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Character swapping

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Hey @Alexbelo,

You need to put your characters new name under the parameter settings on the main DayZ launcher not the ig setting.

If you've already done that then your name may be spelt incorrectly or is not capitalized correctly. You want it to be a carbon copy of your character page.

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There only exists one character on the server. What you're doing is switching character to role play someone else, as indicated by your character page. The gear in game and looks of the character remain the same until you die.

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23 minutes ago, Alexbelo said:

I did it! it will still login my main character.

You need to follow the steps in this guide.: 


As Roland said above, until you die you'll remain the same single entity tied to your account. All changing the name does is change the name. To change the model you have to die first, then using the steps in the link you can customize it accordingly.

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