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Glorifying a banned player


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair: For all intents and purposes, Rule 1.8 clearly states "Do not Promote or Glorify players that have been banned from DayZRP."

1. I did not promote, nor name the aforementioned member in any shape or form.

2. Glorify by general definition is "Praise or Worship" in which I am not praising the banned member them self but rather their artwork that they provided for the group.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Just because I like someone's artwork, doesn't mean I'm glorifying everything about them.

If rule 1.8 clarified that even praising a banned member's content is against the rules, then I wouldn't have made the comment. (No I'm genuinely not trying to be be a smartass when I say this.)

On top of this, there would be many other people who should receive points. If that were the case. (From other threads I've seen since I've been in this community.)

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed.

What could you have done better?: Just not post at all? Though I presumed under the 1.8 rule that this wouldn't have been considered glorifying because I complemented someone's work. Whether they're banned or not.

You can appreciate art and still not like the artist.

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Greetings @Kase,

A separate portion of the staff team has reviewed your appeal and decided to DENY IT.

Your post barely mentioned the artwork, it was all about the artist. For instance, "He's a madlad" or "He did it again." Your post was actively praising the artist and not the artwork itself. The way the post was written seems to be trying to sneak around the glorifying rule so that you could write a subversive post praising a banned player. Had you just wanted to give compliments to the artwork this could have been achieved with a simple "I love the graphics" instead of an outright praise for the artist. For this reason, your post does constitute glorifying.

With the above said,
Appeal denied - warning points remain.

Signed by @Duplessis and @Jade

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