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The Misadventures of Sophia


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Day 1

I stumbled on an empty journal that someone left behind, so I figured why not document my life story.  Maybe one day, after things go back to normal, I'll be lucky enough to get a movie made out of my experiences.  But mostly, I want to be able to remember the things I have endured.  The fun times, the people I have and will meet, and...the losses.  I always remember her, god I miss Rebecca.  Always so positive, and so god damn stubborn.  I wish she had survived Namalsk, that damned island.  No wonder it was abandoned.  That storm, the whispers...gave me chills every time.  But it's ok, I know she's watching out for me.

Even though she's gone, I've met others.  Ivan Bellic, he's the owner of a bar in Berezino.  He makes me feel welcome and useful.  Bringing me along on trips and even offering to come on trips with me so i'm not travelling alone.  I'm not too sure what this feeling is, but I feel happy every time I see him.  Then there's Woody and Charlie.  Nice guys, I enjoy their company.  Hailey, Josh, god there's so many people I've met that have been nice to me and I've been on the road for so long, its so comforting to finally settle down and feel safe for once.  Not like Polyana, always under threat of a bombing, I mean, for fucks sake they shot rockets at me and a small group in a supermarket.

Either way, I finally feel happy.  It's not much, but it's something.  Especially after all the tragedy i've been cursed with.  Here's hoping I can get some good sleep tonight, keep having those damn nightmares of seeing everyone I care about dying in front of me.  I really have to relax, everything will be fine. I hope.

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Day 2

Yet another day passes and I'm still kicking.  Shocker.  Ran into Josh and during our trip to Gorka, we found a fully functional Sarka.  Took that baby out for a road trip, how could we not.  Pusta seems to have been settled in, some of the people there are nice, other though, they give me bad feelings.

Ivan and the others left me at the bar almost all day.  It was crazy boring, so I decided I would try and head to them on foot.  That didn't work out as I was tripped and knocked over some leaning glass.  The loud shattering attracted a horde of infected, I was lucky I barely made it out of there.  I got injured pretty severely though, but I pushed my ass back to the bar, where I managed to get help from Vincent.  After resting I feel loads better, but i'm back to being alone again...might as well get some sleep while everyone's out.  Hopefully I'll see them again when I awaken.

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Day 6

Its been a bit since I've had time to write down in my journal.  Today was crazy, I was showing the people at the bar my new bunny outfit for Easter, when Ivan screamed to get in the car.  Apparently a warehouse in Solnichy is where a family lives and they were under attack by Russians.  They blew open the door, and we had to bring some supplies to help rebuild.  It was nice being able to touch up on my construction skills, been awhile since I last built back in Pavlovo.  I was in charge of standing watch on the warehouse doors while the boys dealt with the men.  Then as soon as we get back to the bar, we're forced to be ready to defend ourselves.  I was perched up with Charlie in a building overlooking the streets.  Luckily, a firefight never happened.  It calmed down and we were having a good time the rest of the night.

Ivan and I went back to the warehouse a little after to help out, I had a great time talking with Deebs, that woman is a hell of a trooper, I admire her optimism, and her stubbornness to keep on working.  I helped dry out vegetable from the garden in return for a nice seasoned steak.  I can't wait for it to be delivered to the bar.

On our walk back, Ivan stopped me and asked if I wanted to work and the bar since my company is welcomed and I've helped out a lot.  I said yes of course, why wouldn't I?  The bar welcomed me when nobody else did.  The Spero people up and left me behind again, so the bar is my new home, and it is home I will die for if need be.  Ivan has given me a purpose, and that purpose is to serve the people of Chernarus some good ass beer!

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Day 17

Its been a hell of a long time since I've taken the time to write in my journal.  Not a lot has happened, but Spero is back on the mainland.  I saw Wynne show up to the bar, and I was surprised because last I saw her, she was shot to hell.  I admire Wynnes strength.  We shared gratitude to each others safety.  I do hope to see more of her.  I also ran into a couple old friends of mine, Bryson and Kyle.  I really thought they were dead, like D-E-A-D, dead.  After Vybor...it was a mess.  But I'm just glad they're ok.

I got this sickness though...and nothing could cure it.  I ended up taking a walk, but then I guess I must have passes out because I woke up back in Berezino and I felt so much better.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention.

Michael and I, we're together now!  I have a greater purpose now.  I hope things work between us, he's so sweet, and he shows he actually cares for me.  This may be the happiest I've felt in a long time.  Maybe things are starting to turn out alright after all!

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