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(87.9) Seeking some assistance


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  • Sapphire
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*Ryan would press his PTT*

"Hello everyone! This is your friendly and fair trader Ryan Rivers! I am currently seeking assistance into rebuilding Green Mountain so that I can use it as one of my many Trade Hubs"

*He would pause, you can hear paper being flipped and shuffled*

"To whoever can help me out by rebuilding the walls and provide safes, tents, etc. I will be very rewarding, If you'd like to help me reach out 87.9"

*Ryan would take his thumb off the PTT*

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  • Diamond

*Demetrius would hit his PTT

Ayy yo bruh whatchu payin if I hook you up wit this shit bruh

*Demetrius would release the PTT*

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  • Sapphire

*Ryan would press his PTT*

"Be sure to tune in to the frequency, Once you do let me know. It's a bit more secured"

*He would say as he takes his thumb off his PTT*

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