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Detective Noah Harrison's Case File and notes

Dr Rex

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Case- Missing persons

Name- Saoirse O Shea

Details- Kidnapped from Sydney. Ransom Price is 5Million Dollars. Taken to Chernarus Via Boat. Last contact 1 week ago in berezino

Will be updated as i learn more

Day 1


Ive got no leads, not really seen anyone today either, i only met two people today they was apart of some Apocalyptic radio......some nice fellas they even gave me a lift to berezino

I searched around berezino found no trace of Saoirse im gonna lay low for a few days hopefully i can find some leads or evidence towards my case

I will update As i learn more

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Day 2 


Still I have no leads, I found my way to a local settlement called the Bar I met a few chernorussians and I believe a fellow Australian.

I have yet to find a solid lead on the case however I have told some people around the bar about the missing person and if they see her contact me.

I gifted the bar some building stuff to try and win there favour as I need all the help I can get

Ill update the case file when i know more

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Day 3


nothing has changed since the last update.I’m starting to worry there is nothing I can do 

Will update when I learn more

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Day 4 


Used today as a day to restock.

nothing new was found and nothing has changed as of yet 

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Day 6


Today I had met 3 individuals at the airfield 1 one was a woman who I felt was in charge of the 3 as she started talking and they seemed to be following her closely one of them was a kind gentle man tried to help me neutralise the infected that was pursuing me. I don't recall the third one talking so I'm not sure of where they was from but the 2 I did hear sounded American.

I found myself some ammo which was well needed but nothing in terms of the case 

I missed yesterday as nothing had happened

More will follow tomorrow

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