trust both Callie and Deebs. Deebs isn't going to give up. I don't want this to end in a bloodshed but, if Deebs pulls a gun on Callie again, I'm gonna have to pull mine on her and force her to stop... " 

Eliot just grunted, still smoking and looked towards Callie. "Yeah I know... Alright follow me."

We walked back to Callie. Eliot told me to detach Callie from the tree and to bring her away for a few minutes. She brought Deebs away and started talking with her. As I'm bringing Callie away, she says "Please just untie me and give me a gun. I'll run away so nobody has to see it. I just want this nightmare to end. Pleeeaasseeee." She was still crying. 

"No, I'm not gonna let you do that. If you have to die here, now, it's gonna have some really bad repercussions on the people you care about. This might even start a fucking war between the Bar and El Familia! Is this what you want to leave behind??" She shook her head. "Then tell the truth and don't try to kill yourself."

"I am telling the truth! I never wanted anything from Hector other than protection! I fucking swear!" 

I believed her this time. Sophia then jogged to us and told me to untie Callie, that we will bring her back to the bar and Eliot is dealing with Deebs. As we were jogging away, I thought about Deebs and her reaction. In a way, I was disappointed but I also understood it. If there was another man who stole my girlfriend and then, later on, I hear rumors about him trying to steal Sophia, I would also be really fucking pissed at him, to the point of holding him at gun point... 

Its been 2 days since then and I still don't know what to think of it all... 

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Entry 18

It's been multiple days now and nothing really major happened at the bar. It's been a quiet week. Serving customers, going on loot runs, enjoying people's company, especially Sophia's. Life has been really good since I've met her.
Doctor Dante Carter comes by often, giving us little updates on the tests results. He says that, for now, things are looking good! It doesn't seems like neither me, nor Sophia have signs of radiation poisoning. Well, nothing major at least. But a full scan will take a few more days.

Well, actually, there is two things that happened that are somewhat interesting.

First, 2 days ago, Ivan got word of a working helicopter that might have been abandoned in a soccer field of a sport complex towards the North-West. So, he sent me and Josh to look for it. I don't know why he sent ne there with this guy... He knows we don't really like each other... Hell, Josh isn't even part of the fucking bar! He's just a regular patron and he rents a house in the bar area... Maybe it's just his idea of a fucking joke or he wants to make me pay for having a loud mouth around patrons... Sometimes I talk to much and it got me into trouble once. Anyway. 

The way up there was silent, Josh was driving. It was awkward. Neither of us tried to start a conversation. Once there, we had to park the car further down the hill. The only road up to the soccer field had been blocked off by some survivors. But the place seems abandon. I suggested we park the car in between some trees near the road, which Josh agreed on. We were making our way towards the soccer field when we heard wolves howling. My blood froze in my veins... Ever since Namalsk, I've tried to forget about a lot of things. The Artifact, the Cannibals and the wolves. They were everywhere in Namalsk, they always sneaked up behind you and attack you in packs. I almost got killed by them a few times. I thought I could forget about them but now, hearing this loud howling just next to us petrified me. Josh shout brought me back and I saw him on top of a small shack. I climbed there with him and we were able to shoot the wolves safely. But our shots attracted pretty much all the infected in the sport complex... There must have been 20 of them, all coming at us. We fired and fired until none were left standing. 

Once that was done, we checked the bodies for supplies and started looking for that helicopter. But nothing was there. Either someone has found it before us, or the tip was wrong. So we made our way back to the bar. Empty handed but my mind still frighten by that Howling... 

Later that day, Wynn and her husband showed up at the bar. Wynn is a good friend of Sophia and it's always fun to see them hang out together. They always do some dumb shit together, especially when they drink a bit to much. So, they started by hanging out just outside the bar, talking. Then they started drinking a little. They were laughing, cracking jokes at each other and at me. Sophia has this funny thing to talk about our... bed habits with ropes, cuffs and stuff like that. At first, it was awkward yeah but, over time, it became a running joke between us even tho it's true. But hey, it makes people laugh and it makes Sophia laugh so that's worth it!
So, they drink and at some point, Sophia says
"Wynn, come with me, I've got something to talk about" She looks at the other in the bar "In private". Both of them then leaves for maybe an hour... Even Wynn's husband was worried at some point because they've been gone for so long! Hahahaha. 
During the evening, Josh started drinking too... a bit too much. There was also this women present, Ester I believe. She didn't like Josh. She insulted him and talked shit to him non stop during the whole night. After drinking a bit myself, I started doing it with her. Josh was furious and it was the funniest thing for drunk me. I think he started to take it seriously tho because he became a bit more... aggressive. Long story short, it ended up in a fist fight between me and Josh..... I won. Again. It wasn't the first time we get into a fist fight. 
After that, he went to bed and he seemed pretty pissed. Meh, he's getting on my nerves these last few days. He even had the fucking guts to move in the building next to us... ugh...

But, on a better note, this morning Spencer and Bryson were at the bar. They also had a little shop in the bar so they often came with weapons and other gear to trade. When Spencer saw me, he walked up to me and asked if I wanted to buy another Deagle. He said it while nodding at the Deagle I had in my pistol holster. I said that I don't really need an extra one. But then he pulled out a Deagle that was Gold plated! It shined until the high sun. It was.... beautiful! I instantly knew that it would make THE perfect gift to Sophia! I asked him what he wanted for it. I didn't have any spare weapons in my place but I did have some extra Plate Carriers. Spencer said that just a plate carrier would do. It was a perfect trade!

Later than day, when Sophia came back to the bar, I got to her place and surprised her with a hug from behind. I then asked her to close her eyes for a second and extend her hands. She did, smiling. I put the Golden Deagle in her hands and told her to look. The expression on her face was like the one a child would get on Christmas Eve with THE gift they wanted. She stayed silent for a few seconds before Thanking me and kissing me. She just kept looking at the Deagle, mesmerized. 

It really was the perfect gift for her.

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Entry 19

I can't fucking stand it. I can't just stay at the bar, not doing anything. Fucking Ivan uhgggg... Maybe writing it down will help me get my mind off of things...
I woke up this morning to a normal day. I realized how disorganized and unclean everything was in our home so I decided to do a little cleanup. Sophia was already up and at the Bar so I could also surprise her a little bit with it. After a few hours of cleaning, Josh's voice came over the radio

"Hey Michael, there's some fucking' CLF guys here right now. We are just drinking and talking. You should fuckin' come down here instead of being a lonely Frenchie in your trenches." He laughed before releasing his PTT. Fucking Asshole.
"Yeah yeah maybe. Also, Fuck You Josh"
I took my time and finished what I was doing before leaving. When I did leave our home, I saw Sophia with one hand up in front of the bar... Weird but not uncommon. Then I saw Josh with both of his hands up... Now, that, was worrying. At the same time, I saw 2 or 3 armed man circling them... guns in hands. I immediately froze. Not sure what to do. That's when one of them saw me and started jogging towards me. When I started backing up, he started sprinting and I turned around and ran. I fucking ran away like a coward... I should have stayed and do my best to protect Sophia. I'm sure should would have said otherwise but I still left her behind... God...

I hid in a house outside of the bar, grabbed my radio and switched to our private frequency for the Bar and it's allies 

"Something is happening at the Bar! Ive seen armed men holding 2 or 3 people at gun points. I think Sophia is also being held up! They saw me but I manage to run away!" 
I pulled the radio back on my Plate Carrier, grabbed my AKM, made sure it was loaded, on full auto and went towards the back of the Bar. I rarely have to pull my gun at another survivor, I hate doing it but I couldn't take any chances right now. I peaked the corner but couldn't see anyone... I went to the other side of the bar but it was also empty... I carefully went inside. Empty... I then heard someone open a door. I checked and it was Bryson. I asked him where did everyone go. He looked at me confused. I quickly explained what I saw and he immediately took his gun out and started looking around with me. No hesitation, no questions, he came to help on the spot. The bar area was empty... That's when Crow, a fellow Frenchman, came to us and said that he saw them CLF guys take Sophia and Josh through the Gorka gate. So all 3 of us went after them.

We started by searching the woods to the West, nothing. We then went south towards Orlavetz, nothing. We checked Polana and Gorka, still nothing... The more time passed, the more I was getting worried. The more empty places we checked, the more anxious I was getting... Not long after checking Orlavetz, people starting showing up. Ivan and Jager took the helicopter and looked from the air. Vincent went on foot to Solnichni. Callie stayed at the Bar in case Josh or Sophia came back. So Crow, Bryson, Spencer (who had just joined us) and myself, we went to Dubrovka and we were on our way to a little summer camp north of Berezino when I thought about checking the surroundings of Black Lake. That's when we heard reports of multiple gun shots towards the south east of Berezino. Earlier we were also given a tip from a not so trustworthy source that they might be around the south east area. I was getting desperate so we checked it out. But, once again, nothing... We went back to the bar and grabbed a car. At this point, we've been running around for about 2 hours and we were getting tired. We rechecked the south side of Berezino and Solnichni. Nothing. We were checking a place west of Solnichni when we heard news that Josh came back to the bar. When I asked about Sophia, no one answered. I've never ran that fucking quickly in my life. I then drove the car back like a maniac. 

Once at the bar, I looked and asked everywhere for Sophia but no one saw her... I ran to Josh, who was in front of his place with Ivan, who was talking on a radio.
"Where is Sophia?! Is she okay?!" I asked.
"I'm fucking busy right now." Said Ivan.
"I don't fucking care. Where is Sophia??" I said, looking at Josh. He was in a bad shape. Bruises and cuts all over his face. He also had what looked like 2 bullet wounds in his leg... God...
"She stayed in the fuckin' woods now fuck off" Josh finally said.
I was going towards Gorka gate when Jager came in front of me.
"Let's calm down now, it's not by screaming that we'll get things sorted out." He said. "Yeah sure, I'll just stay here with my thumb up my ass while my girlfriend is somewhere in the fucking woods, alone. Get out of my way."

I went around him. I heard Ivan say something to me about not leaving the Bar but I ignored it. I was passing through the Gorka gate when it started raining pretty heavily. I also heard Bryson calling my name from behind. I ignored him and kept going towards the woods. He catched up to me and stopped me by grabbing my arms.
"Michael stop! It's not worth going alone to look for her! With the rain you won't be able to see shit anyway. Calm down and stay here. Sophia will probably show up at any second now."
I was fuming but Bryson was right. The heavy rain would make it almost impossible to track and see anything in the woods. And I've been running for hours. I could feel every pulsation of my heart in my legs. I could feel my muscle burn from it all. I couldn't go any further. I went back to the bar, grabbed meat from the fridge and a bottle of Whisky when Ivan said over the radio that the CLF made threats of coming back to the bar, so to setup some security positions at each entrance. I groaned, stored the food and the bottle in my bag and went to a small entrance, further away from everyone. I didn't felt like talking to anyone right now. That's when I saw Doctor Carter approaching me... What he said to me changed the course of the day in a good... and a bad way...


I gotta go, Ivan need to speak with me about something... Am so tired, I just want this day to end and Sophia to be here...

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Entry 20

I left off when Dante was about to tell me the results of our blood test so I'll start back there... It's a very long one but I don't know if I can cut corners here so I'll just write it all down... I have a feeling this is all a turning point for me... And for Sophia. 
I have trouble wrapping my head around it all. It happened just a few hours ago so my head is just filled with it all...

I'll try to transcript our conversation the best I can.

"Mister Michael, I know it's not really a good time right now with Sophia still missing but this is important." Said Dante.
"Sure, go ahead, anything that can get my mind off of things right now is welcome." I replied, tired.
"Okay, so we got your results back and... Uhm... Ugh I've never been good at this and I don't know how to tell you this..." He said. 
"Just tell it straight to me alright? I'm in no mood for games right now" I replied, getting impatient. Dr Carter was definitely not a people person.
"Well, you see... Ugh Michael, you have Radiation poisoning... Don't worry it's only very minor! You'll be able to have a somewhat full life. It's only gonna be in your late years that the effect will be felt. Higher chances of cancer, weaker immune system, that sort of stuff. Things that can be treated most of the time." He said. As he was giving me the news, I leaned against the wall, baffled. I kept telling myself that I would be fine, that I got nothing. But now, knowing that I have this, I didn't know what to think of it... Fuck I still don't know what to think.
" Wha---What about Sophia?? Does she has radiation poisoning too??" I asked, already more worried about Sophia than myself.
"No she is fine. Don't worry." He said, immediately. But the way he looked at me said something else.
"What is it Dante..."
"The test brought... Something else... You did say you had sexual relations with her right?" He asked.
"Yeeeaahhh that's why I asked if you could do a test of her blood in the first place..." I said, kind of worried about where this was going.
"Well... Uhm... The test showed that Sophia is.... She is pregnant Michael." He said, carefully. My mouth just dropped open. Pregnant?? How?? We used condoms through the whole night! That can't be true.
"Wait what?? Are you sure??"
"Yes we are sure. I made the lab redo the test 3 times to be sure. Her blood shows the early signs of a pregnancy! Of course, it could be a problem with our machines. Also, if you said that it was a bit over a week ago, we could make more test if you could provide us a sample of her pee and--" He said but I stopped him before he could finish his sentence.
" No. No. Thank you a lot Dante for it all but, I think we will take it from here. I'm sure we can find a pregnancy test somewhere. If not, we'll wait to see if she shows signs whenever she'll come back... If she comes back." I said, slumping on the wall.
"Okay well, congratulation Michael! If there is anything more I ca--" Started saying Dante before Ivan turned the corner and walked to us.
"Ah you see, I prefer a cheese sandwich myself." Said Dante, trying to change the subject... Not a people person, like I said.
"Michael, Sophia is fine. She is sleeping in a little shack in the forest. She is unharmed too. If you want more info, ask Josh. I'm done with him." Said Ivan before pointing at Josh who was sitting by the fire outside of the bar. Ivan didn't even finished his sentence that I was already walking towards Josh.

My pace was quick, which attracted Josh's attention. His face immediately went to an expression of "Oh for fuck sake, fuck off" but I didn't care. 
"Which wood is she in Josh?! I need to know! I need to find her!" I said with a dead serious voice I didn't know I had. If she really was pregnant, I had to find her.
"She's somewhere in fuckin' Black Lake but she's fine." he said, annoyed.
I grabbed my map and looked for the woods around Black Lake. I knew these woods well since that's where Sophia and I spent a few days to relax. I hunted in these woods too so I knew the locations of a few small cabins in the area. As I was folding the map, Josh spoked up .
"They didn't hurt her by the way. I would like you to know that."
"Then why did they.... What happened then??" I replied, pissed at him.
"Oh I don't know, I kind of got shot in the leg. I'm very glad that you show so much FUCKING CONCERN!!" Replied Josh. He angrily shouted the last words.
"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU RIGHT NOW! I HAVE OTHER STUFF IN MY FUCKING MIND RIGHT NOW!!" I shouted back, pissed off. I wanted to punch this asshole's face into pieces so badly. I walked away and took out some of my anger by punching the light post on the other side of the street.

I went back to the small gate that Ivan ordered me to guard, even tho all I wanted, was to go look for Sophia. But, I couldn't risk angering Ivan right now... He has a lot on his plate with the CLF treat and I'm worried he'd kick me out if I disobey him. Which is the last thing I need right now...

As I was guarding the gate, Bryson, Spencer and another man I didn't recognize walked up to me.
"Michael, we are going to Black Lake to search for Sophia. I know Ivan ordered you to stay but, if you wanna come with us, we can tell him we forced you." Said Bryson, with compassion in his tone. This guy keeps surprising me with how much he is helping me today. Everytime I need help, he's here for me... 
"I really appreciate the offer but we both know he's not gonna believe that. Which will only get all of us in trouble... " I said before exhaling, thinking about going with them. No, I can't take the risk. "Go without me but if you find her, contact me immediately and I'll come with a car. Take your map out, I'll show you some area I think she might be."
He took out his map and I pointed some areas where there were some small cabins. I also pointed out where the Fishing Hut I built was. Bryson's group then left.


I stayed at that gate for what felt like an eternity. Thinking about it now, it was probably only around an hour... Not long after Bryson left, I saw Josh limping towards me. "What do you want?" I replied, convinced he was coming to bitch about my reaction of earlier. 
"Did you know Sophia was fuckin' pregnant??" He said. I looked at him, kind of stunted. 
"Yes I just learned about it... Dante just told me... How the fuck do you know that??" I replied. 
"Because the CLF knew about it. They talked with someone on the radio to find out who Sophia was and that's how they fuckin' learned. Who's the only one who knew about the fuckin' pregnancy?? Yeah, Dante. I told you not to trust that fuckin' guy. Now, do you get it? He's working with the fuckin' CLF! So I would stop fuckin' talking to him if I were you yeah??" He said, getting angrier as he was speaking. He then turned around and walked back to the fire. I went back to the gate and just sat there, not knowing what to do with this information... I had to get Sophia's side about all of this... I trust her more than this fucking asshole. 

At some point, I heard Ivan's voice on the radio on one of the public frequency, saying some kind of apology about working with the Russians. I did overhear Ivan earlier, saying that this apology was one of the demands from the CLF. A while ago, like over a month ago, there was this Russian group that threatened to attack the bar. Ivan had to establish a second bar in Lopatino to keep them happy and off our backs. Apparently, that was enough proof for the CLF that we were working with them...

Soon after that radio message was done, Ivan told us that we could go back to our normal business, that the bar wasn't in danger anymore. I immediately went to my place. I needed to grab some things before joining back with Bryson's group. Better water resistant clothing, food, water and a bigger first aid kit. They keep saying the Sophia was fine but, just in case...

As I was getting ready, Bryson's voice came on the radio "Michael, we checked the area. We found Sophia. She is fine but she doesn't want to come with us right now. She says she needs some time alone. We tried to convince her but it didn't work. I would leave one of my guys with her but we have some business to take care of in a town nearby... "
"Its alright, when Sophia has her mind set on something, she can rarely be talked down... Just... Just leave her a radio so she can contact us if she needs help. Thank you Bryson, I'll remember all you did today. I owe you one." I said. Bryson quickly replied that I don't owe him anything. I turned down the volume and sat down on my chair. I looked out the window, it was raining hard outside and I could hear thunder in the distance. The best weather to stay inside and write.

So that's where I am now. Alone, powerless, confused. But, also happy. Sophia was alive and well. And, if what Dante was saying is true, then we will have a child together! I still don't understand how it happened but that's one of the many mysteries of life I guess... 

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Entry 21
This page has a wet stain that dried on the top left corner. Something wet was dropped there.

I guess the day was more exhausting that I thought because I fell asleep on the chair, face down on the Journal... When I woke up, it was late at night so I flopped into bed. I slept only a little bit since the sun came up I think a few hours later. No one was in the bar. When I asked where everyone was, some said that they were out driving.
There was never any customers early in the day so I had to keep myself busy. I grabbed my bigger backpack and headed out towards Lower Berezino. I like to walk in the town and search through the buildings. I always find new stuff that I had not seen before or stuff that survivors left behind when they stayed in a building for a while. After a few hours, there was nothing around and it didn't help get my mind off of stuff. So I headed back home, planning on grabbing my hunting gear and go out hunting.
As I got close to our home, I could hear someone going through our gate's code lock... With Sophia still gone, that was a bit worrying... I put my hand on my Deagle, ready to draw and I slowly walked to the door. When I opened it, there was Sophia unlocking our door!

"Sophia!! When did you got here?! Why didn't you say anything on the radio!" I said as I was taking her in my arms, giving her the biggest hug I've ever gave to someone.
"I just got here. The radio that Bryson gave me had a dead battery... I was getting inside to grab one since no one seems to be here..." She said. I released her from my hug after a few seconds to look at her. She looked exhausted. Sha also had a bruise on her cheek. So I brought up upstairs on the bed and cleaned the bruise with a bandage and some disinfectant.
While I was cleaning it, Sophia told me what had happen. After I ran, the CLF took them away in the woods around Black Lake. I fucking knew it! It was my next area before we got distracted by fucking gunshots... Damn it!! Anyway, the CLF beat the shit out of Josh for some reason. It was deserved no matter what he did... They had separated Josh and Sophia but she could still hear him... When they started punching her, Sophia told them that she had some signs that she was pregnant, which made them stop and back off of her.

"Wait, you had signs?? Why didn't you talked to me about it..?" I asked.
"Well, I wasn't sure if it was actually because I was pregnant... it could be anything but it still worked sooo.." She replied.
"Sophia... Dante came to me after I came back to the bar after searching for you... The blood results came through and they found out that you are actually pregnant!" I said with a warm smile on my face. I grabbed her hand as she looked at me with a worried face.
"I know what you're thinking. How can they be sure? Well, I asked him the same thing. He said it might be a mistake with their machine, that a pee test could confirm it. But if you are saying that you have some signs of it too... It kind of confirms it already..."
We sat in silence for a few minutes, just holding each other, not sure what to do with this. We were having a baby! I should be happy but I was more worried than anything and I think it was the same thing for Sophia...
"For now, let's just be more careful and let's look for a pregnancy test. We still have many many months before your pregnancy starts being an issue physically." I said eventually. She agreed but I could see that there was something else on her mind.
"What is it?"
"Michael... I---" She looked away from me.
"Hey hey it's alright, you can tell me. What's going on?" I softly said, gently turning her head back towards mine.
"They were about to kill Josh. I had to do something. They told me to give them information and they would let Josh live."
"If I can be honest here, I think you should have left him to die... He brought this upon you and it's not the first time his provocation brought him trouble..." I said, carefully.
"No, I can't just let him die. He saved my life before... I had to give them information about the Familia... I gave them the location of the BBQ from last week..." She was starting to tear up. "I had no other choice Michael..."
"I know honey I know. You did what you had to do. No one will blame you for that." I said, tightening my grip on her hand.
"Also Michael, Josh isn't the only one responsible for what happened... I may had a bit too much to drink when they were here..." She said. My head dropped a bit. I knew how bad she can be when she drinks to much. "I may have got into an argument with one of the CLF and pulled my gun on them and shot at their feet..." She said, her face turning red from shame. 
"Oh my god Sophia..." I said before letting out a big sigh. "You know that you can't drink anymore since we know that you are pregnant right?"
"Oh yeah, I know. The CLF told that, if they catch me drinking again while I was pregnant that they would kill me. So no more alcohol, no more drugs."
After a few moments, I was thinking back at when I saw her with her hands up and how I ran away...
"Sophia, when I saw you and Josh with your hands up, I didn't know what to do... I just froze... And when one of them started jogging towards me, I panicked... I ran away... I should have stayed and be with you for all of this. I should have tried something to protect you..." I said, on the verge of tears. I felt so guilty for leaving her alone in this.
"No Michael, it's okay, you did what you had to do. You couldn't take on 3 or 4 members of the CLF by yourself. You had to call for backup. Even if you had come with us, they would have killed you or at least tortured you... It would have been way way worst for both of us... I don't hold it against you." She said, grabbing my face in her hands. I nodded and hugged her.

We then stayed like that for a little bit. Sitting on our bed, just holding each other. After a little bit, we went to the bar and started working. We had to keep ourselves busy. At the end of the day, when Sophia went to sleep, I sat in my chair, looking out the window. After the information Sophia gave away, some Familia members were at risk... I had to contact Deebs to warn her.
I grabbed my radio and quietly reached Deebs. She sounded really far away and there was a lot of static but I could still understand her.
I quickly explained to her what happened at the bar and how Sophia and Josh got kidnapped. I also told her that Sophia had signs of pregnancy and it was confirmed by a blood test. She told the CLF about the signs, which got them to back off of her. I then followed it with this. 

"The CLF backed off of Sophia, but they were about to kill Josh and threaten to come after other members of the bar if Sophia didn't give them information... Information about El Familia and where you were hiding... Sophia had no choice but to tell about the BBQ location... Please, believe me when I say that she had no choice! She didn't want Josh to die nor get anyone else in danger because of her drunkenness. This is why I am contacting you. To warn you about it. Move far away from the BBQ location... Sophia got the lesson now, I hope. The CLF threaten to kill her if she drinks again so she won't get into trouble with them anymore at least. She feels really really bad about getting the Bar and you in trouble. I don't know if she tried to contact you but I think she is too afraid of your reaction after... Well, after the BBQ day and Callie... But I can't just say nothing. So please, please understand that we never meant to get you into more trouble than you already are..."
A few moments passed with complete silence. Then, Deebs voice came up on the radio.
"If someone has a gun to someone's head, either physically or metaphorically, that person has to do whatever they have to do to stay alive - and if that person is pregnant then she has to do whatever she has to in order to keep her child alive as well. If someone from my family is maimed or murdered because of this, the blood is only on the hands of the so-called soldiers who pull the trigger, not on a woman who was merely trying to protect herself and those she cares for. That they would treat innocent civilians this way is appalling, but I have neither the time nor the energy to be disgusted by their behavior. I've already gotten word that the previous location may be unsafe and have sent my family scattered to the four winds, but I sincerely appreciate that you sent word of this to me personally." There is a pause in which only the background hum of interference can be heard. "The Belics are as close as family to me, as are those they care for. Keep you and yours safe in these troubling times, my friend. For now, as much as it disheartens me, it is likely best for all involved that you do not know where we are headed next."

"I completely understand that. I do not wish to know it either. This way, if it comes to it, I'll have no information to give. Thank you for understanding. Stay safe out there."

I exhaled. Relief that this wouldn't be a problem. At least, for now, Sophia and I can go to our normal business. The emotions of yesterday and today had a bigger toll on me that I thought tho... I couldn't stop thinking about it through the whole day... I needed to take a little break. So, the following day, I took my hunting gear and went off on a Hunting trip for a few days.

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Entry 22

I wasn't expecting this to happen after coming back from my 3 days Hunting trip...
I went back to the bar towards the end of the third day. It was raining, cold and overall a depressing day. The Hunt wasn't really good either. It did help me empty my head a bit tho. Sophia was at the bar, doing her things so I sat behind the counter, waiting for customers.

I saw Josh come and go, walk to different ends of the Bar. A bit odd... He stopped in front of the bar, looking at me.
"Why are you fuckin' staring at me?" He said.
"Because you are acting weird and I don't trust you." I replied bluntly.
"Oh come on, what da ya think I could do?"
"You always manage to shit talk or provoke the right person to get you or someone else in trouble." 
"Hey I've told you that Sophia also had a part in it the other day. Leave me alone about it." He replied, annoyed by my reaction.
As I was in the process of telling him that it was mostly his fault anyway, I saw a large group of people with yellow armbands walk up the street towards the bar. They all had their guns in hands. CLF. The outfit, the guns, the armband, that was fucking CLF...
One of the man got closer to the door and began his speech. 

"Berezino town is currently under lockdown from the CLF. The Bar and the entirety of Berezino is under the Authority of the Chernarus Liberation Forces. If anyone is seen outside, they will be viewed as enemies. Please stay inside of the buildings." He then turned to his man. "Spread out and look around."
All the other armed man ran around the bar, going from building to building, gathering people that were there and bringing them inside the bar. The man that seemed to be in charged walked inside the bar.

"Uhm can I know what this is all about?? Why is there a lockdown?? Is there a threat or something?" I asked him, really confused. He answered with only "We'll see" before walking away and closing the front door. Sophia walked up to me from behind the counter, looking as confused as me. Josh on the other hand, didn't look that worried... Which was weird. I had a really bad feeling about this situation. There was only one man with us inside the building and he was looking around in the back. So I sneakily made my way to the bathroom. Once in there, I took out my radio and I started whispering "We have trouble at the bar. A bunch of---" I stopped talking. I could hear someone entering the room. I quickly put the radio back, thinking of something to say when one of the CLF guys looked at me.
"What are you hiding from huh?" He said, looking at me, scanning me.
"Uhhh... nothing..." I nervously said. 
"Go back to the front." He replied. I followed him back to the front. They lined us up next to the counter, me, Sophia, Josh and Ester. They wanted to know if the Administration of the Bar was present, which they weren't. I didn't know where Ivan and Woody were. We waited inside the Bar while the CLF searched through all the buildings inside the Bar area. It took them maybe 10 minutes. When it was done, their Captain then said "Alright, let's bring them apart and start questioning them." He then said some names and we were all brought outside with a CLF soldier. I look nervously at Sophia has she was brought closer to our home and I was brought on the opposite side of the Bar area. The soldier had me put my hands up and pat me down for weapons and my radio. After unloading them, he dropped them on the ground. He then started asking questions about El Familia, if we had contact with them, if we knew where they were etc. I immediately remembered the heads-up I gave Deebs about the information Sophia gave up a few days ago... Fuck, do they know?? How could they know? I know it definitely didn't come from Deebs but she did say that she passed the message to other members in the Familia... Could one of them be working for the CLF? Or did one of them talked to much and the CLF got wind of it??
I am not a good liar when under pressure and I think the CLF saw it because they started pressing me on it. Becoming more and more insisting and aggressive each time they asked me. At one point, one of them suddenly grabbed the back of my neck and shook me around.

"DON'T LIE TO US! WE KNOW THE BAR HAS COMMUNICATION WITH THE FAMILIA!!" He shouted in my face while shaking me. I was panicking and shaking out of pure fucking fear... I couldn't stop the tear from coming and blur my vision. 
"I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD!! I'm just a hunter, I'm not involved in the political side of the Bar's action!" I cried out. By that point, another soldier had come up to us, probably because of the shouting. The 2 soldiers looked at each others, then turned to look at Sophia who was also being questioned further away. I couldn't stop myself from muttering something about her. They heard it and I think they connected the dots pretty quickly.
My stomach turned and I had my heart in my throat. I had to give them something. I couldn't risk having them do the same thing, or worst, to Sophia.
I started slightly banging my head on the wall in front of me, conflicted. But it didn't took me long before deciding... I thought that by being honest they would let all of us go...

"As far as I know, I was the only one who had recent communication with a member of the Familia... I... uhm... contacted miss Deebs to warn her about information about her camp's location and that she needs to move... All I did was help a friend, nothing else. No one else was aware of my communication either..." I finally said, holding tears. I felt defeated, crushed.
One of the soldier grabbed his radio and called for his Captain, who got to us quickly. He quickly described what I said. "So, you've been in contact AND helped an enemy of the CLF and of Chernarus? This is treason. And you know what we do to traitors? We execute them." He said, I was starting to beg for him to spare me, that I never intended to go against the CLF but he turned to the soldier guarding me. "Runian, bring him inside the bar. Cuff him there and get more info out of him. I wanna know exactly what he said to the Familia." 
Wait... Runian?? THE Runian I knew?? No way, his voice was different and I haven't heard from him since the end of the winter! Why would he have stop contacting me??
"Wait... Runian? The Runian I was with in Namalsk??" I said, very fucking confused.
"Mmhhhmmm, that's me Michael." He replied. I was shocked. I couldn't believe it! Someone I considered a good friend before he disappeared with the rest of the ZFC. I even thought he was dead...
"What the fuck happened to you Runian? You were not a nationalist when I knew you in Namalsk! The Runian I knew wouldn't be part of a group that threaten civilians and Foreigners!" I said, starting to get angry at him! I trusted that guy! Thinking back at it, this completely made me forgot for a moment about what the Captain just said to me...
The other soldier violently pushed me towards the bar.
"Walk" He ordered me. So I did, I walked to the bar. Sophia and Josh were already there. I looked at Sophia with teary eyes and a very worried face. Her face turned to an expression of deep concerns... They brought me to the back of the Bar, where they handcuff me with those metal police cuffs. I've never had my hands cuffed before... The metal was cold, biting into my wrists as the man tighten them. He tighten them way to much and I winched from the pain. I guess Runian saw it because he said "Don't cuff him too tight. If you do, it could cut the blood circulation to his hands." He then slightly untighten the cuffs. It was at least a bit more comfortable... After that, they searched through my pockets to see what I had on me. Runian took the .308 ammo I had in my pouches for my Winchester while the other searched through my shirt and found the Polaroid picture of Sophia I always keep on me. He took it away and started looking at it.
"Don't touch that please." I said.
"Who's that women?" He asked me.
"My girlfriend." I answered.
"Your girlfriend?" He said. He sounded surprised, almost not believing me.
"You have a girlfriend?" Said Runian in a surprised tone before chuckling.
"It's a beautiful photo." Said the other man. He then grabs a lighter from his pockets and holds it below the picture. "It would be a shame if something were to happen to this picture wouldn't it?" He said, with a disgusting smile on his face.
"Please don't.." I begged, feeling my throat tightening.
"If you lie again, if you associate yourself with those men, those criminals, you're going to suffer. And it's not going to be only this picture, it's gonna be your fucking life." He said, still holding the lighter and the picture.
"I swear I'm not lying to you. I swear that was the only time I contacted someone from the Familia. I had contact with no one else from the Familia. I swear." I said, hoping they would believe me. The man then lowered his lighter, placed the picture on the table next to him and stored the lighter back in his pocket. The situation kind of calmed down a bit and they start asking me some questions about who I was, who was I affiliated with and some other questions like that. Of course, Runian already knew most of these questions but the other didn't.
In between questions, Runian told me that he would try to convince the Captain to not get me executed. I don't know if I believed him or not at this point...

After some time, they were finally done with me so they contacted their Captain, asking if they need to "take care of me". He said he wanted to speak with me first before making his decision. So, they brought me to him. He was outside, looking at the statue of a Russian tank. A T-35 I heard someone say in the past. He asked me some of the same questions as the other guys, probably to see if I would change my story or something... He then started going on a rant about how they weren't bad people, that they were just trying to "clean" their country. I pretended to understand but I knew it was bullshit. The actions they were doing were saying otherwise. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes, a soldier came to the Captain, saying that he has to see something. He was brought to a building close to us. There was 2 or 3 CLF soldiers next to the door and other CLF were coming in and out, carrying a lot of guns.
As we were alone, Runian got closer to me and whispered
"I believe that you are telling us the truth about everything Michael, I am really trying to stop them from executing you. If you keep telling the truth and answering our questions honestly, I think you'll live." 
"I don't understand what happened to you Runian... Were you CLF the whole time we were together in Namalsk??"
"Uuuhhmmmm yes and no. I wasn't an active member at that time. Just like a lot of the other members of the Zeleno Fishing Club actually. The Club was kind of a secret group of the CLF for members who had to hide and for.... other things. So, technically, for a while you were part of the CLF Michael. And that might just save your life today." He said. This baffled me even more than knowing Runian was still alive. A secret CLF group?! This whole fucking time?!
I was about to ask him more questions when I heard someone come behind me. Before I could turn around, the man turned me himself. It was the Captain and he didn't look happy...

"Have you seen the amount of fucking guns in this building?? Who ever lives there could supply a fucking militia! Who lives there?! Is it a Bar member??" He said, angrily.
"No! No it's not! I don't know who lives there but I know it's not a Bar member! We often rent places like this to people who are willing to pay us." I said, getting scared since the Captain was getting redder by the minute. The Captain reached behind my back and took my Hunting knife from my belt. He put it up to my throat.
"Oh really? So you just rent places to random people and don't monitor what they do in it? That doesn't sound right." He said.
"No! I swear! It's not a Bar member and no we don't completely control what they do in their own place! We have some rules but not a lot!" I said, feeling the coldness of the knife to my throat, stinging.
Runian setup forward to my left. "Sir, I do believe he is saying the truth. He only has been telling the truth with us. Why would he lie now?" He said, looking at me, then back at his Captain.
The Captain looked me dead in the eyes for a few seconds before lowering the knife. He smiled then told Runian to uncuffed me. He then looked at my knife. It had a long blade, maybe 3 or 4 inches. With a very sharp side, sharp enough to cut through meat without a problem, and a more rugged side to help cut wood. With a black and silver handle. It was an expensive knife that I got from a Hunting Shop in Novaya. It was supposed to be a Trip Souvenir, but it turned into an indispensable survival tool for me.

"It's a nice looking knife." He said, flipping it in his hand, aiming the handle towards me. Runian finished uncuffing me. I rubbed my wrist before slowly reaching the knife. Just before I reached it, the Captain slightly moved the knife away. "Don't make me come back here and use it on you again. Got it?" He said, before letting me grab the knife. I nodded and started walking to the bar.

Sophia and Josh were inside. Sophia grabbed me in her arms as I walked in. I was feeling tears of relief coming up so I walked in the corner of the bar and just slumped on the ground, exhausted and afraid. I dropped my head in between my knees, covering my face with my arms and just let the tears flow down. Sophia sat next to me and hold me as I fucking cried my eyes out like a baby. I got so fucking scared. I thought they would execute me, or worst, hurt Sophia. The way the Captain just applied the knife to my throat, I could just feel that he wanted to push further, hurt me further. I guess Runian did saved my life... once again.
After maybe 10 minutes, I heard the Captain call his man and they all regrouped outside the bar, got into their cars that some of them had brought in and they all left. Leaving the Berezino bar in a state of disarray and fear. By the time they started leaving, the sun was starting to rise. They had left us our guns but ordered us to wait until they were out of the Bar area before grabbing them. At least they didn't take any of them from us...


After they left, I was doing a radio message to the bar to tell them what happened when Josh came behind me and punched me in the back of the head.
"CLF had you fuckin' handcuffed for a reason, what did they want, what did you fuckin' tell em?" He asked. That's it, I had fucking enough.
I pulled my Deagle out. "
You know what, I've had it with your fucking attitude Josh. You better stop pushing me and insulting me cause I'm at my fucking limit. I was just Interrogated and threaten at fucking gun point and with a knife to my fucking throat by the CLF. But I won't let you fucking step on me again." I replied, getting angrier by the seconds. Josh then pulled his own pistol and pointed it at me. "Or what? What will you fuckin' do hein?" I pointed my pistol at him, about to pull the trigger when Sophia got between us. She pushed Josh away and slowly lowered my gun.
"Stop it. That's not gonna help anything." She softly but firmly said to me, slowly bringing me towards home. I had to lay down. The night was intense and long.

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Entry 23

After the... argument with Josh, Sophia brought me to our place, trying to calm me down. I was furious but knew there was nothing I could do at the moment. As I was checking my guns to make sure CLF didn't take any parts, I heard Ivan's voice on the radio. He got brought up to speed about what happened. He told us that it might be a good idea to go into hiding for a few days. Apparently, this was the third day in a row that the CLF showed at the bar. And it got worst every time. Ivan strongly suggested to everyone to pack up essentials, grab a car and leave. We were to not tell anyone where we decided to go. To just go our separate ways for now. Sophia and I were against the idea but we knew it was the best thing to do.

We changed our cloths, we packed our biggest backpack with essentials. Food, water. Hunting, fishing and cooking equipment, sleeping bags, ammo and spare gun parts. I also grabbed some building tools and materials just in case. Sophia wanted to go to Green Mountain, Spero had the base there and their leader, Wynn, is a good friend of Sophia. She would be able to help us. We used an Ada, a 2 doors boxy looking car, packed our stuff in the trunk and on the back seat and drove to GM. It was my second time driving this Ada and I started to like driving this little shit box. The ride there was mostly silent. I guess we both still couldn't believe what had happen and what was happening... After maybe 15-20 minutes, we arrived at GM, where one of the Spero people let us in.

We quickly explained the situation to Wynn, the CLF lockdown, how they roughed me out pretty badly, talks about executing me. I then learned how some of them threaten Sophia... And the baby... "It would be a shame if something were to happen to this baby too." Fucking sickening how they are ready to hurt a pregnant women for nothing more than being associated with the bar... Spero didn't have much room in their compound but there was a small summer camp to the West with abandoned buildings. I sat on the hood of the car for a while, writing in my journal about the day's events. I could see Sophia at the other end of the compound, talking with Wynn. I was really curious about what they talked but I didn't want to be too noisy. When she came back to me, Sophia had the codes for the parking storage so we could keep our car safely locked away. We parked it, took our stuff, and walked to the camp. We settled for the main building. While Sophia was arranging our stuff inside, I got busy building a little barricade in the front entrance and a wooden gate in the back, so we could lock it properly and be safe for the time being.

After that was done, I joined Sophia upstairs and we finally talked. I told her what had happen exactly with the CLF earlier. About Runian. I was really worried that I would be found by the CLF and executed. Which was the main reason why I didn't want to stay at the bar. We stayed together until she fell asleep. She was at her prettiest when she slept. God even in this shitty situation, I knew how lucky I was... 

I walked downstairs with my radio. I still remembered Runian private frequency from when we ran together in the ZFC. I had to try it. I tuned in his frequency, pressed the PTT and talked carefully.

"Runian? It's Michael... I don't know if this frequency still works but... If you can hear me, I would like to talk... I don't want to live with a target on my back. I never intended to go against the CLF by contacting Deebs. All I did was reaching up to a friend... With Sophia being pregnant, we can't live in constant fear that I'll get executed by the CLF for this shit... Can we find an agreement of some kind so I can live in a relative peace of mind?... "

I let go of the PTT and waited for a response. After a while, I heard Runian's voice, saying that he can't talk right now, but he will answer tomorrow. It was getting late anyway so I went back to bed with Sophia and eventually fell asleep. 

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Entry 24

When I woke up the next morning, Sophia wasn't in bed with me. Usually, I wouldn't worry about it but with what happened yesterday, I was kind of worried so I got on my radio and called for her. She said that she needed to meet with someone. Meeting someone this early in the morning?? When I asked her, she seemed a bit hesitant but then said it was with Josh....
"Josh?? Why?? After how he got you into trouble and how suspiciously friendly he was with the CLF yesterday?? And you're meeting him alone!?" I shouted, baffled.
"I need to get some answers out of him. I need to know why he was so friendly with the CLF. He would only talk to me if I'm alone." She replied, calm.
"Well then, let me at least be security for you. I can stay further away, hidden somewhere and use my Winchester scope to look. Just in case he tries something okay? I won't show myself unless something happens." I proposed. She thought about it for a few moments before agreeing.

She was meeting him at the front of the church in Stary Sobor. There was a couple of places for me to hide. I asked her to keep her PTT on so I could hear the conversation between the two. She dropped me off a bit outside of town and I jogged to an area close by. There was a small fence that was falling apart, so there was a gap in between the planks. The perfect spot and height to place my Winchester and watch them through my scope. I was able to sat down and be somewhat comfortable. Josh was already there, waiting for Sophia. He was smoking his cigarette like he had no care in the world... If only he knew I had my sight right on him and a single pull of the trigger could end him. But Sophia wanted this meeting so I wouldn't ruin it.

After she arrived, they talked for a while. Sophia asked questions about why he was acting like this. Why was he a rat for the CLF. Obviously, Josh played dumb and didn't know she was talking about. When she pressed him on it, he started talking.
"Let me tell you exactly fuckin' why. Because, if I don't, they'll fucking kill me." Right, like there couldn't be a way out of this without having to snitch on the bar and putting everyone in danger.
"Okay then why couldn't it be a two way street? You've been living under our roof, we gave you food, we gave you a home." Said Sophia. She had a solid point there. We gave this motherfucker almost everything. Food, water, supplies, a whole fucking apartment and our trust! Josh then gave some other bullshit excuses about why he didn't even try to talk to someone about it and get some help. But, it was obvious that he didn't gave a fuck about us. He was only thinking about saving himself. His miserable skin. He started putting the blame on us, at how we always laughed at him, never took him seriously. How we always kept him away from Bar business. Well, we were right to not fucking trust him... But, in a way, I knew how he felt because, I was that guy who was being laughed at, who no one took seriously. But never in fucking Hell would I become a spy for a group that wanted to hurt the Bar. Fucking never!
Josh then talked about how he knew that we were leaving the bar, how he saw some of us pack up cars and leaving. He started putting the blame on Sophia, asking her what kind of friend would just laugh at him all the time but she stopped him real quick.
"I am the kind of friend that kept you alive in the first place against the fucking CLF. You wouldn't be a rat if it wasn't for fucking me! I kept you alive. Otherwise, you'd be six feet under." She said, sounded angry and disappointed at Josh's accusations.
"Mmmh, yeah, well, you probably wouldn't even care."
"Considering how much you've helped me, I would fucking care. But the more you helped CLF.... I don't know what to think of you Josh." She said back.
"Would Ivan care? Would Michael care?" He said.
"That's them okay? And they're not here right now are they?" Nicely said Honey, I thought. Real smooth. There was a few seconds of silence where I could see Josh just looking at Sophia, obviously thinking about what she said.
"So what are you saying?" Josh eventually said, a hint of desperation in his voice.
"What I'm saying is, get away from the CLF, go hide somewhere while they loose this "war"."
"What do you think I just tried to fuckin' do for the passed few hours?? I packed up my shit, I fucking left, I told Damek to leave me the fuck alone since there's no more info to fuckin' have from me and I'm fucking leaving." Said Josh, angrily. I found out later that Damek is the Captain that threaten me with my own knife the day before...

After that, Sophia's radio cut off. Nothing was coming through... I was looking at her and she never reached for her radio so she didn't turned it off... Maybe the battery ran out or something because she wasn't answering it either. I don't think she was aware of it... So, I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation. All I could do was to watch it. 
After a few minutes, Sophia started to pace around left to right, seeming nervous. Josh was getting talking and, from his facial expression, he wasn't calm. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach all of a sudden... Then Josh grabbed a pistol from his thigh holster. He kept it lowered next to his leg. Instantly, I flicked off the safety of my Winchester and place my finger on the trigger, ready to shoot the SECOND Josh points the pistol at Sophia. When he pulled out the pistol, Sophia stopped pacing. I could see her hand slightly move towards her Deagle and then rest on it, ready to draw. I guess she didn't want to draw it right away and risk having Josh do something.
They stayed like that for a little bit, shouting at each other. I could hear them shouting but I couldn't understand what they were saying... I stayed there, sitting with my Winchester ready. I kept thinking
"Come on Josh, raise that pistol, give me a good fucking reason, just one, and I'll fucking end you right here." I was ready to shoot, to end this motherfucker who's been putting the bar, Sophia and myself in danger many times and who was a fucking CLF spy!
At some point, Josh holstered his pistol back. Sophia kept her hand on her Deagle and I also stayed ready to shoot, just in case. They talked for a little bit more before Josh walked to his car, got in and drove away towards the West. Sophia wanted for him to leave before getting in the Ada. She started driving towards the road she dropped me off. I walked to that road and got in.

"I think your radio ran out of battery Sophia... I couldn't hear anything for a good part of the meeting..." I said as I was getting in the driver seat. Sophia, who was now in the passenger seat, checked her radio, surprised. The battery had ran out... I drove us back to the cabin. While I was driving, I got news from Runian.......


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Entry 25

"Dobrý den, Michael, I heard it but I was busy doing some other affairs. The CLF does not consider you or the bar as enemies unless you keep assisting the El Familia that my bratri is going after. You and the people from the bar should not be harmed by us and I can guarantee you that you will not get killed over what you did. At the spot, they just made it a big deal to get more information but you did good by telling them what they wanted otherwise they wouldn't have stopped... Either way! I hope I can make a visit to the bar to catch up with you, I'm sorry that I was gone for so long, I didn't know you were around." Runian's voice came up on my radio while I was driving Sophia and I back to the cabin. He sounded calm with a monotone voice at first. But he became more cheerish towards the end. I waited until we were at the cabin to answer him.
Okay, that's good to know. I'll trust you with that, I hope I'm not wrong. I know that neither me nor Sophia will do anything to go against the CLF. As for you wanting to do a visit.... I don't know what to say. You're not the Runian I knew. Or at least, you didn't seem like it yesterday... But, if you come by the bar and pay for your drink, I can't just ignore a patron soooo...." I replied, relief. At least I wasn't in danger because of what I said... Which meant, if Sophia and I didn't cause trouble with the CLF, we should be fine and should be able to come back to the bar!
"Ano. One day I will prove you wrong about me, brat, I didn't change, just doing what is necessary. But until then, I hope you stay safe." 
"Okay, if you can come by yourself, we can talk one on one. Just let me know and we can meet somewhere neutral, away from the bar and be honest with each other." I asked him. I wasn't sure what to think of Runian anymore... I really needed to talk with him.

"Once I am allowed to, I will happily take this invite but until this war is over, we unfortunately need to be walking in packs which makes it impossible for me to accept without being fairly punished for it." He replied.
"Understandable... I guess... Are you allowed to talk on the radio for a long time? Cause we could just talk on it." 
"It depends, brat. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. There is a lot that we are constantly doing and as of now, I can't be on a long talk."
"Alright, well, when you can, let me know. Because I wanna know what happened to you and how you ended up a CLF member..." I said. Runian agreed and the radio went silent. Sophia and I decided to grab our stuff and head back to the bar. Now that we knew Josh was away and couldn't snitch on us, it should be safer. Plus, Runian said that the Bar should be fine for now. 

Later that day, Runian had some time to talk on the radio. He told me about how he ended up joining the CLF. He was affiliated with the CLF when we met in Namalsk but wasn't a full member or something like that. The ZFC was a group for CLF members to hide in, get information and supplies for the CLF without anyone knowing about it... When we returned to Chernarus, the CLF talked about coming back from hiding. That was the talk I heard on the radio while I was on my hunting trip. They were getting orders to pack up and leave immediately... Which is why I found the camp empty... I wasn't a member of CLF so I was left behind. I haven't heard from him because they were out of Chernarus and out of range from regular radios for a while. Only came back maybe a few weeks ago. He tried to convince me that the CLF weren't bad people. That the rumors we heard were either false, or because some people were trying to pass as CLF and give them a bad reputation. When I asked about the lockdown in Berezino the previous day, Runian claimed it was because they were told by one of their informant that we were preparing a meeting with El Familia and they wanted to know when and where it was supposed to happen. I never heard of a meeting... I went on the bar's private frequency to ask Ivan or Woody if we were supposed to have a meeting with El Familia, which they said we didn't because we didn't want to attract the CLF's attention... I passed that information to Runian, trying to convince him that the bar had no business with El Familia anymore and that they got wrong information. He stayed silent for a few seconds before telling me that he'll talk about it with his superiors. He had to go so he told me that, if I or Sophia ever needs help for the pregnancy, to let him know and he or some people he trust in the CLF, would try to help us the best they can. I guess that's a good thing to know?

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