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Can my character be a CSR prisoner rebuilding the country before the outbreak hit?

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Hello there,

I'm currently writing my character's backstory (~5400 words at this point) and my idea for him to be stuck in Chernarus before the virus is because he was caught trespassing and imprisoned to rebuild the infrastructure after the civil war. From what I understand, you guys don't necessarily prefer if we write our own lore pertaining to Chernarus. I don't see anything like this mentioned in the lore timeline, so I wanted to ask if this was okay for me to do. Thank you!

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  • Administrator

You have creative freedom with what you write in the character backstory as long as it doesn't contradict anything we have written in the lore. If there is anything that goes against what is made by the loremasters you will be let known when a staff member notices it.

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  • MVP

I see no reason why the premise of your background story should conflict with current lore, go right ahead buddy, worst case scenario is that you'll have to change some minor details.

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