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[Chernarus] For Ocelarí


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  • Emerald

Honza picks up his radio, his heavy breathing taking a good while to fall to rest as he speaks

"D-Dobrý? Is this sakra thing even working...."

A few bumps are heard before he speaks again

"Ah well shit, i guess i'll try my luck."

"My name is Honza, i am looking for people of Ocelarí or Obrana Norada..."

"I believe i met a brat of yours near Miroslavl, he spoke of many good things happening in South Zagoria."

Growls of infected could be heard getting louder and louder as he speaks

"I.... I'm not quite sure what i expected out of this, but p-please... Someone just get in touch..."

"I don't have many options le-"

Something is heard breaking as Honza screams


The Transmission ends as a single gunshot is heard.

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Posted (edited)

The radio would cackle as a middle aged Chernarussian voice comes over the radio

"This is Josef. I was in Ocelari and Obrana Norada. These organizations are long gone. What is it you need?" 

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Fiddling can be heard with a radio as an old man curses, "is this fucking thing on? This old piece of shit, there we go."

"You have a good name, my friend, the greatest men have been named Honza. Strong name, vigorous, only for the brave."

"But it sounds like you have better things to do. Real Honza signing out."

A buzz ends the transmission.

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The voice of a man speaking Chernarussian would beam through the radio

"South Zagoria is not the safest region for us natives. Show your allegiances correctly and follow god's word and you will be safe."

The radio then cuts out

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  • Emerald

Honza's frantic voice comes over the radio once again

"Shit... Is he... Dead?"

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit"

"Did i just?"

A long silence is heard

"I... I don't know what i need Mr Josef, i guess the word for it would be přátelé"

"Never been in South Zagoria before, i don't know anyone and the last breath of the man that spoke good of you told me to seek out the people of Ocelarí..."

"He seemed nice... I just...."

He sighs

"I'm just so alone...."

Transmission end.

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  • Sapphire

Yet another Chernarussian arrived in the frequency...

"Dobry Den, pane Honza, my name is Adam Zavat. Current Leader of the New Chernarussian Republic, I have not met any of the men of the old Leaderships, except Josef Liska sharing his stories of old. 

People here will offer you a safe place to rest, do not fear and keep pushing, we will wait for you."

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*A Chernarussian voice is heard over the radio*


''Ahoj, My name is Luka 'Kuba' Novak, my older brother, Alexei Novak was apart of these people, And i have met the man of who you speak.

He was a friend of Alexeis, and i had the pleasure of sharing a few fires with him before he left.

I and my brother both would be happy to meet you when and if you would like to, Contact me on my private frequency.

Good luck, Brat.''

*The radio is turned off*

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Posted (edited)

Adriks voice comes over the radio 

these groups of brave men are dead and are to never come back as what they represented died with the men that left it. If the traitor you mention Novak were to ever affiliate him self with that name again he will be dealt with

The voice would stop

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  • Sapphire

*the voice returns over the radio*


".. Right.. Okay. He does not call himself ocelari, he is just a person, calm yourself and don't get upset about things that are not even happening. 

It sounds like you wish for trouble but this is not what will happen. You keep to your business and he will keep his. "


*the radio transmission ends*

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  • Emerald

Honza's voice comes over the radio again, he sounds more calmed down

"I see, well what is the frequency that you use for private communications?"

"I've been hopping around 91.5 and 91.7 but i hear nothing but static, please do get back to me pane Novak."

Honza listens to the other man then speaks again, he sounds intruiged but afraid at the same time

"Who is this now?"

"Traitors? How?"

Transmission end.

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  • Diamond

A middle aged Chernarussian man speaks

"Ignore the ne sayers. The Ocelari became a reformed government until our leader, Tasar, died fighting Ruski. He took down 88 of them before succumbing to his gun shot wounds. Now the rest of us are scattered around Chernarus, helping the people. Giving hope to the people. Tasar has been buried in his home town. But our work to revive the government continues with our new Provisional President and his chosen cabinet. We will be opening elections once the situation comes to an end. Stay strong. Unity and Progress! Slava Chernarus!" 

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