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My Ban Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://imgur.com/0uI4rGT

Why the verdict is not fair: I understand that NLR Ban appeals are not a thing, but I just want you to read this a give it a chance. As well as understand where my POV is at. At the point of my death that started this whole thing, was at a base im affiliated with (In the process of joining). I was trying the code lock, and I was unaware that I could die to it. Nobody was around to see my die, and it wasn't apart of RP at all. Just a simple mistake. Now I am from a while ago, I played at the start of 2020, so I was a little rusty about the rules. I was under the impression that NLR has to do with RP and that related context. I misunderstood and forgot that it applies to all facets of death in the server. This point will come up again in Additional Comments. Anyways I traveled back to my body to pick up the stuff I had, and go elsewhere to RP and have some fun, I stayed there because one of the members of the group had just got on and wanted to do somethings with me at the base. I was unware that it would even be considered NLR so I thought nothing of it at the time. I now see my faults and understand that it doesn't matter and I should have read through the rules upon my arrival back into the community. This is the part were it goes into additional comments.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: "Note that we're not enforcing NLR rule and banning people because we're mean. NLR rule serves multiple important purposes - it helps continuity of role play for people who saw you die, balances firefights so people can't go back and reinforce fights after dying, helps you prioritize value of characters life and also acts as an important item economy sink which allows items on your body to despawn" -Roland. This post from Roland talks about NLR related ban appeals. In it he states that the NLR rule it self is used for Role Play and firefights to make it more balanced. Now since my death had nothing to do with either of these things, I think it should be reconsidered.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: With this appeal I just want to clear up some things, and hopefully get the ban appealed for the Weekend. It just reached the time where all of my favorite characters are on, and Ill miss all of that good RP. I understand if this doesn't work for the sole purpose of the fact that it was NLR but I hope whoever responds to this document has read it in its entirety. But with my unique circumstance and in the light of past statements by Roland about NLR  I could be unbanned. 

What could you have done better?: I could have done a lot better. I should have reread the rule so that this sort of thing doesn't happen. I should have known that code locks do infact kill you when you try them over and over.  But I thought this because of my unique circumstance. If I died in PVP or a RP related scenario I would never break the NLR rule. But since it wasn't either of those things I thought I was okay.

P.S: Thank you for reading the appeal, I just want clarification for the future and possibly be able to enjoy the weekend on this amazing server. Peace.

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Like said in the warning itself, NLR bans are not appealable. One thing you can do however is DM the gamemaster who issued you the warning and try to explain your side there.

With that being said,

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