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Grisha's Notebook.


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Day 1 in South Zagoria.

My brother and I have arrived to our location, it's worse then we ever had expected.
The infected are roaming the streets, speading the virus to everyone in the region.
But the people here do not seem to care a bit, they are either ignorant or choose to deny it.
Someone really has to do something, but i'll need more people.
I met a man earlier called Vit, he seems to share my sentiments.
I'll share these news with my brother when he wakes up, i just hope that Gregori is holding down our tent so it doesn't fly away.

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Day 1.5 in South Zagoria.

So, i met up with my brother...

Our tent, our truck and all our supplies had been stolen while my brother was sleeping... Bastards....

In any case, we have gotten more people to join our cause and do what is necessary to protect what remains.

There is Vit, he seems like a good fella and happily helps me drag the corpses of the infected to a secluded area to burn them.
And then there's Phil, he seems a little odd and speaks about a group called Dead Horse... He will do for now though, but i do not believe he is a firm believer in what we do.

We are mostly positive so far, and seem to be viewed with respect from other clans.
They do not know the struggles we are facing, they might be immune and not care but the infection is killing hundreds, thousands maybe.
The important part for now is that me and my people are safe, quite honestly i cannot and will not control how other people decide to fuck up their lives.

I just cannot comprehend how most are so ignorant and unknowing to walk around without masks of any kind, they say they are safe but they clearly are not.
I do not wish to harm anyone, but if they put me and my comrades in danger with their ignorant, uncaring and disgusting ways.

Then how can i possibly not protect what i have left?

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Page 10, dated March 30th - 2021.
The page is written in Russian.

"Sochi... What a shitshow.. I expected it to be bad but this is way beyond what i could have ever imagined."

"I know little of the situation in South Zagoria now, but i have been gaining a following here and keeping others safe."

"My comrades sent me a location to check in the city, it was an alleyway and seemed like a slaughterhouse."

"There was a man in the midst of the dead infected, he was wearing a gas mask and had white powder all over him."

"I do not remember his name, but he seemed in a hurry to get back to Chernarus."

"Idiot he is, he has no clue what he's walking in too... He asked me if i had spoken to his cousin."

"He stood in front of me in tears, he was frantically begging me to get me to contact "his family" as he called it."

"When i asked for names i was only given one, the name of a man i had heard of once before."

"Hector, the man of the supposed "Cartel" settling on the East Coast."

"I met his wife, some doctor who seems to know the truth about the vaccines."

"I need her to speak up about the truth instead of keeping it to herself, so i will need to return to Chernarus soon."

"There is not much time left, the infection seems to get worse by the second..."

"If only i could get more people to open their eyes, then we could be fr-"

The rest of the page is torn off.

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