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Cannot find passphrase, have read rules and newcomers guidelines 3 times

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Hi, I am new to this rp environment. I have experience on  non-whitelisted rp servers, but would like to try a whitelisted community. I have diligently searched for both passphrases and couldnt find them. Please help me with this, thanks.



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Just now, Wbtrex said:

Do yourself a favor and read the entire page out loud. You'll pick it up that way.

i have troubles with reading and comprehension. if i could take a questionaire, that would be better for me.

i struggle with "find the incorrect text" or "what word is not supposed to be there" as i can read and understand a whole sentence, but cannot pick out incorrect words.

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One thing I've heard done in the past would be to highlight each sentence as you read it. Helps focus the attention.

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  • MVP

There is no passphrase, you are being lied to. (jk)


Read the rules and newcomers guide line by line, the passphrase is there. It'll stick out like a sore-thumb once you see it, as it is not a 'word' that you'll simply read over without thinking twice about.

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  • Sapphire

to add on what the bois said.

make you are logged in while reading it.

it will make sense once you see it.

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  • MVP

Also make sure you are logged in on the website.

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  • Emerald

I had trouble reading it too, I opened up photoshop, copied and paste it onto it and change the font and background until I made it easier to read 🙂 I found that a teal background made it easier for me hope it helps.

I have to do this often when reading.

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What I did was read it normally then read it bottom to top out loud and found it, you will know when you see it trust me good luck pal!

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  • 1 month later...

I hear ya, I looked over the rules multiple times and I suffer from a stigmatism that makes it hard for me to read more than 5 mins at a time.  35+ years or Roleplaying experience, multiple whitelist server experiences.  Can't get past passphrase.  Read the newcomer rules a couple of times. But I can see complaining about it or requesting help for people who might have an issue is just not inclusive here. Was really looking forward to playing here. =/ 

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