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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-06 04:01

Dynamic Events - Contracts / Mutants
TODAY | 2021-08-06 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 14 hours, 58 minutes | Nyheim City

Possible Metagaming and combat logging.


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Server and location: S1 Chernarus 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Roughly an hour before putting this up.

Your in game name: Vasili Nikolaev

Names of allies involved: @Hanro @SynO

Name of suspect/s: El familia and @SnorlaxRae

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I don't have any.

Detailed description of the events:  @SnorlaxRae  @GunterThePenguin Were taken hostage by myself and my allies mentioned and were asked to carry on a message which would've served not only icly but oocly too as a preliminary for a group i might be planning to make, they were given good rp and told to repeat the message we had set out for them to do so to El Familia then we left them be, made sure they had a weapon and plenty of food and water. I decide to wait out my timer nearby to where we had taken them - the school in berezino. Everything was fine up till this point.. we were receiving good rp back from them and were giving them good rp back too. After we were satisfied with what we wanted them to repeat we then let them free and this is where the report starts

Metagaming: During the situation @SnorlaxRae and @GunterThePenguin were both stripped of their radio's before we even got to the school, @SnorlaxRae did then later on have a phone on her however it was removed promptly and she didn't say anything down it to relay any information to El Familia anyway for them to know where we were, what we looked like etc. After the roleplay had ended we set the two free and i decide to wait out my timer nearby to which i see two more members of El Familia roll up to the school.. really unsure how they'd know where they were took considering they were originally held captive in upper Berezino and radios removed there then escorted to the school, Due to me seeing them i try to run away to get a better place to wait my timer and log off as it was roughly 5 AM GMT for me but this is when i pass another member of el familia who i believe is @K2U however i am fully unsure about this, without saying a word this person whipped out a knife (most likely mistaken the hotbar button) and swing the knife, then correcting themselves and pulling out an MP7 and letting out 1-3 shots towards me (without any knowledge of what i looked like) and so i shot back and killed them, this is when @GunterThePenguin Starts running towards me and is also shot and killed straight away by myself too, i then speak on radio for @Hanro and @SynO to come back towards me as i had just killed two people which then leads onto the combat logging section of this

Combat Logging: As @SynO was running back he see's one of the members running in the football pitch of the berezino school so shouts at them to stop or they will be shot however this person 'lags' so we presumed crash as they just literally disappeared no more than 10 Metres infront of me and so we wait around for this person to log back on however they didn't. Around 30 mins pass with this person still not being around so i decide to make my way towards berezino docks and log off as 30 Mins had past. 


This was one of my first proper days back on the server after taking a break for about 4 months due to the state of the server and to be met with this really leaves a sour taste in my mouth, I really expected more tbh but to be met with metagaming and then a literal combat log right infront of me is just subpar. I'd be willing to speak this report out to the accused as i'd rather do that than jump straight to verdict.

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Metagaming Accusation: While I have no proof, I did not use a phone as a radio. I count them as media players without internet. She did not have it on and I was muted in discord for the whole scene but I understand why it might be seen as a communication device even though there is no cell service. Our backup came because AWOL made a radio call as we were running away from them before we were taken hostage.

Combat Logging Accusation: My logs will show that I was never in the field after I was released from the situation and that I ran across the street between the apartments and houses, across the stream and into Berezino and the forests beyond. Sophia @beatbapple669 was the one lagging through the field and has my same model but different clothes. They may have confused us.

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Connection Logs:


02:10:30 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" is connected
06:06:53 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" has been disconnected
06:11:06 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" is connected
06:12:57 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" has been disconnected

05:12:43 | Player "Deborah Siskoh" is connected
- Dead -
06:06:53 | Player "Deborah Siskoh" has been disconnected

02:10:54 | Player "Anthony Khachatryan" is connected
- Dead -
06:06:53 | Player "Anthony Khachatryan" has been disconnected

03:37:37 | Player "Jack Feighton" is connected
06:06:53 | Player "Jack Feighton" has been disconnected
06:10:28 | Player "Jack Feighton" is connected
06:52:42 | Player "Jack Feighton" has been disconnected

03:37:59 | Player "Stevinsky Romanski" is connected
06:06:53 | Player "Stevinsky Romanski" has been disconnected

02:17:23 | Player "Tammy Lee" is connected
06:06:53 | Player "Tammy Lee" has been disconnected
06:09:09 | Player "Tammy Lee" is connected
07:56:52 | Player "Tammy Lee" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:


05:34:53 | Player "Deborah Siskoh" hit by Player "Vasili Nikolaev" with FN SCAR-H STD from 24.8713 meters 
05:35:20 | Player "Anthony Khachatryan" hit by Player "Vasili Nikolaev" with FN SCAR-H STD from 85.9433 meters 

Kill Logs:


05:34:53 | Player "Deborah Siskoh" (DEAD) killed by Player "Vasili Nikolaev" with FN SCAR-H STD from 24.8713 meters 
05:35:20 | Player "Anthony Khachatryan" (DEAD) killed by Player "Vasili Nikolaev" with FN SCAR-H STD from 85.9433 meters 

Chat Logs:


05:01:58 | Chat("Vasili Nikolaev"): *would wipe some dirt on his shin with his muddy shoes*
05:16:43 | Chat("Vasili Nikolaev"): *he would carve the names 'anthony' onto one bullet.
05:16:53 | Chat("Vasili Nikolaev"): *he would also carve hammy on the other*
05:17:35 | Chat("Jack Feighton"): *Frisks the woman for anything out of the ordinary.*
05:18:16 | Chat("Jack Feighton"): *checks her wallet for anything special.*
05:18:42 | Chat("Tammy Lee"): *has her ID*
05:19:33 | Chat("Vasili Nikolaev"): *would stomp on the phone screen* // would the phone break?
05:19:56 | Chat("Jack Feighton"): *Checks her ID.* // What does it say?
05:20:16 | Chat("Tammy Lee"): *Tammy Lee, Mobile, Alabama*
05:27:17 | Chat("Jack Feighton"): *Me touches the mans cheek warmly as he leaves.*

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@Banksyy | Vasili Nikolaev | OP
@K2U | Deborah Siskoh |
@GunterThePenguin | Anthony Khachatryan |
@Hanro | Jack Feighton |
@SynO | Stevinsky Romanski |
@SnorlaxRae | Tammy Lee | POSTED

@K2U & @GunterThePenguin Please list any other allies in this situation.

Only post in this report if you have been called in.

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Deebs' POV

Deebs, who has been helping around the warehouse off and on throughout the day (and I’ve been logging on and off throughout the day) with some of the more tedious chores, was on one of the Family frequencies when AWOL comes on saying some rather alarming things. Keep in mind, as I do not record, these are not exact quotes, but they’re pretty close. “There are three chasing us” and “On the road from highway to Berezino”. Then, I hear words similar to what just about everyone says right before things go very wrong “Alright, I’ll put my hands up”. I didn't hear him say anything else after that, and Deebs assumed that someone had him at gunpoint and his hands were up (to be safe I dragged him to an empty channel in Familia discord). Since none of the other Family members were immediately available for help, I first put out a message in the Bar's IC text channel, and then moved to the Bar’s in character voice frequency and pleaded for help from anyone available. Two female voices that Deebs did not immediately recognize offered help and said they were allies of the bar. Desperate times called for desperate measures and Deebs accepted their help - the Bar has been a long time ally of Familia - and relayed to them what little information she had heard. The women from the bar, one who had a fairly thick accent (played by @kalyri) and one who she sort of recognized the voice of but couldn’t remember the woman's name played by @beatbapple669) suggested that we look around the bar area and check the buildings as captors with hostages likely wouldn’t be in the open. Deebs suggested that the three should check the hills more on the north side of town, because she knew that earlier AWOL and Tammy had gone on a picnic near one of the lakes near the airfield. She figured that the “road from the highway to Berezino” would be one of the roads near Khelm if they had gotten grabbed on their way back from the picnic (although I found out later, OOC, that my guess about where they got grabbed/what road it could be was completely incorrect). The "woman with the accent" suggested that we check the apartments, large buildings, and the school while on the way to the summer camp and Khelm. Deebs was still far behind, since she was still trying to catch up and had looked around Berezino along the way, but a few minutes later the "woman with the accent" said that she heard voices near the high school. The "woman whose name Deebs couldn’t remember" arrived next, still well ahead of Deebs, and both were relaying information to her as she hurried her way on over.

Deebs came up across the little creek behind the apartments, around the fence and then near the parking lot, briefly heard AWOL's voice on the radio (although nothing he said was useful information in the moment) when a man ran almost directly at her. She shouted at him to “Stop” (which is not an initiation, and I do understand this) and when he did not stop running she  then shouted at him to stop and put his fucking hands up or she would shoot. The man continued to run toward the end of the parking lot/toward the grassy area, showing no sign of slowing down or putting his hands up. Deebs, in a moment of adrenalin and worry for her family member, then pulled her knife instead of drawing her gun (yes, I absolutely hit the wrong key) and a moment later fired on the man who was clearly not complying with either of her demands. The man was, however, a much better shot than she was and Deebs was knocked out cold and woke up some time later in the woods.

I want like to stress that I gave a full, clear initiation with the commands to both stop and put hands up or I would shoot specifically because I could not identify my target. 

Could I request that location logs be pulled, and additional connection logs be pulled? I believe they might show a second potential incident. It has been brought to my attention OOC that after the initial encounter, at least one of the captors re-interacted with Tammy Lee @SnorlaxRae near the bar in Berezino, possibly before the initial 30 minutes had passed, and this would have reestablished line of sight with at least one of the initial attackers. 

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After speaking with @Realize and others in the help desk i'd like to close this report, given the context of the situation.

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After talking things out in help desk I'm alright with having this closed.

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We review. We agree. We close.

Signed.: @Rover, @Jade

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