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Was the SVT-40 Added?


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I commissioned @Misho to make the SVT-40 Rifle and I am unsure if it was added to the server. I have not heard of anyone finding it. It's the civilian rifle that shoots 7.62x54r. I want to check with y'all to see if it was added or will be added or not. Will y'all please let me know? Thanks! 

Reply: Much love and gratitude @Whitename! If I may tac on something else, could we have that Trench Coat inventory increased to 42 or at least 30 please?

And thanks @Jade for getting back to me so quickly! 

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Hey Patriot!

That would be a @Roland question. He should be able to help ya.



Edit: @PATRIOT Whitename has confirmed that it is in game. He is going to raise the the spawn rate of them.

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