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Aron's Major Change Re-make


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This is a remake of my first story I ever made from my time playing EvE-online. It has been improved a lot, and at the time, this was the way we did most of our roleplay in this game by writing stories about in-game events and our take of said events.
What I'm trying to say is that the event is true to what happened from the beginning to the end, but some things are changed to make the story more appealing for the reader.
The people in this story are as following Aron Gordon and Nora Gordon are both my chars High Judge Marcus Ravens, Xandria Lushiana, Gisery, Maru'sha, Beta unit Are all apart of The Department of Justice and have written most of their parts on their own in this story but have also given me creative rights to their chars meaning I'm allowed to make minor changes to what they said/done after letting them review what I changed.
There will be some pictures of ships mentioning in the story under this disclaimer since I can not describe them well enough to give them justice.
So what made me write this exceedingly long story? What were the events causing this?
Well, first of all, I wish to thank CCP, the creators of this awesome game, for baning my account by mistake for a pretty long time.
This was only an account ban, so I made a new account and a new char while waiting for this to be fixed, and Nora was born.
After about a week, I got my account back and soon realized I could not afford to have both accounts active, so my friend Marcus Ravens advised me to make a story representing a dark part of Aron's life.
It became a bit more than that, This is only half the story I posted so far, and I was planning to end it here but continued to write on it.
I hope you all will like reading this and if you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this more understandable for non-eve players, please post it down below.
Here are some pictures of the ships mentioned in the story.

Scorpion class Battleship



Raven class Battleship



Megathron class Battleship



Omen Class cruiser



Cheetah Class Cover-ops



Mamoth class houler




Chapter 1



A large figure starts to move as the alarm is heard from his computer, indicating something significant is about to happen.
He sits upon the small bed's edge located in a small room no more extensive than the usual quotes measuring at 3 by 5 meters like the rest of the pilots and support personnel have.
The walls are in a deep gray with some shine to them with a red stripe that lights up, giving the inhabitant a comfortable level of light as he or she wakes up.
"Report." The man says with a dark voice carrying a Caldarian accent.
A small robot comes in through the sliding door that opens with a slight hiss, and he grabs the gray coffee cup with the logo of The Department of Justice on it as he looks at the large screen to the right of him and can see another group of pirates has declared war on them again.
"hmmph, they never learn." He mumbles to himself.

"Incoming emergency call." The computer calls out
"On screen." The man replies. He can hear his beloved wife, Nora. 
"I am under attack my location is.....(static's)", and the transmission dies. 
Without even a hint of hesitation, he stands up and leaves the small room running through the station toward the hanger, almost colliding with random people and co-workers.
As he enters the huge hanger, he jumps off the platform straight down in the small egg-shaped pod.
It feels like it is taking forever for the pod to close up and move into position in the Scorpion class battleship, yet it is done in a matter of seconds.
"This is Wing Commander Aron Gordon of the Department of Justice requesting clearance to undock."
The tower has barely enough time to give Aron clearance as he flies at high speed toward the shield and leaves the station.
"Set course for Hek moon 9 Boundless creations factory." He barks at his computer.
This is where Nora's clone should be activated upon death. 
"Destination retch, docking cycle activated," The Computer announces.
Aron ruches through the white corridors, illuminated from panels in the roof, into the local cloning factory with pods that looks a lot like the one in his ship but more technical just to find out the clone has not been activated. 
This is not happening, Aron says and thinks back on his parents. 
Anger starts to boil within him as he walks back to his scorpion and sits down. 
Aron looks at Nora's holo photo and mumbles to hem self "I will find you."
"Computer set course for Xandrias heaven." 
Computer replies, "Do you want to announce your arrival to Xandria?"

As the ship lands on the planet that can only be described as heaven for the living when it comes to its beauty, Aron steps out of the lowered pod and starts to walk toward the temple, seemingly not even noticing the beauty this world has to offer.
As Aron walks into the Temple, Xandria, a middle-aged and beautiful Amarr female, comes to greet him, but she can clearly feel the anger and darkness coming from him and backs up as he passes her.
The inside of the temple is huge and made from mostly wood with a sealing close to eight meters tall to have room for the six, four-meter tall golden statues and a second floor that is only in the form of a walkway around the entire building. 
Aron walks into a dimmed-lit room made from wood with a matt in the center of the room and a window facing East toward the ocean and sits down in a traditional position for meditation. 
Xandria thinks to herself, "This can't baud good." and calls Judge Ravens.

After about 30 minutes, Aron suddenly opens his eyes and walks toward his ship just to meet up with Judge Ravens and Gisry standing at his ship with Xandria behind them.
As Aron walks by them, he makes a quick salute to the Judge, and just as he passes the Judge, Marcus puts a hand on his shoulder. 
Aron swiftly takes his hand and brings the close to 3-meter tall Judge down on his knees. As Aron realizes what he has done, he releases his grip and looks at Gisry, that already drawn his sidearm. 
"Sorry, Boss, but I got to do this." 
Marcus gives Aron a small device, "Make sure you always have this with you, and may lady space watch over you." 
"Yes, sir, Thank you, sir," Aron says, slightly shaken by this turn of events.
"I'm sorry for the violence this close to your temple." He mumbles as he passes Xandria.
"May lady space watch over you, Aron." She mumbles as she takes a bow.

Judge Ravens stands up to look into the questioning eyes of Judge Gisry. 
"Boss, that is the first time I have ever seen anyone laid a hand on you and you not retaliate..." Gisry says but is cut off in mid-question.
"Gisry," replies the Judge Ravens," there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes you must know when to fan a fire into becoming an inferno for success to have a better chance of being achieved. Sometimes you must know when to not to do anything and let it intensify itself. And sometimes you must know when not to smother it. This is one of those times." 
 Looking at Aron and ruefully smiling, Judge ravens continues, 
"Besides, I needed a way to get the tracking beacon on him. When he realizes that there is a signal coming from his ship, he will toss it out. The one I placed on his shoulder is the true one and will react when he is in real danger. And if I am correct to where he is going and what he will be doing...then I know he will need us, and time will not be on his side."
Judge Gisry looks after the diminishing form of WC Aron and smiles, knowing that after all this is over and done with...Aron will not be happy for his hospital stay from the chat he will get from Judge Ravens. 
Xandria Looks at what has happened and can't help but be a bit worried from the smiles that she sees on the two Judges, for she senses that events have been set in motion.


Chapter 2



Xandria stands quietly back from them, dressed in her long black robes. She watches as her allies and friends in the past month play out their roles in this drama before her. She can feel more than anger coming from Aron; she also senses much pain as well. She has seen this pain before many times before in herself and her long friend Amaria. Amaria's pain destroyed her, and Xandria's pain brought her to her faith. What this pain will do to Aron, only time will tell. 
 Xandria knows too that the Judges will be watching him carefully and undoubtedly has some plan in store for Aron. Things are not always as one's eyes perceive them; a lesson taught to her at her temple reminds her. She walks over to one of the many thousands hanging manuscripts on the wall. This is all that remains of her temple, saved from the fires that destroyed her home. 
"Goddess, watch over them and grant them your wisdom. May they know your love in their dark times ahead." a soft prayer she offers on behalf of the three men. Deep in her heart, she knows that the Goddess will, but things will not be any easier on them in this trial they face.

Aron walks to his ship and takes off so fast some of the close-by trees bend almost to the point of breaking from the wind,
"Computer bring up all known sightings of Nora Gordon the last week."
"I have one match on your search query last seen in Niyabainen at her mother." The computer replies.
"Set course for Niyabainen." after about 30minutes, Aron reaches Moon 10 Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting. 
 Aron walks thru the office areas of the station and realizes the design is pretty dull with the dark gray walls with the almost invisible Caldari insignia in Light gray between every window that's spaced about two meters apart and black floor. He continues up to the residential area that looks a lot more homie with its light blue and red stripes that emits light but still have the black floor. 
He comes to a stop outside Mrs. Airis's door. 
"I sure hate to give this bad news to her, but someone has to do it." Aron thinks for himself.
Aron pushes the small button at the door and waits.
"Hi there, Aron! Come right in." Aron walks into the beautiful apartment that is clearly made for high-standing citizens like Mrs. Airis, who at one point was a member of the Caldari council but enjoying her retirement now.
The apartment has an old-school look to it with older furniture and paintings instead of the holo pics most people has.
One of the windows that is also rare to see in an apartment faces a lush garden located in a biodome and also always facing the local star giving the room a constant feeling of sunset.
Mrs. Airis can see something is wrong. 
Aron looks up and starts telling her the story. 
"You....you lost her..." Mrs. Airis is clearly in shock as she speaks.
"Trust me. I don’t need a lecture about it now. Just let me do my job, and everything is going to be okay." Aron interrupts her
"I know it will, I know... just be careful," Airis says and gives Aron a long hug.
"I will. Do you know where she was supposed to go after she was here?" 
"She did mention something about The Catch regions. I don’t know where it is, but that was what she did say." 
Aron knows exactly where that is and thinks for himself, "Why did you go down there?"
"Thanks for your information Mrs. Airis. You have been of great help."
"I have a long trip ahead of me, so I better go now." He continues
"Okay, fly safe, and please find her." Mrs. Airis says as Aron slowly turns around and leaves.
As Aron walks to his ship, he thinks to himself, "What made you go down there in the middle of null-sec." 
Aron looks at the small tracer that Judge Raves gave him and thinks, "Trust me, Boss, you don’t want to go where I am going and throws the tracer in a recycle bin."

From his Covert Ops class ship, Elisabeth S-OV-3, Judge Ravens sees a signal light go off and smiles knowingly. 
"So, my Wing Commander, you have done what I knew you would. Computer, save the last recording as a classified record, security clearance beta omega, access level 2." 
"Immediately, Sir." replies a feminine voice, "Shall I archive this, Sir?" 
"Please do, Sara," he replies, and immediately a beep goes off. 
"Catch region, huh...well, it seems the time has finally come for me to go home." 
"Sara, set course to Catch and run silent. Also, signal SOV Agent Eggduck to activate cell Gamma 12 with clearance code "Return of the Past. Attach to it file 21 VMC. If you would be so kind as to launch please." Says Judge Ravens. 
"Affirmative, Sir." replies the disembodied angelic sounding voice. 
"It has been a long time since I have visited your grave, Sara. I am sorry...Lady Space...I miss you, Sara...and I still love you as much as the first day I met you." He mumbles to himself and can't help but feels the sharp pain of sorrow.


Chapter 3



Aron quickly wakes up when the computer announces, "We are now entering Providence Region."
"Computer from now on make safe spots in all systems and long-range scan as we enter them, yes sir the computer replies. 
After a flight that seems like an eternity, the computer announces we have an unknown pilot on the short-range scanner. 
Aron quickly looks at the overview and thinks to himself, "an interceptor." 
"Computer prime all weapons, do not lock the target." 
"There is a 90% chance that the torpedoes are too slow to hit the target. I suggest we reload to cruise missiles." 
Aron thinks for a split second and replies, "Reload." 
The 10 seconds feels like an eternity, 
"Cruise missiles loaded." The computer announces 
"Incoming message." the computer announces 
"On screen." 
"Whets your business in D-GTMI system?" 
"What an ass hole he did not even tell me who he was, well two can play that game." Aron thinks to himself.
"I’m on a search and rescue mission for Nora Gordon."
"After about one minute, two Megathron type battleships uncloak, "You’re ordered to follow us to base."
Aron thinks, "This is not a fight I can win; I better see this all the way thru." 
"Incoming upload request." the computer announces 
"Warp drives active." the computer announces. 
The three ships take Aron deep into their system and finally retches a medium-sized space station. 
One of the unknown pilots tells Aron to dock, and Aron starts his docking cycle. 
 As the ship dock’s Aron enters a series of commands and enters what looks like an old bridge that has been refurbished into more of a living quarter. The large room contains a bed, some cooking supplies, and several large monitors that display everything from information from the Department of Justice among other corporations but what most people would stand in ahh over is the vast window he left in there as this ship was converted for pod piloting. 
He opens a drawer by pressing a button on it, picks up his Lawmaker, and straps it under his jacket. 
"Computer engage program G98B2."
"Yes, sir, you will be announced if any unauthorized personnel enters the ship. The ship will self-destruct after 30sec if they don’t leave." 
Aron walks to the small Exit hatch, and as it opens, he gets greeted at gunpoint. Aron thinks what Judge Ravens would have done and walks toward the frontman and comes to a stop less than a centimeter from him and says, "Put that toy away before you shoot yourself in the foot with it." the man takes two steps back and looks kind of shaken.
Aron flashes an evil smile and thinks, "Well, that works."
The hanger is small and is no doubt from Minmatar design.
The scorpion class battleship can barely fit in it, especially with the two tiny interceptors next to it.
Steel beams litter the area, and it looks like the station has some sort of ongoing maintenance, considering there are large holes in it that would suck out all the oxygen if it was not for the shields holding the vacuum of space back.
Aron is almost aww struck when he spots the old fluorescent lights on the walls and starts to think, "The energy cost of running them must be astronomical." 
The five men escort Aron to an office, and the doors slide open as they approach it, A medium-built man steps in front of them and starts scanning Aron, but Aron knows his gun is undetectable by any known scanners. The man says his clean as he steps aside. 
A big chare turns around, and an obese person is revealed. 
"Welcome to my Station Wing commander Aron Gordon."
You sure know a lot about me. May I at least know your name." Aron replies 
"Of course, my name is Lord Xeno, so my men here tell me you're looking for a girl called Nora Gordon?"
"Yes, she is my wife," Aron says as he studies the man's face for any tell-tail signs but can't see any of them.
"Well, I am going, be honest to you, we did have an unauthorized visitor here a couple of days ago...female pilot, according to our scans, she did not reply to any of our transmissions, so we did take it as a hostile act.
But she did make it to F9E-KX, and we did not pursue her anymore." He breads in as he continues.
"I am sorry to say that we got a report of a ship destruction in that system about one minute after she jumped." 
Aron thinks, "This can't be the who’ll story. Why would she not contact me when she got attacked here, or maybe she did...."
"Thanks for your information, Lord Xeno. I will leave in peace." 
"if you need any information, please don’t hesitate to contact me." Lord Xeno replies.
Aron salutes as he walks toward his ship and takes off.

As Aron undocks, he noticed a green star on his overview, but it disappeared as quickly as it got there. Aron thinks to himself, "God dame overview bugs." And decides to let the maintenance take a look at it when he gets back home. 
 "Computer play up the last transmission from Nora Gordon." 
"Yes, sir." the computer replies. 
 "I am under attack. My location is.....(Static noise)," 
 "Computer rewind and remove Nora’s voice." 
Aron can now hear a low pitch sound followed by a short-medium pitch sound just before transmission breaks. 
"Computer identify those sounds." 
"The sounds are identified as a Megathron class battleship engine sound, Webber, and a Mega pulls laser class 2," 
"Finally, we are getting somewhere," Aron says with a smile. 
"Long-range scan and give me a count on how many Megathron class Battleships are in this system."
"I have five Megathron class battleships, on is currently 35km from our location." 
"Okay, not much more we can do here. Set course for F9E-KX gate." 
Yes, sir!" the computer replies. 
A couple of seconds later, Aron arrives at the Stargate. 
Aron can feel the anger within him when he thinks of what horrors he’s beloved faces in these territories. He looks at the holo picture again and gives the computer the order to jump. 
"Warning we got a possible hostile in the system security status -8.4, flying Megathron class Battleship." 
Aron immediately know this is the man his looking for, 
"Activate sensor booster and shield hardeners, Lock target." Aron quickly commands.
 Aron can see a bright light as the enemy opens fire, shield loss 10% the computer announces 
"Computer activates all weapons." 
Aron can see four cruise missiles heading toward the enemy and explodes. 
As the fears fight continues, three more ships arrive, and Aron starts to fear for his life. 
"Computer, take us out of here. We can’t win this."
"The warp engine has been scrambled." the computer replies. 
"Shit, I knew I should have kept those warp core stabilizers online, So this is where I will lose my scorpion." Aron thinks to himself.
Suddenly the jump gate activates, and incomes, Judge Ravens followed by Gisry, Xandria, Maru cha, Stro, Zoras, Yozef, Jeanne, and SJ 
Aron thinks to himself, "Oh my god, I am glad to see you guys here." 
"Aron, get out of here now. We will take care of this!" Marcus's voice booms over his coms.
"Computer, take us out of here now." 
"Yes, sir." the computer replies.
Arons adrenaline rush has not subsided as he gets an upload request.
"Incoming upload request from Judge Raves." the computer announces. 
"Accept," Aron replies, still with a slight shaking in his voice. 
 A couple of seconds later, the party arrives at Aron's location. 
 Judge Raves starts to speak. 
 "Well, my dear Wing Commander, you sure were lucky there. Give me a damage report."
"I was down to 75% Armour. No internal damage, but I am almost fully repaired now," Aron replies 
"So, are you allowing us to come with you now?" 
The questions seem kind of weird to Aron since the Judge is outranking him. 
"Yea...I think I could use your help on this one." Aron replies 
"So where to next?" 
"Well...I don’t know all the leads ended here...but I do think that the Megathron back there is somehow responsible for Nora’s disappearance." 


 Chapter 4



"Fear, not the Goddess's, protects us all! We are here to save the cute little face of yours from being a memory. Now go find your wife and leave the trouble to us!" Xandria shouts over the com of her Omen Cruiser, The Judge's Gift to Aron. 
Xandria thinks of the sweet romance of Aron's actions and knows that this wife of his sure is one lucky girl. Maybe one day, Xandria too will find someone who cares for her like that but now is not the time for such thoughts. 
Xandria readies her weapons and prepares to show these trouble markers the nature of a Ni Cunni rage.

As the who’ll team sits there....doing nothing and Aron is trying to puzzle together, the only leads he have Yozef starts to speak. 
"Why don’t we do the most basic....a system scan maybe could be in order?" 
"Well, it is better than nothing, computer long-range scan for anything you can come up with and sort them after suspicious locations," Aron commands his computer.
"Yes, sir!" the computer replies. 
"System scan is done, displaying the results on your screen." 
Aron looks at the top item on the screen, an abandoned mining station, the possibility to contain life 60%. 
"Well, it's better than nothing," Aron mumbles to himself as he chares the data with the rest of the group. 
As Marcus looks at Aron's finding, he starts to speak.
"Possibility to contain life 60%? We would be glad if we find a rat in there still alive, but Yea sure, we can go there."
As the team sets a course and warp toward the station, Aron looks at the holo picture again; the darkness and anger start to grow within him again. Aron walks over to his weapons locker and looks at the three guns in there, one red, one blue, and one that’s silvery looking and looks almost historical. Aron takes the two guns leaving the Blue one, and thinks for himself, "There will be no prisoners this time." 
He also thinks what his dad did say "Every time you miss with this gun, it gets offended, make sure every hit is one shot one kill." 
Aron loads the gun with one round and looks at the ragdoll 20 meters down his ship, lightning-fast; he pulls his gun from the leg up and fires it, and as always, the bullet ends up in the head of the ragdoll.
Aron lowers the heavy gun and looks at the target that's missing a hed with a smile. He continues to load the gun with six rounds and holster the weapon. He then takes a small transmitter from one of the shelves and puts it on his wrist, and as he does, the computer announces that the team has reached the location. 
Aron looks at the space station through his huge window and opens a comlink to the rest of the team, 
"Well, we are here, so we better check it out."
"Computer override access with clearance code GLB56279A." 
"Clearance code accepted and identified as Wing commander Aron Gordon." The computer answers.
As the team gets polled into a great hanger and lands, Aron looks at the holo photo again and gives the computer another command, "Check the atmospheric status in this base."
A small map après on Aron´s screen with several red fields the computer announces, "I have eight life forms in this room, one that’s really faint," Aron Immediately knows that he’s going to find Nora there and walks to the small exit hatch and opens it, as he walks out the rest of the team takes cover behind some boxes and scans the area. 
"Okey, we have no life support in several rooms and one room with eight life forms; until we know who they are and what they are doing here, they are possible suspects," Aron announces
Aron then looks at Xandria and says, 
"Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want to follow us where we are going." Xandria immediately steps back when she hears Aron´s voice because she knows he means it. 
Aron looks at Xandria’s shaken and wondering eyes and walks to her, "I'm sorry for that, Xandria, I just got this horrible feeling that things are going to happen in there that you don’t want to see....so please stay here, more fights will come." 
"Okey, I will, and thanks for caring, Aron," Xandria says 
Aron smiles at Xandria as the team starts to walk away. After about 15 minutes, the group stands outside the door of the room with suspects in it. 
"Is everyone ready?" Aron whispers and gets a thumb up from the rest of the team. 
Aron pushes the small button at the door, and the door quickly opens. 
The seven men quickly turn around, and Aron immediately recognizes one of the men and his bellowed Nora standing in some transparent tube. 
Aron hesitates as he sees who the man is 
The man screams out. "I will never forgive you for what you have done to me, Aron Gordon!" 
Aron can see the man's hand lowers toward a big console. 
Aron starts to pull his silvery gun and fires.
As the large .357 bullet hits the head of the man, the head literally explodes and smears not only the console with his brain substance and blood but also the wall behind him, 
But just a split second too late, and he can see a blue light fills the glass cylinder and can see Nora’s lifeless body fall on the bottom of the cylinder. 
The rest of the men immediately gives up, and as the rest of the team rounds them up, Aron walks to the console and opens the tube. He falls on his knees and gently picks up the body.
As he sits there, he can hear Judge Ravens read them their rights to die. Aron can then hear Judge Raves come up beside him, and he can see the mighty barrel of the Lawgiver.
"Are you up for this, Aron?" Marcus asks with a voice so gentle he can barely recognize it.
Aron gently puts Nora’s head down on the floor and grabs the Lawgiver as he stands up and turns around. 
Aron can clearly see the fear in the men's eyes that sits on their knees in front of him. 
Aron slowly raises the gun and executes the men one at a time without even blinking. He then gives the Lawgiver back to Judge ravens, picks up Nora's body, and starts to walk back to his ship. As the team enters the hanger, Xandria can see the smoking Lawgiver and Aron carrying his bellowed Nora. She instantly knew what had happened to the men that did this. 
Xandria ruches toward Aron but stops as she gets close and can feel his anger, hatred, and sorrow. 
As Aron passes Xandria, Xandria puts a hand on him, but he continues to his ship, saying nothing. Xandria looks at Judge Ravens with questioning eyes. 
"Just let him go. He will come back soon." Judge Ravens says as the team watches Aron enter his Scorpion and takes off. 

As Aron slides into his pod and takes off, he starts to think back on the mission where he met Nora.
It was an easy mission for him, disable a ship transporting slaves and rescue the slaves, but lady space was not on his side this day.
One of the missiles from his Caracal class cruiser hit one of the outboard containers, and he could see bodies fly out of it into the cold dark space.
As the engines on the freighter gave out, he boarded and executed the Amarr pilot. After that, he escorted the would-be slaves to his ship.
One of them, a Galente lady named Nora, really made an impression on him as she tried to calm one of the rescued men, whose wife was in the destroyed pod.
Once he has fallen asleep from exhaustion, Nora and Aron started to spend some time talking.

Two years later, Xandria notices a ship on one of her landing pads that she has not seen before. As she walks into the temple, she can see a familiar face in the same room wearing the same ragged clothes. She smiles as she recognizes the face of Aron Gordon, and she can feel all the good energy coming out of him.


Chapter 5 Aron’s Major change



Suddenly Judge ravens wake up from his sleep, hearing screams echoing down the corridor of the Department. 

He stands up and starts to walk toward the door of his quarters and gives a command to open the door 

as the door opens, he can hear another scream echoing down the corridor and starts to walk toward the sound. 

The corridor seems endless and longer than usual is. As he finally comes to the end of it and starts to turn to face the rest of the corridor, he can see blood smeared on the walls. 

Marcus calls out for backup but receives no answer and continues to walk and comes to a stop when he sees numerous bodies lying on the floor he immediately recognizes them as Maru, SJ, Elise, Jeanne, and Gisry, all with their heads shoot away, A dark man comes out from one of the rooms and says "Judge ravens!!! Just the man I want to meet." As he turns around, Judge Ravens immediately recognizes him as Aron Gordon as he aims his gun and fires. 

 Judge Ravens wake up with a poll bathing in his own sweat and looks at his watch. 

He slowly sits up from his bed and rises as he starts to walk to the cafeteria and can see Aron sitting there with a cup of coffee. 

"Aron, we need to talk," Judge Ravens says 

"Yes, sir," Aron answers as he turns around. 

Marcus Ravens walks up to Aron and takes a seat at his table without asking, and stares into his Wing Commander’s eyes, searching his soul for the touch of the darkness that had taken over him in his dream. 

This, of course, produced the effect that it always did regardless of intention. It made people very nervous to see a pair of blind eyes staring into one’s soul. 

“Yes, boss, what is it?” said Aron, a bit uncomfortable and a bit distant. 

There it was, what the Judge was looking for. That hint of uncertainty. 

“Aron, understand that there is a difference in what we do. There is the man of the Law, the man himself, and the man of that hurts. This last op, it was the man that hurts that got hurt. This is a dangerous thing, for he is the one that can change the faces of all the others. 

He is the weakest of them all. Strengthen him, Aron, do not let him slip into darkness. For, believe me, it is a very hard trek to escape the chilly oblivion of its embrace. And while we are there, we believe in no friends or ideals, and it is a very solitary place to be.” And before Aron could respond, the Judge gets up and leaves back the way he came.


Aron slowly turns around, watching Judge Ravens as he leaves, and starts wondering what that was all about...and starts to walk toward the hanger and looks at his pride and joy he’s mighty Scorpion along with the other collections of smaller ships Aron have as he slowly enters the ship and sits down at the controls and looks at the holo picture of Nora and starts to remember all the good times they have. Still, the memory slowly goes over to the dark time in that cursed station where she got killed, and the darkness comes over him again. He slowly grabs his gun and puts it at his head, and closes his eyes. As he is a split second from pulling the trigger, a signal starts to sound on his board, and Aron puts the gun on the console and hits the transmit button. 

The face of Xandria appears on the screen, and she immediately recognizes something is wrong and invites Aron to her temple. 

As Aron commands the computer to set course for Xandria’s temple, he slowly turns his head toward the picture, and a tear falls from his eye as he says, "Some other day my bellowed....some other day." As the ship leaves the station with a roar, Marcus can see Aron leave from his office window and calls Xandria to inform her that Aron is on his way.


Once inside the temple's entrance, Aron is greeting by the priestess Xandria. "Aron, you enter these walls as a troubled man. Darkness from within your very heart is slowly eating away at you." Xandria speaks as she offers her hand to him. 

"Please come inside and rest for a moment. You will often find that peace comes to you when you are rested." Xandria informs him while leading him to a small pad on the floor.

"I know you have come here to find answers, dear Aron, but the answers you need only you can provide. I will offer my guidance and my shoulder to you. You are among friends here, and you are loved. Be blessed in the Goddess's embrace while you sleep. When you are ready to begin the healing of your soul, I will be awaiting you here." Xandria whispers softly to Aron as if speaking to his soul while holding him in her arms like a loving mother to a child. 

No doubt this child is lost and is in need of her. She can only hope that she will be able to help. This is a thought Xandria has as she looks up at the statue of her Goddess above the altar.

"Goddess, give me the wisdom and strength to carry out your will with this haunted man. This I pray to you." Xandria quietly utters in a moment of prayer.


After a good rest, it is time for meditation.

As Xandria leaves the small room, she slides the wooden door close, and Aron kneels on the small pad and falls into deep meditation to clear his mind. 

But the dreams return. This time, all of his friends are kneeling in front of him except for Judge Ravens that comes up behind him. Sir, I have read them their rights to die. They are charged with causing pain and suffering to humanity. The Judge slowly walks toward Aron; as he comes closer, his face disappears into an unfocused white mass, and all he can see are those feared milky white eyes staring at him and other the same words as in the cafeteria. "NO NO, THAT’S NO TRUE!!!!" Aron screams. 

"Yes, it is, and you know it!" Aron can hear a soft voice from behind him, and as he turns around, he can see a white cloud formed like a human with the voice of Xandria. As she grabs Aron´s hand, Aron wakes up from his trans with a poll and fires his gun into the floor, leaving a big hole in the wood planks. He immediately drops his weapon and looks up at Xandria that stands there holding Aron's left hand, and looks kind of shaken after the firing of a gun in her temple. 

"Are you okay, my friend?" she asks as she pulls Aron up to a stand and holds him. 

"It was just a dream," Aron replies. 

"That was no dream. You did see into the future what’s going to happen if you’re not healing your soul," she replies and shows Aron´s "Dream" on a dream recorder. 

"Three’s images prove that you are loyal to Marcus and me and have an inner hatred toward the rest of The Department....for why I don’t know, and it also proves you have a secret love for me and you will do anything for me...including dying for me," Xandria says with a troubled and sorrowed face. 

"That's no secret, but is that bad?" Aron asks 

"Yes and no. As long as you can keep me alive, you have a bright spot in your life, always fighting your darkened soul, but if I died...you would not be able to take it, and the dreams would come true." 

Aron looks at Xandria and holds her as he utters the words. 

"I will never become like that, and I will never let any harm come to you." 

Xandria gently pulls away from Aron's embrace.

"Come with me," she says and takes Aron's hand, and the two of them walk to another room with a bed. 

"I will sleep with you the rest of the night as a guide in your dreams." As the two friends fall asleep close to each other and can feel each other's warmth under the cover, Aron starts to dream again. 

They are in a parallel universe with no beginning and no end. All he can see are white clouds and a bright light on the horizon. 

"This is my secret area I am going to when I am troubled," An angelic voice says. 

"You can imagine anything here." The voice says. 

"Is the Goddess presence here?" Aron asks 

"Yes and a lot more." As she other, those words Aron can see someone comes running toward them as she comes closer, Aron recognizes her as Nora and opens his arms. 

They kiss each other for a long time, and after that, Aron Says 

"I have missed you so much...I can't bear to lose you again." As he says that, a tear falls from his eye and forms a big puddle under his feet, he looks down and sees his former dreams of darkness and suffering. 

"You must, Nora says, or that will happen, and you can’t stop it just as you could not prevent me from dying."

Aron looks up and sees all the Departments member lined up, smiling at him and just to the right of them, some less loved former members of the Department Xmen and Lars.

Lars walks to Aron and says, "Don’t give in to the hate. Look what it has done to me and brought me, remember the good times." he says and shows the wedding picture of Nora and Aron and walks back. As he does, Judge Ravens come forth. 

"Wing commander Aron Gordon!" he says 

"Yes, sir!" Aron says, standing at attention and salutes 

"Are you ready to come back to us now?" 

"Yes, sir!"

Aron wakes up, still embraced by Xandria, sleeping.

Aron looks at Xandria for a short while and kisses her.

"Well, maybe some other days, my love," he says and walks out of the room.


Chapter 6



Letting Aron go, Xandria hopes that her calming demeanor will help him find the answer he needs. She knows that only he, with the help of the Goddess, can heal the damage done. Poor Aron, always trying to save everyone else. He is the one who needs saving now from his own inner demons. One can only pray that time will ease his wounds, and he would realize that nothing could have been done to help his lost love. Xandria has known loss herself as many if not all members of this Department. Each must find their strength in something or someone to carry on. Aron will just have to live each day to the next till he can once again find his place in the light. For as long as he needs her, Xandria will help and guide him. For it is not her that needs his protection but him that needs hers.
"Go find your peace Aron and I will be waiting here when you do."
As Aron continues to walk out of the temple, he enters the yard. It feels so peaceful, birds singing, the sun is shining, and a mild breeze is coming over the treetops. Aron's sour appearance gets switched to a smile, and all his problems seem to be blown away by the breeze. 
Aron sits down at the bench and looks at the birds flying around and the sea. He gets a nice feeling just by sitting there listening to the sounds of the nature surrounding him. After about 15 minutes, Aron stands up again. He starts to walk to the hanger, enters his Scorpion, and sits down, taking a long look at Nora's holo photo, thinking of what she did say in his dream and what Lars and Judge Ravens did say, and salutes the image of his lost wife. 
Aron then put his hand in his pocket and pulls up a photo of Xandria and puts it right beside the picture of Nora, and talks to the image of Nora,
"You would like her. She’s kind, loving, and has a heart as big as the whole eve universe. I just hope she will accept this as you did and be my wife." Aron says as he pulls out a small drawer with a wooden box in it containing a ring with a large piece of megacyte in it. 

"Computer give me Galactical news on the screen and a cop of coffee," Aron commands, and as he does, the coffee comes out on a small arm, and the news is shown on the screen. 
Aron starts to read the paper and drinks his coffee.
"Computer, from now on, you will only reply if I call you Nora."
"Affirmative, Do you want this new role to apply now?" the computer replies. 
"Yes, Nora." 
 Aron continues to read the news and finds a small article about a small industrial corp call for help against pirates. As Aron reads the story, he starts to view how much ammo and equipment he has on the ship and decides to help them after stocking up on some ammo.
As he continues to read, he can hear Xandria’s voice from behind. 
"Are you going to help them?" 
Aron turns around and watches Xandria as she stands there in her black robe. 
"Yes, I am," he replies 
"Just remember we all are here to help you, Aron and love you she silently utters." 
Aron stands up and hugs Xandria, and gives her a gentle kiss.
"I know, take this," he says in a gentle voice and places the small wooden box in Xandria's hand.
"You don’t need to decide now, but please think about it while I am gone." As Xandria is about to open the box, Aron stops her. 
"Please open it when I am gone," he says and leads Xandria out of the ship and closes the hatch. 
Xandria then backs off as she hears the Scorpion's engines start and takes cover from the powerful blast as Aron flies away toward Hek and boundless creations. 
Xandria opens the small box and can see the most beautiful ring she has ever seen and looks as Aron leaves the atmosphere. 
Xandria ruches to the radio and calls Judge Ravens.
"Thank you, Xandria," Judge Ravens says and terminates his COM link; leaning back in his chair, he murmurs to himself, "Perhaps I erred when I allowed him to execute the murders of his wife." 
"Yes, Judge Ravens" 
"What is the ETA of Aron's scorpion with current configuration to the logged destination?" 
"3 days, 15 hours, 45 minutes, sir." 
"What is the status of our newest Cadets?" 
"They graduate in 10 hours." 
"Then it is time to remind our wing commander of his job. Sara assign FortressM and Arathorn Nathal to him. Assign support class frigates to them and send them on their way immediately on graduation." 
"Affirmative Judge. Orders enter and delivered to the central matrix." 
"Thank you, Sara."


Chapter 7



As Aron enters the Hek system, he sets course for Boundless creation factory, and the ship warps there and starting docking sequence as Aron's Scorpion docks.
As his pod gets lowered and opens, he gets greeted by Judge Ravens and two of his cadets.
Aron immediately knows what this is all about as Judge Ravens gives him a paper explaining that these two cadets are under his command and responsibility. 
Aron slowly walks to Fortress, looks deeply into his eyes, suddenly draws his gun, puts it at the cadet's head, and pulls the trigger.
A loud click can be heard, and Fortress almost jumps out of his skin in fear.
Aron looks at him and smiles, and walks to the other cadet and gives him the same look, but instead of drawing his gun, he aims a hit at the cadet that gets blocked away by the cadet. 
Aron smiles and looks at Judge Ravens. 
"Fortress has a lot to learn. He will stay here, but this other one I will take with me," he says as he walks away to collect some ammo and modules for his ships. The Judge shakes his head and walks away with Fortress and leaves Arathorn Nathal to Aron, and both pilots start to equip their ships. 
As they are done, Aron starts to explain what the mission is all about and hands Arathorn Nathal a firearm. 
The two pilots flyes away with a roar toward their destination and are not heard of for a long time except for the reporters that shows their work as they clean up the who’ll system of any piracy, and a clear picture of Aron and Arathorn Nathal is shown as Aron executes one of the notorious pirate leaders in the region with his special gun and Arathorn Nathal watches him, learning and after three years of hard work the two pilots returns to Hek and gives the Judge a full report on what they have been doing and the result of there work.

As he leaves the hanger, he meets Xandria and remembers the day he left and the nice weather, the birds, and the sea. 
Aron feels like his home again and embraces Xandria as she walks to him and smiles. 
"Wellcome back to this sanctuary of peace and tranquillity, my dear Aron," she says, as the two start to walk away.
Xandria looks at the most beautiful ring she has ever seen, given to her by Aron. 
This ring will mark a huge step in her life. A step that she is not sure she is ready for. 
"Aron, you are the most wonderful person I met. You are a caring soul with a big heart. Are you sure you wish to do this so soon after losing Nora? We haven't even known each other long enough for marriage. I think it is for the best that I don't accept your proposal right now. I am most sorry, but I am not able to make such a promise at this point in my life." 
"I have dedicated myself to my faith and the priesthood I have chosen. Perhaps one day, I will be able to be the woman you wish me to be. Again I am most sorry." Xandria says with a tear-filled eye. 
She leans over to give him a soft, gentle kiss. She then pulls away and turns towards the temple gardens. 
"Do not think of me as rejecting you, Aron, but instead grant me space and time before asking me such things. Have peace, Aron." Xandria says as she lays the ring on a stone basin near the entrance of the temple. 
She then fades into its walls, quietly leaving Aron with his thoughts at the temple door.
Aron watches Xandria as she leaves him and thinks to hem self "well, Nora, you did refuse me to the first time, so there is still hope."
Aron slowly walks to the stone, picks up the ring, puts it into his pocket, and walks to the big wall to watch the sea. 
As Aron stands there and lets his mind drift away to the time he did have with Nora, a tear slowly falls from his eye and makes a wet spot on the wall. Aron can hear a soft noise of someone walking on the grass and straightens up as the noise comes closer. 
"You are still here?" Xandria asks as she walks up and stands beside him, watching the waves. 
"Yea, I feel calm here just by watching the waves," Aron replies and turns to see Xandria. 
Xandria can see that Aron has been crying and gently puts her arms around him.
"Are you thinking of Nora?" she asks.
"Yea...it feels like it was yesterday she did die." 
"All that matters now is that she is in a better place and is loved for both what she has done and did not have time to do." 
Aron answers with a deep breath.
"Thanks for those kind words Xandria."
Xandria gently pulls herself closer and kisses him for a long time. 
"Come with me," Xandria says, and the two of them walk down to the small beach. 
When the two of them are down on the beach, Xandria starts to undress, and Aron soon follows. 
Naked, the two runs into the warm water and start playing with each other. 
For the first time in a long time, Aron starts to smile and has a great time. 
After some time, both of them end up in the arms of each other and start to kiss again. 
The two of them walk up on the beach and lies down in the sun, saying nothing, just watching each other. After a while, Aron says, 
"I truly love you, Xandria." As the two of them kiss again.


Chapter 8



Time passes, and the sun starts to set. 
"How did you meet your wife?" Xandria asks 
"that’s a long story," Aron says as he turns and looks at Xandria.
"Well, we have time." 
"I was fresh out of school and just turned 19. I did meet Beta unit that day." 
"We did some mining, and he taught me the basics of fighting and introduced me to an agent in Hek. I remember because Beta had a really hard time convincing her to accept me and let me do missions for her." 
"After all, I'm a Caldari, and she is a Minmatar, but after some convincing, she agreed to send me on a mission of some importance...but I thought it was a really important mission."
Arons gaze seems to pass straight through Xandria to a place thousands of light-years away.
As he starts to speak again, his voice seems different.
"I was going to intercept an Amarr slave freighter, destroy it and rescue the slaves."
"But something went wrong...I did engage the freighter, and when I started to focus on it, one of my missiles hit one of the...containers the slaves were in and ripped a big gap into it."
The ship got destroyed, and I started to salvage what’s left in the other containers...one female slave was killed due to my mistake."
His eyes fill with tears as he continues. 
"I did meet Nora in that ship that day, and I instantly fell in love with her. 
However, the second slave I rescued was devastated because of the mishap. Both me and Nora tried to comfort him, and eventually, he did fall asleep and did sleep all the way back to base. I made my report and did not expect to see Nora anymore, but after about a week, she came and knocked on my door." 

"We talked, and she told me that the man's wife did die that day, and she has overheard him talking to some of his friends about an act of revenge on me."
"I did not take it too seriously...but I wish I did. We did a lot of things together, and about one month after me, she joined The Department of Justice, we did continue to fly together, but we did have separate assignments from time to time." 
"After two month’s we did get married, and shortly after the tragedy did happen...the truth is I did feel that something bad was going to happen, but I did not listen to my inner thoughts and did let her go...you know the rest of the story." 
Aron looks up in the sky, and a small tear falls over his face. 
Aron wipes it away, and as he does, he can hear a signal from his clothes. 
Aron stands up, walks over, and picks up a small device.
"Yes, Judge?"
From the day that we had the last executions of the murders of Wing Commander Aron’s wife, there was something that nagged at the back of my sub-consciousness; a feeling of something not being complete, as if I had missed something vital the left this case open. A week later, I returned to the confiscated ship that we had impounded from the murders. With a team of computer specialists whom I keep on call for the sole reason of getting me information that others would rather that I never see. It took them three days to find a sole hidden file, but it was found.
In it was only a name and a destination, Xander Smith, 5Z0Y-S. 
Thinking this could be something that would bring closer to Aron’s grief, I called him. 
“Aron, I have some information for you….”

As Aron ends the call he got from Judge Ravens, he turns around and looks at Xandria. 
"Sorry, I got to go. This could be good news for me."
As Aron starts to dress, he starts to think about how Judge ravens ordered him back, and it sounded almost like he was happy about something.
"Maybe this is good news after all." 
Aron slowly starts to walk to the hanger, enter his Scorpion, and sits down in the pod.
As Aron sits there collecting his thoughts, he can hear Xandria’s voice. 
"You okay, Aron?" she asks.
He turns around, "Yea!" He says together with a deep breath. 
"I was thinking of everything for a while about the mission, Nora and that poor soul that lost his wife, and I realize it was all my fault from the beginning."
"If I would not take that mission, my missile had not hit that container."
"Don’t think that way she did die for a reason, and if you would not have killed her, someone else had and maybe in a crueler way, considering where she did go," Xandria says, interrupting him.
Aron slowly turns and looks at the holo picture. 
"Maybe so, or maybe not, we will never know. Well, I should go now don’t want to keep the Judge waiting." 
Xandria walks to Aron and hugs him, and whispers.
"Remember, your a good man and, to many, a hero, don’t let them down....and don’t let me down."
"Thanks, I really appreciate that," he says and leads Xandria out of the ship.
Aron smiles at Xandria as the hatch closes, and he walks back to his pod.
He starts up the ship, and as he flies away toward Hek, he starts to think of how many he has saved and says to himself, "well, too bad you were not one of them, Nora.


Chapter 9



As Aron arrives at Boundless creations and starts to walk to Judge Raven's office, he meets the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Aron can’t stop looking at her and almost stumbles over a trash recycler as he approaches her. 
Aron brushes off, looks up, and can see her smiling at him. 
"Wing commander Aron Gordon at your service, and you are?" 
"Except from beautiful." He thinks
"Asteria, Captain Asteria of the Department of Justice." 
"Well, well, I guess we will work together then."
"Wing Commander Gordon, get in here and stop harassing your new 2nd in command!!!"
"Yes, sir, right away, sir." 
"And take Asteria with you."
"yes, sir, well, you heard the man."
 As Aron and Asteria enter Judge Raven's office, Aron snaps a salute. 
"At ease, Wing commander."
"You had some good news for me, boss?"
"The thing is, I am not sure that’s why I have assigned Asteria to accompany you on this one."
"You know this is personal, and I prefer to work on it alone and not take recourses or aid from The Department."
"Recourses, you say? What about the 50,000 large antimatter charges you did take from the Department?"
"Goddamit, Burlock, can't you ever keep your mouth shut," Aron thinks to himself.
"We will forget about that if you take Asteria with you and I have assigned you a new ship to, Raven class battleship." 
"Yes, sir, thank you, sir."
"Okay, now when we have cleared this, here is what you were coming for." 
Aron receives a small pad. 
"hmm, Xander Smith, 5Z0Y-S, That’s way down in Omist region."
"Well, I understand why you want Asteria to come with me, but the big question is, how good are you? After all, I don’t know you at all."
"You will be surprised I did not give her the rank of captain for nothing." 
"Okay, boss, I trust you, and Asteria, just to let you know nice looks don’t cut it in zero space, now let's see what you are flying."
"Wing commander Gordon your Raven has been moved to your personal hanger. Take anything you need from corporation hanger."
"Yes, sir!" 
"And Wing commander...try not to lose it, dismiss."
Aron salutes as he leaves Judge Raven's office. 
"So what is this all about? You said it was personal?"
Aron looks at Asteria for a moment.
"You don’t trust me too much, do you?" 
"Trust is something you have to earn from me. I have been burned too many times not to learn from it."
"I’m sorry to hear that, and I am sorry to hear about your wife." 
"I guess Marcus told you." 
"Yea, he did, and it can’t be any easier now when Xandria has gone missing too." 
"SAY WHAT!!!! I have not her about that." 
Aron turns around and walking back to Judge Raven’s office, and opens the door. 
"Why the hell did you not tell me this!!! About Xandria, how long has she been missing?" 
Judge ravens slowly lean forward, for a long time Aron.

Twenty minutes later, Aron and Asteria are walking towards the infirmary. 
”You know, in the old days, he would have shot you between the eyes and jettisoned your corpse out into space from a porthole.” Asteria said as she looked at the swelling whelps around Aron’s neck 
Although it was the most beautiful voice he had ever heard, it was not what he wanted to hear right now because it was more than just his neck that was bruised, so was his pride to make this first impression. 
“Although it was kind of funny to see your feet just fly into his office like that.” Asteria chuckled.
“Man, those have got to hurt. They are swelling up like pregnant cows in spring.” 
By now, Aron was no longer listening to her, for he was lost in thought, mauling over the events that happened 20 minutes ago. 
I had just stuck my head in, intending to come in fully first. But the words just erupted out of my mouth. I wish they hadn’t the moment he looked up from whatever it was he was reading. 
He leaned back in his chair for a moment tapping his fingers on his desk, as his eyes quickly found mine and said. “For a long time, Wing Commander Gordon.” 
Slowly he got up, never taking his eyes from me. God, I have a tendency to forget just how large he is because most of the time when I see him, it is though the shadows in his office obscure a coved or his silhouette. He stood to his full height, and from outside, I hear my newly assigned 2nd say. 
“You are going to regret that.” 
He takes his Lawgiver from his side, places it on top of his desk, slowly walks around it, and starts heading towards me. 
I am not sure why I did not go fully into his office or back out of it. I don’t know if it was to show him that I was not afraid. Maybe it was to show me I was not afraid, but more likely to show Asteria I was not afraid. But regardless of what it was, my body refused to move. All I could look at were his milky white eyes as they grew closer to me. This must be what most criminals feel when he is reading their sentence to them. His voice seemed to drown out all other sounds around us, while his gaze just seemed to sap the strength out of me. 
“Wing Commander Gordon, it is my preparatory what information I share, to whom and when.” He was a few feet from me now. 
“Last time, I chose not to rip your arm out of its socket because of the situation. Up until now, I was contempt to have let that go in view of your service to the Department and me.” He grabbed me by the neck with that ham-sized hand of his and jerked me into his office with such strength that it literally made my feet fly off the ground. By strength alone, he lifted me with that one hand, his fingers cutting into my throat as he brought me up to his eye level. 
 “However, it seems that you have forgotten to whom you speak.” He said in a very deliberate pronunciation of his words. 
“And it seems it is time for you to remember to whom it is that you address and why you should not address me with such disrespect.”
I could barely breathe now. Thankfully he opened his hand, letting me fall to my feet. Even to my surprise, I stayed on my feet, still holding his gaze. 
“Your lesson will commence upon your return from this mission.” He said as he opens the door for me to leave. 
I snapped a smart salute and did an about-face, and walked out the door. 

“Hmm…you must be something special, Aron,” Asteria said to me as I started to head to the hangers,
”I suggest you go to the infirmary and have that looked at.” She said, pointing at my throat, which was starting to swell like a blowfish.
Ordinarily, I would have told her to piss off, but aside from that, I did not want to further hurt my chances of getting her on a date. I could barely swallow. 
The sound of my name brought me out of my thoughts.
"The nurse is giving you something. Man it, is a surprise you have lived this long the way you spaced out. I hope that is not a common occurrence with you.” Asteria said rather tartly to me. 

“Asteria,” I said, trying to change the subject. 
“Yes,” she replied 
“I thought you were new to the Department. You said in the old days as if you did know the Boss for a long time.” 
“I may be new to The Department of Justice. But I have known Marcus for a very long time. 
“How long?” I asked 
“Ohh, about 12 years now,” she said with a grin as she saw my jaw fall open. 
”And believe me, he wasn’t always this grim and dark. Well, he always has been but never this much.” 
“You have to tell me some stories about him in the old days.” 
“Sure, when we get back and if you survive, your lesson with the Boss,” she teased at me in a light-hearted chuckle that was infectious. 
We headed back to the hangers after the nurse released me from the infirmary.


Chapter 10



As Aron and Asteria walk to the hanger, Aron starts to think back on the events that have been happening in his life, the loss of his wife, and all the help he did get from Xandria in his dark times. 
"Hey, Aron, you still with me in there?" Asteria asks, 
As the two of them walk into the hanger, Aron takes a small car. 
"I need to get some things from my scorpion. I'll be here soon." 
"Okay, ill start stocking up on some ammo." 
After a couple of minutes, Aron arrives at his Scorpion and enters it. 
He picks up his combat suit, and as he does, he looks over at the console and can see the two holo pictures on it. 
He picks up the picture of Xandria and looks at it.
"Where are you?" he asks himself. 
As Aron is about to put the photo in his pocket, a small letter falls out from behind. 
Aron quickly picks it up and starts to read.
"Dear Aron! I must take a more extended leave from the Department due to the recent events. I am sorry I could not talk to you about this, but if you did know where I was going, you would insist on having an escort. 
Don’t worry, I have done this trip many times, and I will be safe. 
Fly safe, and may the Goddess be with you always." Love Xandria. 
As Aron finish read the mail, his com makes a beep. 
He can see the face of Asteria.
"Hey, you okay there?" she asks. 
"Yea, everything is okay now," Aron says with a smile. 
"Asteria smiles back and says, "You should do that more often."
"Do what?"
"Smile like that," Asteria says with a teasing smile.
"Hey, I do smile...some time."
"Yea, about as often as one sees a wormhole in empire space," Asteria says with a teasing voice.
"Okay ill be we you shortly. I just have a couple of things to pick up here." 
"Okay, see you soon then," and the com goes black again. 
Aron picks up the holo picture of Nora and a small personal computer memory and starts to head out again. 
After a couple of minutes, he is back at his Raven. 
Asteria approaches him and asks, 
"So what made you so happy over there?" 
"This," he says and hands Asteria the letter. 
"Now that is good news," Asteria says. 
"But why does she want to go to such a dangerous place alone?" 
"I don’t know, her believes is somewhat complicated, but if she says she will be safe, then she will trust me on that." 
Aron looks at his ship for a while and remembers the first time he did meet Marcus, Maru'sha, and Elise, among other people.
"It is a nice ship, but one day I will own a Megatron." He mumbles to himself.
"Why did you not ask for one?" Asteria asks.
"For two reasons, I have no training at all flying one, and due to my past, I feel I'm not worthy of flying one yet."

Aron walks over to a console in the hanger and starts ordering equipment for his raven, and also starts to add additional coding to Nora .his ship's computer.
"Holy shit, you're making your computer a fully-fledged pilot. Can you trust it with that responsibility?"
"My wife was an excellent pilot trained by me. This computer is a carbon copy of how Nora was, so yes, she got my unyielding trust, besides I'm the one programing her."
"Anyhow, when you are ready, we will go to Xandria’s Temple. I believe I forgot something there last time I was there. Then tomorrow, we can continue our mission." Aron continues
"Sounds good to me."
about an hour later, Judge Ravens can see the two ships blast off from his office window 
 As the two of them enter their destination system, Asteria asks, "But there are no space stations here?"
"I know, have you ever landed on a planet," he asks with a smile.
As the two of them touch down and meet outside, Asteria says,
"This must be the only living planet in the EVE universe. How did she find this?" 
"I have no idea, but after all, Xandria did find it, and she’s exceptional."
As the two of them start to walk into the temple, Aron walks straight into his small room and opens a drawer.
"There you are he says as he picks up his smith and Wesson caliber .357. As he does, a bullet rolls out from the back of the box, and he picks it up. 
He opens his gun and noticed it’s already fully loaded. 
"Hmmm, where did you come from?" he asks hem self. 
He slowly rotates the bullet between his finger and noticed a small text on it, Xander. 
Aron puts the bullet in his pocket and walks back out. 

Aron slowly rolls over on his side and can see that Asteria have fallen asleep. 
He slowly reaches for his pocket and takes out the bullet, looks at it in the gloom of the room.
"Where did you come from...only a selected few know about this place," Aron thinks to himself. Once again, Aron turns and looks at the com.
"No, I can’t involve the Judge in this. After all, he nearly killed me." 
"Aron slowly puts the bullet in his pocket again and falls asleep; as he does, the dreams are coming back. 
Aron stands in a big hall holding Judge raven's lawgiver, and in from of him, Asteria sits on her knees with a sign around her neck that says, Xander Smith. 
Aron can hear Judge Raven's voice, 
"what are you waiting for, Wing commander? Do your duty." 
"Aron turns around and faces the Judge, this is wrong, and you know it!"
Aron can see the Judge's giant hand reaching for him, and as his, about to grab his neck Aron wakes up. 
"Hey Aron, you must have had one hell of a nightmare," Asteria says. 
"No, it was just weird. Computer time, please." 
An electronic voice answers 6:30 am 
"Well, we have a long journey in front of us. We should move out."
"Hey Aron, you sure you don’t want to talk about that dream of yours?" 
"Why do you ask?" Aron says as he turns around.
"Computer give me Aron's sleep read out again." 
"This is why," Asteria says, pointing at the readout.
"Ordinary people would wake up at this brain activity level," Asteria says and points on the readout. 
"yea?" Aron answers 
"computer show me the next hour of Aron's sleep."
Aron can't believe his eyes.
"The....the readout goes off the scale."
"I don’t know much about this, but that’s the same level of brain activity you will receive from someone fully awake and working," Asteria says 
so what was it you were dreaming about? 
Aron slowly reaches for the bullet in his pocket and gives it to Asteria, and starts explaining. 
"Well, that’s one hell of a dream you did have, but that doesn’t explain anything, and why did he refer you as Wing commander?"
"To mark something happening in the past? Look at the bullet closely." Aron says. 

After a long discussion 
"Well, we should put this behind us and continue with our mission."
"Your right there, but I have seen you drift away some times, so...can I count on you?" Asteria asks in a careful tone 
"Trust me. I did not become war chief for noting. If something happens, I believe both you and me knows what has to be done."
"What about the feelings you have for me?" 
Aron looks questionable at Asteria. 
"Well, one doesn’t need to be a genius to see them."
"I’m genuinely sorry if I have lead you that way...yes, your beautiful and smart...but."
Aron goes quiet for a couple of seconds. 
"I like you, but I love Xandria. I hope this doesn’t change the friendship we have." 
"No, off curs not, and thanks for your honesty Aron, I truly appreciate your honesty. I need to be alone for a while, ill be on my ship."
Aron starts to walk to his ship, and when he comes out in the garden between the temple and the hanger, he stops. 
He looks at the wall, starts to walk toward it, and looks at the ocean. 
Aron starts to think back on the time he had with Xandria and asks himself, "Where are e you?" 


Chapter 11



In his slumber, a dream image has formed within the halls of Aron's mind. "Aron, please, my dearest friend and mate of my soul, I have a message for your ears and your heart." says the semi glowing form of Xandria's mental projection. 
"The times of war have besieged my people very hard. My fellow Ni Cunni needs my aid in a way that I am not able to provide as a member of this Department. That is why I have left the embrace of your arms for a time. Know that I am doing what I must and that I am more with you than your will ever know. My heart is torn between my service to my Goddess and my desire for you. Please do not search for me because you will not find me. I shall come back to you once my duties are done.” The projection spoke to him. 
 The image moved in close as the lighted form begins to disappear. The lips of Xandria encased in blue light placed a kiss on his forehead before it faded away from his mind.
A cold breeze moved from the ocean and over the wall, but still, Aron was filled with warmth and peace. Just like the last night he and Xandria spend together.

As the image disappears and Aron regains his consciousness, he can hear Asterias's voice from behind.
"Wow, you were far away this time."
"No, but a friend of mine was..."
Asteria looks at Aron with questions in her eyes as Aron starts calling.
Marcus Ravens
"Good morning Aron."
"Good morning sir, you can call off the search for Xandria."
"Well, I need an explanation on that first."
"I can tell you this she is fine and among friends...and don’t ask me how
 I know this...you would probably not understand."
"Try me. I have seen a lot of unexplainable things in my lifetime."
Aron explains to Marcus what happened and the come goes quiet for a couple of seconds.
"well, Judge Aron. I believe you found your soulmate, and yes, I have experienced this in the past."
"Maybe you can tell me about that when I get home."
"One more thing, Boss, I found something here in Xandria’s temple that got me finking."
"Yes, Aron?"
"Well, I found a bullet...for my special gun...with Xander engraved on it, and I have no idea where it comes from."
"What does that mean?"
Well, in the old days when this gun was made, that means the person was a target for assassination."
Marcus goes quiet for a short while before answering.
"Do what have to be done."

Aron ends the call with a "Yes sir" and a quick salute 
and turns around, facing Asteria coming up behind him.
"Let's go. We have a job to do." He says in a short tone.
As Aron and Asteria walk toward the hanger, Aron can't stop thinking of that name Xander Smith. It sounds so familiar to him. 
Aron enters his ships, and as soon as he got connected to Nora, he gives his first order. 
"Nora Search for Xander Smith in all databases you have permission to go into top-secret archives with clearance references High Judge Aron Gordon, alpha, delta, omega, 1, 9, 6, 2."
"Commencing search."
After about 10 minutes of intense searching, 
"I have one hit." and shows Aron an old contract, a contract of him working for an undercover agency within the Caldari navy.
Aron thinks to himself, "That it can't be right. He is supposed to be dead a long time ago. I executed him for making me kill those innocents in that barge." 
"Could he have had a clone, or is this just some sick joke?" 
Aron makes a call for Maru. 
"Good morning Judge Gordon!"
"Good morning Maru, I have a quick question for you."
"Go ahead, Aron."
"Is it possible that clones existed about ten years ago?" 
"I can’t tell you for sure, but if they did, then probably a selected few had access to use them. Why do you ask?"
"Just an old "ghost" that keeps haunting me."
"Aron, talk to me; what’s going on?"
"Well, to make a long story short."
"I executed my former CEO Xander Smith a long time ago, and now I have reason to believe his still alive."
"And this happened ten years ago?" 
"Well, if there were clones back then, then he got the right rank to acquire one." 
"Well, I got to go. You fly safely now, Maru." 
"You to Aron."
Aron ends the call and starts a secure line with Asteria. 
"Okay, Asteria, let's get this show on the road."
"Yes, sir!"

As the two of them leave the atmosphere of the planet, Aron engages the autopilot.
"Whatever happens on this mission, you can’t talk to anyone about it nor interfere with what I am about to do."
"Okay...does this have anything to do with this Xander Smith?" 
"Before I say anything more, you must agree to my terms, Asteria."
Asteria goes quiet for a long time.
"I don't blame you if you don't wanna come with me on this. I will just ask you to go back home."
"Okay, I agree, but I have a feeling I am about to regret this, so back to my question."
"Xander is a former CEO of my long before the Department of Justice.
He sent me out on a search and destroy mission but chose to give me the wrong intel."
"His decision resulted in me killing 20+ innocent refugees."
"I used my navy-issued justifier for the first time that day, and I just turned 19."
"Shortly after that, I joined The Department of Justice and Elise’s wing 
back then, I thought I could never harm anyone again." 
"So what made you change your mind?" Asteria asks
"Marcus Ravens and Beta unit did. Marcus did see straight through me and noticed I was not happy with what I was doing. He informed my close friend Beta about his suspicions." 
"They were the first ones using my kindness as a tool to get me back to my former self."
"In that process, they decided to join a larger Alliance, The confederation for the sole purpose to get more opportunities in the form of wars and when they fought I was ready they called in another favor from The Pitboss, and he did bring in Lord Wimbishi to train me as a fleet commander. This is the main reason I stay in The Department they have done so much for me I don’t know how I will repay them."
"Well, I only have one question, Aron. It seems to me that you have been a combat pilot for a long time...longer than Marcus and me, but where are your skills?" 
"That’s a good question, Asteria, and an easy one to answer. After the incident, I asked a clone technician to delete those painful memories, the procedure had never been done before, and the chances were slim that it should work, and guess what, it failed."
"I'm sorry to hear that."
"Well, time to focus on the task at hand. We have one jump to go, so the next system should be pretty crowded." 
The two of them jump thru the final gate and into 5Z0Y-S.


Chapter 12



Aron and Asteria enter the system, and Aron can immediately feel something is wrong.
"Nora gives me a long-range scan of this system."
A couple of seconds later
"Long-range scan indicates that we have a large pos at 7.25au 30* toward the sun. You want to know what equipment there is on it?"
"No thanks, Nora."
"Asteria take us to these coordinates, Aron says as he sends Asteria a set of coordinates."
"Yes sir!"
The two of them arrive, and as they do, Aron notices something strange happening to the local star.
"Nora, give me a full report on what just happened to the star."
"As Aron waits for the report he’s bad feeling gets stronger."
"The star has an unstable burn and changes color due to it. Red, yellow, and white seem to be the colors it shifts to. There is no apparent danger, just a small increase, and decrease in radiation."
"Thank you Nora."
"So now what," Asteria asks.
"I don’t know. I got this really bad feeling about this. When I did see the star does that thing, I thought it was it."
"But my computer Nora told me that it was no danger in it, but still, the feeling is there."
"You always have bad feelings," Asteria says with a smile.
"Yea, but there are two things I don’t like about them, one most of the times they are right, and all of the times they are bad."

The two of them go silent for a while, and as they do, the same thing happens to the star again.
"WARNING Large amount of material released from the star," Nora announces
A mere second later, a giant ball swoops by the two battleships.
"Holy shit! Nora track that thing!"
"No need. It just hit that station," Nora Answers.
"Asteria, take us to that station now."
"Yes sir!"
A couple of seconds later, the two of them arrive at the station.
The station looks totally destroyed to Aron.
"My god Nora, how could you not see this coming."
"I’m sorry, Aron, but my database is inconclusive when it comes to other things than combat and support."
"Nora, please scan the station for survivors," Aron says but already has his mindset on not to find any survivors.
"As Nora starts doing the scan, Aron thinks back on the mission where he did meet his wife Nora, one pore Minmatar soul was killed that day, and now because his computer doesn’t have the knowledge, he may be responsible for thousands of peoples death.
Aron snaps out of his thoughts as Nora announces she has found 250 survivors in the station.
Aron immediately contacts The Arcadia Nexus Matrix.
"This is High Judge Aron Gordon of The Department of Justice" Aron immediately sends his clearance code to save time.
I need a rescue team to my location asp for the evacuation of survivors in the local station.

A few minutes later, several ships jump in together with several modified Mammoth class haulers.
Asteria and Aron move out of their way as Marcus contacts the two of them.
"What happened here?"
"I honestly don't know. The star was acting up, and all of a sudden, a huge ball of plasma ejected from the star, almost hitting Asteria and me as it passed right in between us."
"We tracked it, and my computer announced that it hit this station."
"Okey, go and investigate the star. We can handle this and report back to me as soon as you see evidence that this is about to happen again."
"Yes sir!"
As Asteria and Aron start to warp in closer to the local star, he notices the ship drifts off course.
"Nora, what's causing that?"
"There is a strong gravitational force pulling the ship, suggest we disengage the warp drive."
"Do it."
As soon as they disengage the warp, the ship rushes forward, and to everyone down by the station, Aron's ship just disappears.



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