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[CHERNARUS] Looking for some stories.


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After a bit of static, a voice of a man with a slight finnish accent comes through


"Uh....Well...Hi. My name is Kustaa. You probably don't care about that but, well....yeah."

"I came to this country, working as a reporter for a newspaper back in Finland, looking at the...uh...conflict...between the CLF and the RAC and Russia. Well, that turned to covering the whole uh...infection when that hit, and now...well, I've been stuck here, same as the rest of you."

"Now, I haven't been able to really do the whole reporting thing since all contact with my employers back in Finland died a few months back, so...to stop myself from going absolutely crazy....I'm going to be doing a sort of weekly news broadcast, right here on this frequency.

"Like right now it's..." A sound of shuffling can be heard as Kustaa looks out the window "A nice, sunny evening. Clear skies. Infected movement....slow, where I am at least."

"Of course, it wouldn't be right to just talk about the weather and what I can immediately see...I am, a reporter, after all."

"So, if any of you guys listening got any tips or stories you'd like to hear on this program, you can contact me personally at the frequency 98.1."
"I'm open to pretty much anything so...hit me up."

The frequency returns to static

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Kustaa's voice would again come through the receiver, clearing his voice before beginning


"Hello again, everyone, this is Kustaa, and welcome to the first edition of this weekly newsletter I will be announcing. To start off, it is a nice sunny day down in Chernogorsk, average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. Infected movement in the city has been business as usual, although more infected have been spotted down by the old hotel."


"Our first story is a bit of a sad one, as the Lost Highway held a funeral service for their lost leader Dima last night. A sizeable congregation from throughout the region gathered to honor the memory of this man, who so selflessly gave his passion to the people of Chernogorsk and beyond. Let us hope he rests in peace, and that we may be like him in these troubling times."

"In other news, rumored reports of cannibals still living in Elektrozavodsk have reached me. I would suggest staying away from that region, as I doubt many of you like being nibbled on."

"That is all for today's broadcast, again, if you have any tips for stories or if you want to get in touch, you can reach me at frequency 
98.1. See you next week, Chernarus.

The radio waves return to static

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Kustaa comes back onto the radio, the crackling of a fire can be heard as he clears his voice.


"Hello Chernarus, this is Kustaa, and welcome to another edition of my newsletter! First off with weather, we have a small sunny spot today, but expect rain. Good old Chernarus, wet but beautiful."

"First story comes to us from Zelenogorsk, as the president of the New Chernarussian Republic, Adam Zavat, has been assassinated, in what the CLF are claiming as an attack by the Anarchists. The shooter and a Russian spy have been executed in retaliation, although this is unikely to be the end of the violence in the region. It is advised that all people currently living in South Zagoria report any suspected Anarchist activity as soon as possible. Josef Liska has been made interim president until an election can be held."

"Also, it seems that the group, the Lost Highway, has utterly discepated. Their old compound in the Chernogorsk harbor is now utterly deserted, as looters have even taken to dismantling and carrying off their defensive walls, leaving the area completely desolate."

"In other, lighter news, reports have come in of men in Black Hazmat suits roaming the roads of Chernarus, handing out medical supplies and protective equipment. I was luckily able to find these men, and they have given me an alarm clock. I guess I'm Chernarus's keeper of ti-"

The loud ringing of an alarm clock can be heard as Kustaa clamors to turn it off, grunting out expletives in Finnish while doing so. Once the ringing stops, he shuffles back to the radio, and clears his throat before continuing.

"Anyways, I guess I'm Chernarus's keeper of time, according to these strange individuals."

"In closing, I'd like to thank this week's sponsor, River's Emporium in Novaya Petrovka, and Kenny's Auto! They offer a variety of services, including guns and auto repair! I'd suggest giving them a look when you're in that part of the region!"

"Well, that's all from me this week. See you next week, Chernarus."


The radio cuts off, returning to silence.


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Kustaa would clear his throat before starting his transmission, the sound of a small breeze coming through before he begins.

"Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of my weekly newsletter, covering all the events I've heard from around Chernarus. Starting with the weather, it's a brisk but clear day in Novaya Petrovka, with wind it'll feel around 10-13 degrees Celsius."

"Our first story comes originally from Orlovets, as a group of medical types had set up refuge in the town. These people, known as Cordis Aido, are offering medical aid and training to anyone free of charge, as well as other necessities. I found myself so touched by their leaders Fredrick and Mary, that I'm currently shacking up with them. They have since left Orlovets, and can now be found at the Novaya Petrovka school building."

"In other news, reports of an exiled band of Chernarussian royalty has been spotted in South Zagoria, with hopes to restore a monarchy in the region. It remains to be seen how they will interact with the CLF presence in the area, whether they will be cooperative in nature, or compete with each other for influence in South Zagoria."

"That's been the main headlines I've heard this week. See you next time, Chernarus."
Kustaa would end the transmission, sighing before getting up to get on with the day.

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