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Journal of Jager Casanova


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March 4th, 2021

-Upper Berezino-

Never thought I'd be the type of person to own a journal, never considered myself some who needs to leave a story either. 


My name is Jager Casanova, I'm 41 years old and was born on February 14th, 1980. Also known as Valentines Day. I ended up in Chernarus right before the "Frenzied Flu" destroyed the social system of this beautiful country. Am I using the right words for that sentence? Whatever, not sure anyone will find this journal when I'm dead. Anyway, back to my story. I was tasked by an organization to watch a high valued Guns Dealer operating out if the Berezino docks. It was warm out. I think it was June at the time. I loved walking out of my small hotel room and feeling the sun on my face. It was very relaxing. Walking down the street listening to the sound of 6 cylinder engines speed up and down the Eastern Highway. Everything seemed at peace. There was nothing to worry about... at the time. There we no infected corpses walking up and down the street ready to eat you alive, but this is the world we live in today. After settling in my hotel room for a few days, I got to work looking for this Arms Dealer. He was a Cherno-Russian man. Very bulky and muscular. He had a scar across his left eye that ran down to the corner of his lip.

God damnit, looks like I'll have to cut this entry short but I have to deal with an Infected issue.

Until next time

Jager Casanova    

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