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[Chernarus] Looking for a Psychiatrist or Doctor?


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A female voice with a chernarussian accent comes over the radio. She sounds concerned, a little distressed maybe.

"Uhm ... ahoj? My name is Eliska and I'm searching for a psychiatrist or something? Someone who knows medication or can do therapy or both maybe ... or just give some advice? 
If anyone knows someone like that or you are someone like that, please get in contact with me, ano? If there is anything I can offer in return for help then please let me know as well. 
Oh uhm - I guess it is nice if people know publicly in case others need help, but you can also contact me on another frequency I guess?" 

She proceeds and tells her frequency (//discord: Franny#1660)

"Uhm, thank you very much in advance, stay safe out there people!"

She would check in on the frequency a few more times and repeat her request.

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*A heavily southern american female voice comes across the radio*

"Well howdy doo there ma'm, my brother Fletchy is a real great head doctor an' he's great at conversating with the ladies too. 

Here is his frequency should ya'll like to talk to him and sort somethin' out ((//discord : Drmax ))

Stay safe sweetheart"

*she switches it back off*

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Poppie's voice would come through the transmission

"Doctor? Therapist? Well I know JUUUUUUUUUUUST the person! That Dr. Williams guy told me he was both of those. He had a stutter, made him stick out from everyone else. Haven't heard from him in a long time.. just like most people.. but he was sooooo kind to me and my group of friends right before Ky was killed. He patched up her shotgun wound and helped me out with my own stuff in Polana when I was there hanging out with all my buddies with the white armbands. They welcomed me so much. You should ask around about him, maybe he's hiding somewhere. And tell him Poppieeee and her friends say hello if you see him!"

A click is heard as she turns off the radio

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Eliska presses the PTT, still sounding a little tired.

"Thank you everyone who answered me or contacted me in private. I do really appreciate it ...
And uhm ... Poppie ... Doctor Williams - I have heard that the Dead Horse people have killed him ...
I am sorry for the bad news ... he was a good man." 

She releases the PTT again.

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"Dead Horse people huh? I needed him. Alive. Guess I'll have to go to them to uh.. speak.. or whatever."

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Posted (edited)

Vasily picks up his radio and speaks, it sounds like he's in a car with other people

"Mhm. Once again pinned for crimes that have little evidence at best."

"I thought this government was supposed to be fair and just, but it is nothing but tyranical and filled with bloodthirsty maniacs."

"He hid Vaccines from the people, he kidnapped and tortured someone for what he calls love. In your eyes a "good man" is a two faced liar who only cares for his own gain and personal motivations instead of sticking to his oath as a doctor. No wonder Spero and the CLF are thriving in these times, Da?"

"Well for who those who might want to kill us, good luck finding us in South Zagoria. You wil definently find others with worse crimes then ours if you simply look to the south."

"Dasvidanya, and have fun killing off your own people one by one."

Transmission end.

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She presses the PTT, sounding slightly confused.

"I simply said that it is what I have heard - I never said it is a fact or a truth? But if you want to believe I straight up accuse all of you, then so be it. 
I once offered Ryker my help to get to the bottom of all those rumours that were around. 
Even if what you say about Doctor Williams is true - I do believe it is still wrong to kill him. There would have been other ways to go about this surely." 

She sighs.

"Your problems won't go away just because you run. But I wish you good luck on your endeavours regardless."

She releases the PTT again.

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Tarot presses the PTT

"Best i can do is read your cards, offer a bottle of vodka and some advice from an old man."

He pauses

"Best of luck"

He releases the PTT

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She presses the PTT again.

"Read my cards? Mh? Usually I am doing that. While I am intrigued I am afraid it is not the help I am seeking. 
Thank you regardless. If we do run into each other at some point - I'd be interested in what your cards have to say about me." 

She releases the PTT.

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*Wil would hesitantly push down the button on the side of her radio*

"I'm not a psychiatrist, but I am a doctor... It may not be my specialty, but maybe I can still help you?"

*there's shuffling over the radio as Wil resituates the radio, trying to decide if she'd just made a mistake talking on the open frequency*

"I'll keep my radio on to hear your answer... before I contact you privately."

*silence would follow the statement*

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Eliska sounds genuinely relieved as she hears someone else reply.

"Ah ... thank you! A few people came forward already but some I won't be able to meet and I guess uhm ... I don't know maybe I need to find the right person to help me?
If you want to contact me privately - were you able to catch my frequency earlier or do you need me to repeat it? If you don't need me to repeat it just contact me there right away, ano?

Thank you so much!"

She releases the PTT.

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