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MJ's Story


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Hello best friend, today I woke up in a barn in some weird place. I couldn't find Dottie anywhere she must have slept like a log or something. I decided to make my way West hoping to get more bolts for me darn Crossbow, When I see this man talking to a fella in a Vehicular Device so I just followed him to see if he needed this heavy boom blaster I had on my here back.

I knocked on his door and entered his home when this guy called Mike or something was like who are you and why do you have a gag on, I was gonna drop the note Dottie gave me just in case I run into fellas like this, but he took it off and my tics explained the rest, The man seemed over the moon like when Pappi Favorite NAS car driver wins the race or like when Uncle Billy got a new gun with 50 rounds of neutralization. Either way he took me in and fed me, His wife or something Mary came down stairs and questioned mike why we have a kid in the house and why is he gagged... 

Mike then said this is why and removed my gag, In which my tics cursed at the poor lady and startled her... That was kinda embarrassing  I tried to say Sorry Ma'am before my gag went back on. Mike then went to her "can we keep him"... I thought I was his pet for a second. They allowed me to stay the night which was lovely and sweet of them.

Guess what BESTIE!!!!

Cindy got on the magic speaking device!! I was able to give her my location and she met up with me!! She met my new friends and Cindy really liked them, I think Cindy liked that Igor fella with the funny accent, Then Dottie spoke on the magic device and shiet I think she was very worried and told me to get back quickly, Me and Cindy took a nice long walk to the other location where Dottie was. Me and Cindy got soaked however I found the metal helmet like one of them Knight men in the olden days. I decided to wear it and it muffled me very well I might keep it instead of the gag. We managed to meet Dottie in a small town and darn both my sisters were wearing a red jacket and short shorts... very hard to tell them apart to be fair but they looked amazing. We warmed up by the fire and decided to head back to those kind folk.

We found a crashed helicopter on the way but no bolts there for my bow, that was kinda bummer to be honest with you but I tell you what I will find bolts one day, then Cindy's Magical speaker went off and some fella on the radio came through and then played some music from the USA it was amazing, we then heard Fletcher come through and my god he sounded so crisp and clear he must have been close so we spoke back, He had actually bumped into our friends and we met up, We see Igor at the gate and I think Fletcher thought they were slavers or something.

I found out Cindy was able to make that Igor fella blush when she put her hand behind his ear. Then fletcher started reaching into his head and get his stories out. I started to get tired so me and Dottie went to sleep. 

I'll see you tomorrow bestie!

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