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Altyn Helmet and Maska Helmet


Yay or Nay?  

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Altyn Helmet and Maska Helmet

image.png.9ac33cfb8efc65be12d5404e0ee96ce4.png image.png.8b8421bad4b2d1d4fbdebc18091c37b9.png  image.png.5740847b75bd88acdb9a2c0c9c0e2f43.png

Small little suggestion but why not get these two helmets brought into the server? They would fit Russian/Chernarussian characters really well and plus gives more style for people to go for. Plus could always add a killa version to make things more interesting 😉 


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I'm for it because the picture on the far right is Aleksander Venkev.


Thank you.

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Ya know, MVS has this helmet along with a bunch of other cool shit

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1 hour ago, RocJag said:

Ya know, MVS has this helmet along with a bunch of other cool shit

True, sadly I don’t think we will implement it back into the server because of “StAbiLiTy”. Add the mod.. as it adds the helmet with it.

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