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Dynamic Events - PLIKT / Contracts
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hey yall

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  • Diamond

Hey chilly69! 😄

A super big welcome to the community and best of luck with your whitelisting process ^^

I hope you really enjoy your time here 😄


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  • Diamond

Welcome to the community and good luck with your whitelist!

Hope you enjoy your stay 🙂

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  • MVP

Hello and welcome to this fine community! Best of luck with your whitelisting process and may the DayZ gods smile upon you 😉 !

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  • Sapphire

Hey welcome to the community!

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  • Emerald

Welcome to the community man, if you have any questions regarding some ooc stuff hit me up.

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  • Emerald

welcome to the community man hopefully you find your place.

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  • Game Master

Welcome to the community chilly69!

Good luck with the whitelist and I hope you will enjoy your time around here.

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