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Wait it's been how many years?

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Hello everyone,

I have been in between games for a little while now and decided to finally give DayZ Standalone a try again. I haven't really touched the game since it "released", because I thought the original Mod wasn't given justice. The DayZRP server, back when DayZ was still relatively newish is by far one of my fondest memories of gaming as a teenager.  I haven't really played much DayZ since 2012, if at all really. Returning to see this massive community is goddamn awesome, and I am incredibly excited to get back into it. I've just combed through the rules about 100 times, and I'm happy to see much has changed, while a lot hasn't as well. 

Hope to meet you all soon, take it easy on a noob!

--Also, if there is any Rising Freeborns around from way back in the day, come pick me up, I know where we parked the truck.

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Hey there Sparta! 😄

A super big welcome back to the community and I hope you make many more awesome memories ^^


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Welcome back community member Sparta.

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Welcome back! 

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Welcome back Sparta. Im always glad as we in Czech rep. say when "good pidgeons  are returning". If you have any questions dont be shy and hit me with DM. Many stuff have changed.

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Weclome back Sparta!

Hopefully you will have a good time around here again.

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