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Group Advertisement For New Players

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Player retention has always been an issue for DayZRP. A high learning curve as well as the large map prove it difficult for newer individuals to properly sink themselves into the game (especially if they don't know the local hotspots at the time.) And while we can't get every player to keep playing, there are things that can be done to more easily facilitate RP for these noobies.

Thus, the group advertisement idea I propose. It will be a staff-supported system in which approved groups are able to have their discords linked to people interested in joining both through a personal (perhaps automated) PM over the forums, as well as a channel on the DayZRP discord in which any member may find.

This can be an opt-in system, for I do realize the fact that many groups wish to have a soley IC experience, not wanting to OOCly arrange meetings with people. Though for those that are willing and ready, a little staff support can go a long way. Noobs need an easier way to get involved (remember that for all of us on the forums right now, there are a fair few who simply never log onto the forums for anything but a rule change or a report.) 

In short, i'd like a system in which new players are advertised various (willing) groups directly and indirectly through both a channel on the DayZRP discord and a sort of welcome message showing the discords of all active groups on the forums. Thank you for reading, drop your opinion below as i'm interested in hearing what you think (especially @SGCAlamor, I did promise i'd write a more formal post didn't I?)

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Can't you DM the person who runs said group and they accept you or reject you and if they do accept you can't they send you the discord server they use?

I am all for newer players having a better chance of joining groups and getting dug in but keeping the way it is now, DM the owner of the group, RP with them, see if you get accepted if they do only log on for rule changes/reports/events/appeals then they should not be in a group unless they have took them time to read it and get the rough understanding on what they do and whatnot.

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Adding a bit more.
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-1000.We have many many ways for people to reach out to the groups if they wanted to join. It doesn't need to be more simple - it already is.




+ help channel

+ general channel

+ any DM to a staff member on the forums on how to join a group

+ question area on the forums

+ ask staff question on the forums


21 minutes ago, TryaxReck said:

(remember that for all of us on the forums right now, there are a fair few who simply never log onto the forums for anything but a rule change or a report

If a whitename doesn't log onto the forums and does not show the effort of checking the concept and lore of my group - then I dont want you in my group. Easy.
If we meet ig and you want to know more about it, see all ways to contact a group, above in spoiler.

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27 minutes ago, TryaxReck said:

(remember that for all of us on the forums right now, there are a fair few who simply never log onto the forums for anything but a rule change or a report.)

I know that the point of this thread is to make it easier for a new player to join new groups, and I am all for giving people a more inclusive experience that allows for easier barrier of entry.

But if a new player doesn't take the effort to check the group's page that they are interested in and simply joins their Discords with no prior knowledge etc. then it will become nothing more than a "I like this group's logo so I'll join them" type of deal, at least I believe that there will be individuals who will do it like that.

If you're interested in engaging yourself more with the game and the community, then you will log on to the Forums and educate yourselves on the factions that you might've ran into ingame before wanting to join them.

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31 minutes ago, TryaxReck said:



I think this would be handled better by doing what many groups have done in the past; on their group thread they link to their own discord. This allows players that want to join to head on over.


There is already a thread for seeking groups on the forum as well. If a player doesn't know how to get on the forum and look at the groups, they aren't gonna know to opt-in to the group search. 😄

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