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Igor's Journal


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Day ???

(Day 1 of Journal)

Sweet Home Alabama 

Today has been eventful.  The basics of it is.  re learn how to cry and get laid.


Met a bunch of rednecks.   All seem to be related
 to each other.  The sisters seem weird.  They are
 related to the bratr MJ.  

There is a guy I opened up to he seems to be the
 more smarter one here.  which is scary.
I opened up to him in the matter of a half hour 
Compared to the 3 weeks I have been with 
Mary and Freddie.   The other thing is he is a "Sex Therapist" 
from what I got he practiced with his family before?  
I do not know. Americans are weird but this man is just can't explain.
I was almost about to kill him also.  He made fun of my accent.  called me a horse. 
He is lucky I was in a good mood.  and there was a teenager and ladies here or else he would be face down in a puddle of his own blood. 

Kicker is for some reason I feel like I can trust 
him.   I'd tell Mary my stories also but she is to 
weak to know them.  No offense to her 
But I don't want to tell a sad bit then watch her 
cry for the next 3 hours to a day.

Freddie is the non emotional guy which is good 
on his part I somewhat mutually understand him
 and he somewhat understands me as well.

Until next time

Mary if you read this 
I will know.


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Day 2 and 3

The Easy Day was Yesterday.

Today was terrible.  I Wake up tired, drowsy 
and lazy.  I made sure everything was secured
then went back to sleep.  
Little did I know a raiding party was out front
Damn Communists blew in and took out stuff.
At least Mary and Fredrick were asleep.

Soon after that we talked to a good friend Alexei
Made some deals I think then started packing to
 move down south.

A few hours later I get back to it and we are 
leaving.  I get in the car and we head south.
We get to Zelenagorsk then Fredrick gets a 
migraine and practically goes blind. 

I took the wheels and went south.  We pick a 
place to live. Then I meet Nate,  a man from
Spero.  I was taking him to Cherno only to be
taken prisoner by Han Lee.  
I would've been fine dying there but Mary was 
around.  So I played safe.   
anyways... I wonder who has  my other note.

I fucked up a lot I hope the group doesn't put it against me for this. 
I need to find a way to repay this debt I owe them a lot and a car.
If anyone has a green Ada and reads this and willing to give it up
find me out in the lands and I will do anything for it.

Other news is.  I met Felix.  failed to tell him I killed Fjord 
and he dislike me I think for helping Fredrick. 
He can fuck off honestly I am helping those who can't help themselves at least not all 
of them can't help themselves.  

OH. Fredrick crash the UAZ, man can't drive for shit.  
I wonder how Andrew is, haven't heard from him in a while hopefully he gets back on his feet.

one final thing.  Doc Fletcher came by with a nice looking woman.  never met her but she was good
nothing compared to his sister though can't say that to their faces though.
I should also get in contact with Eli check up on her maybe give a flirt or two.  Don't know how 
Amerikanski's speak.  

I wonder if I should just pack up and leave.  be on my own for a while it will keep them safe. 
It would be fair as well. Fredrick doesn't have to worry about me and only Mary.
I can survive on my own.  

Maybe I won't try surviving.  but ending the streak of pain.
Last time I felt good was killing Fjord.  a good friend.  

Until next time


- Igor

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Day ???

"Hard Work"
Sitting in a tower watching the Monroe's farm 
feels weird.
Yet Funny.  Got a bunch of American Rednecks farming for us.
Good people except yesterday,  They went through my journal and read my latest entry.

I don't want to believe Mary anymore
but she fixes me up when I am hurt,  still gives me a reason to stick around.
if it wasn't for her I probably would've left by now.

I will just not really talk to her for a while.
Cindy and Dottie, though one of them read my journal and well they weren't supposed to .
snooping Americans...
They will get what is coming.
Even if it was my fault for leaving my papers in Marys locker.  they should at least have the common 
knowledge to not go and read someone else belongings.

I can only trust the men in this group
the women cause to much trouble.  
Though most of them are good looking
they are not the brightest of the bunch.

If I had to rate it'd be


If there are more sooner or later I will edit this 
But Fredrick and MJ I can say are 
good friends of mine.  

Oh Spero liked the SVT I had.  I like it also
someone wanted to trade it
don't think I will though.  its one of a kind and 
pretty bad ass.   

Maybe when I die I will have someone
give them the gun and my old
CDF Uniform.  I would rather have it all go to 
Alexei and Wynne.  but if they are not around
then to the CLF.  They will appreciate the the veterans uniform.

Žijte tvrdě, umřete dobře.


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Day ???  

"New man"

dobré odpoledne.  while I write this its raining and about 4:30 pm in the small town of Kamarovo. 
Everyone is asleep.  It's peaceful here.  quiet enough to laydown, close my eyes and never wake up again. 
I don't see alot of new people.  I run into Spero and a few familier faces atleast once a day.  

MJ got I a Suppressor for my SVT-40.   a very rare weapon indeed.  
I don't have alot to put in this entry,  it's really been boring lately.  
except for the nightmares I started having them again.  

the good men that died around me.  One I can remember is a good man in Miroslav.  
60th Mechanized Battalion went up and fought on 2 Russian Battalions a tough fight indeed.  My squad lost two good men Oleg Shamikov  and Aleksander Somensky.   
That fight went bad quickly.  my BMP took the first hit.  we dismounted and rushed to the abandoned school. 
within 2 minutes I heard we had casualties, about 15 men dead or dying one of them being Somensky.  
The fight lasted for 2 days  surrounded, low on ammo and supplies and holding a school that was falling apart quickly.  

It was a losing fight,  a fight I truly do not wish to remember.  and luckly I kinda don't.  According to my Bratr, Fishikov told me I got shot in the chest, the one time I do not wear my vest I was bleeding to death.   
Good times.  

Ne, anyways, I have to get back to watch and make sure we do not get busted into.   
Have a good one you piece of paper.    

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Day ???

Goodbye for now.  

Some people come into our lives, and quickly go.  Some stay for a while, and leave footprints on our hearts things will never be the same. 
What difference does it make? Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that, the only thing you have left
is a hole in your life where that someone in your life used to be.  

I wanted to make memories with all of you,  then I laughed because soon enough Ill become the memory.   
Some need to wake up to reality!  Nothing ever goes as planned.  In this accursed world the longer you live, the more you realize that in this reality only pain and suffering exist.
In this world, wherever there is light - there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exists, there must also be losers. The selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars, and hatred is born to protect love. 
Revenge is like a ghost,  It takes over every man it touches.  Its thirst cannot be quenched until the last man standing has perished.

I should've started this entry out like a little book.   

Once upon a time, there was love, happiness, and life. But (a blood stain drips over the next few letters) It's never a happily ever after in this world.  
We will die alone, and painfully.  
Time has come to depart for now.  I do not know when I will comeback.  or if I am even alive to send a radio message to you all.  for now this is what I leave you all with.  
My thoughts and my last nail pinned onto the storage building's  front door.

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*A blood stained page fills the paper with the red yellow tint making the paper dirtier looking.*

Day Zero (000)

Beginning of the end.  

This Journal belongs to a Corporal of the Chernarus Defence Force, Igor Kalishakova.  Good day My brothers and sisters,  and the foreigners  that live here as well. Welcome if you are reading this then you hold my life on this set of papers.  If the world gets back to normal publish this if not,  use it as kindle for fire.
I can let you know now that if you are reading this you took the page off my cold dead corpse.   
I can peacefully say that when I did die,  I died happily.  my face may have said otherwise, but my mind that  

First I'd like to start off with the people I will be naming.
For the sake of safety if they're still alive I will give them alternative names.
First there are the people I care for
All In-game characters:
Ida Davids. (Mary Davis) 
Joshua Lier (Fredrick Honstly) 
Jospeh Zamishov (Jon Sokolov)
MJ (Meril Monroe)
Corey  (Linda Davis) 


These people I see more of as family,  though they are not blood related,  I may have spilled and spilt blood for them.  Hell one of them could be reading this now while warming up 
by a fire after a hard day of staying alive.

To those that do read this and you recognize the story and events I share  I wrote this as I will most likely not be alive.  and I want my adventures with you all to live on.  
My path of trouble, pain sadness, love, friendship and loss begins here.  

Welcome to my story.  



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