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[Chernarus] I will find you Antonia

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* Static, followed by panting and footsteps on gravel

Antonia... I don´t know if you can hear me...

*heavy breathing, footsteps

... I going to find you... I will find you both!

* keeps on breathing through the radio

... father is comming. Hang in there...

* static, then silence



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  • Emerald

Antonio picks up the radio and speaks in his signature Mexican voice

"Wha? Did i hear my name or what esé?"

"Because if you meant to say Antonio, i'm right here Amigo."

"And if you did mean me, who the hell are you?"

The Transmission cuts off

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  • Support

*Max presses the PTT, a female voice with a Brazillian-Russian accent comes over the radio*

Antonia? Sir, are you in need of help? If you have any good information about her, for tracking your daughter i think... and maybe make you two meet again, give some better information, help me to help you.
If you are, fearless of talking about this, meet me at Cherno, at Lost Highway.

Max out.

*She relases the PTT*

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Is it True...? 

* static

Right. I'll be there. I'll contact you when I arrive. I'm looking for a woman, Brown hair, with a baby boy. Little Igor. Thank you... Thank you. 

* krrrcht, radio goes silent


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