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Attempted Invalid Kill

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: I believe that the situation was foggier then actually stated, and why not in the 100% right for shooting the wall, it wasnt an invalid kill. This is due to me acting in response of @8Dust8 being shot, and not because I saw head so I kill. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As seen in the POVs and the official report, which was not 100% correct (As I never left the barracks, but that's not the issue) I feel like the my situation was not properly described. So I created (ms paint) pictures to paint the picture better than my words can.image.png.710d1a31f0e7c86adc13c5e7e42a5211.png
On left is barracks one, which dust had taken cover in, and on the right is our base, which I was positioned in. @Kordruga was somewhere between (I believe) 



Pictured here is the exchange that happened between @8Dust8and @Kordruga(And @Burak)


Seconds to-milliseconds later I take a shot at @Kordruga, as I watched him shot my friend and base-mate @8Dust8. I (embarrassingly) hit the ground (or wall) and do not come remotely close to hitting @Kordruga. 


Sometime (in between 10 - 45 seconds) later I pop up In the window to cover @8Dust8 as I watch him bandage. As I watch that I see @Kordruga had died, I reload my ak, and to hide the reload I initiate on @Burak, which I believe is somewhere in between barracks.


After that, @Burak peaks me and I am dead and my side of the fight is finished.

I am sure all 3 others in this situation would agree this is what happened.  


I would also like state that I believe watching some one that I dynamically am with getting shot is enough cause to shoot back, but if not true that is fine I have learned my lesson.  Just I think it wouldn't've been worthwhile/changed anything if I initiated (At the time of time not when I spawned in, as I should've) because well, he died from @XxGrAipYyxX which would've happened even if I initiated. But I understand that I should've dropped it at the beginning and I have definitely learned that now.

I see my action as my brain reacting to @8Dust8 getting shot at, and not trying to maliciously kill @Kordruga without initiating. Yes it was the wrong thing to not initiate, but there wasn't much reason to as he would have stayed in the firefight for the one second before dying.  

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to get the points away, but also the time too.

What could you have done better?: I should've dropped the inhiation after spawning in instead of after confirming @Kordruga had died, as I was under the impression we had defender rights which was wrong.


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Greetings there @TaniksBR,

A portion of the staff team has taken a look over your appeal and came to the conclusion to DENY IT. To simply put you had no valid defender rights as explained in the verdict. Your base is not a being, just because someone is raiding you doesn't immediately give you defender rights. When your base is being raided, those attacking must know who the owners are, they must know that the owners are present during the raid, and a hostile action must be done. As seen in logs, you joined the server at 17:15:39 and then died at 17:18:46. Your own admission in the POVS state that you stayed in your room and prepared to fire meaning you stayed quiet so you can get a drop on the attackers only to then start shooting once Kordruga shot at 8Dust8. There was no roleplay done to even obtain any DDR with your ally since you haven't roleplayed at all with them in game. Therefore, you had no valid rights to shot at Kordruga even if he shot at your friend.

With that being said,

Signed by: @Inferno & @Basko

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