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[Chernarus] for Friends and Foes alike.


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  • Emerald

Vasily's signature semi-angry voice could be heard come over the radio.
Hammers and hatchets could be heard being used quietly as he speaks.

"Priviet again friends and foes."
"My name as you very well may know, is Vasily."
"I have a message for the people in Polana, you can kick us out and you can lie about me."
"We have taken the kicks you have thrown our way, and when we stand up and do something about these lies you decide to interviene."
"You clearly have something to hide, but we do not."
"Currently we are in the process of rebuilding our gates and getting food to spread around the west."

"We refuse to live under the tyrants that so far have claimed the Eastern side of South Zagoria."
"Our problems as of this broadcast is not with the CLF, the Family in Solnichy or the Bar, so we encourage you to stay out of our political business."
"We do not plan to cause trouble on your land, but we will not hesitate to defend ourselves should push come to shove."

"I'm sure we all want what is best, we just have different ways of achieving our goals and a different vision for the people."

"Slava Freedom."

Transmission end.

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The distinct voice of Josh would come on

"Ahh Vasily, I know all about the tyranny of the Polana People."

"They've given me free food and protection against the Vyzov Fucks that chased me outta my fuckin' home in Gorka."

"I know full well of you and your people, the same people that are all about coming up at my doorstep and then taking whatever you wish from my safes and also harassing my Girlfriend in Berezino, knowing full well that I have no means to fight back against you other than harsh fuckin' vocabulary."

"You and your friends are nothing but a group of strong-arm People into giving you what you want and give nothing in return but hostilities and gunfire. you live off of the misery of Everyone around you and I'm sick of staying quiet about this shit."


"I fully stand behind the people of Polana in what they did to you, you people need to be taken down a notch and shown that you're just as fuckin' vulnerable as we all are!"

Transmission end.

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  • Emerald

Vasily's voice comes over once again

"Well Josh, i for one take pride in not hurting or harrassing women or children."

"You do nothing other then sit around and let people walk all over you, i have tried to give you advice to make you stand up for yourself and make you a more self respecting man"

"And it seems that you have caught on, i'm proud of you."

"But you for one should not say all we do is give Hostilities and Gunfire, we have shared as many good moments as bad"

"Or do i have to remind you about when i returned to Gorka to help you from the Vyzov?"

"Or maybe the time when i stood up for you in Berizeno when a man decided to try and start a fight with you?"

"Or how about the first time i found out you live in Gorka, you and Hailey never got hurt and we shared food, drinks and laughs."

"We have done more for you then you seem to comprehend, but it's good to see you've become a man instead of a boy."

"So come see me, and we can once again share a drink under the evening skies of Chernarus."

"At least before you decide to shoot at me, gentleman's offer."

Transmission end.

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  • Diamond

A familiar woman's voice might pipe over the frequency

Spero and the people of Polana would never quantify the things we've done for people as some sort of measly moral bargaining chip.

That being said, we donate appropriately. Food for the needy, bullets for the greedy.

Slava Chernarus.

The radio would cut

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  • Emerald

*A quiet barely recognizable voice comes over the radio*

Vasily?! Where is everyone? What happend last night? I can't see with my left eye! I need a doctor.. I'm at home. Please help me! 

*Fjords voice fades out and you can hear him starting to cry.*

I'm so sorry...

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  • Sapphire

*A deep breath could be heard over the radio as the transmission starts*

"Listen. And listen well... You are not going to fool anyone with what you are doing. At this point, I've seen and heard most of the shit that people waste their time, spewing out over the radio. Smear campaigns like this one are not the first ones I've heard, and it will surely not be my last. So what do you hope to achieve with your little speech here? Support? Disdain for Spero? I'll tell you one thing. Instead of trying to grasp for straws of support, which is what you are doing, let your actions speak for themselves. I can tell you now that your recent endeavours have spoken... loudly. Like with everyone in Chernarus, people will know what you do, who you are, and what you stand for, and make up their own minds about you. Just like I, and everybody else has."

*He releases the PTT*

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  • Diamond

*Sergei hits his push to talk and slightly slurs his words as bottles clanking together can be heard in the background with some russian music*

Eh what's going on comrades? Honestly maybe if people realized we need to work for each other instead of just those lucky few.

Honestly Maybe Alexei and Wynne should stop spending times holding hands under a tree and actually rub two shreds of intelligence together and actually not horde and work towards the betterment of our commune and our society.

They say they are a charity and help people but they only help those who they can use in some form or fashion they are no better than Governments making us all wage slaves to their profits.

Open your eyes bratir and embrace new society and the commune for us of society.

*He can be heard shouting and partying before the radio clicks off*

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  • Emerald

Vasily picks up the radio

"It is not a smear campaign my dear friend."

"It is the truth, you should open your eyes and see the things going on around you."

"The things we do are for our people's survival, such as yours."

"We are not much different, your people have just been around longer then ours."

"We haven't had the chance, but we have helped Spero where we could up until we were thrown out like trash."

"Surely a man such as yourself is smart enough to understand where i am coming from."

"Dasvidaniya for now."

Transmission end.

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  • Emerald

Radio clicks on

"Greed. A perfect segway there you bring, Wynne."

"Greed is something that the Spero earn the title for. Let's start with the facts."

"Not only was I former Spero, but I considered many of you close as family. Suddenly, I create my own group. Now you act like utter strangers and treat myself and Lion like trash alongside Thomas. Accusing us of things, pointing fingers based on rumors and word of mouth from SOME people that you chose to believe over people who've defended your people over and over again. Defending Polana, aiding them. I even went the extra mile and handed you ONE OF MY MEN that had been supplying people that were attacking Polana. I went out of my way to do this to express a token of good faith and to build trust among us that I didn't realize was gone the minute I'd left the Spero."

"Then, you come up to our camp and confront me claiming that more rumors have sprung up without any evidence or facts to do so. Business that you had NO involvement in to begin with considering it doesn't even involve Spero. You force us to move out of Polana based on these rumors and I know damn well that not all of your people agreed with that decision. But obviously you have some kind of vendetta against us being successful and doing well."

"We move to prove AGAIN our good intentions and what do you do when we do this? You attack my people, come up with a 6 car convoy and raid our new home of ALL our things. Things that you already have in surplus. Weapons that you already had, enough to supply this entire Oblast three times over and then some. You want to talk about greed? That's greed."

"Not only that, but when we went to confront the Doctors about these lies that they'd been telling you, you came and attacked us for it. When we weren't even the ones who pointed guns to begin with, we were shot at first. We came to talk to Dr.Williams. The kicker about that entire situation is that he claims none of his people never made any of these claims to you. So who's giving you these 'rumors' Wynne? Some of us are starting to believe your people made them up or you yourself made them up to have a reason to kick us out and then have us move far away so that you could do exactly what you did. Which was attack our place and strip one of my men naked with a bag over his head."

"I had faith in Spero back in Svetlo and even in Green Mountain but ever since Polana. You've changed what you were about, everything you stood for was thrown out the window. I do pray that your people aren't just blindly following you and realize that they should do their own investigating instead of just getting it from you because obviously it's created a conflict that could've been entirely avoided with a little more thorough investigations."

"As a matter of fact, I was informed by Thomas that you went down to the Lost Highway and spoke to Dima. Which rumors were claimed that we "Strong armed" them as well and when Dima was asked about these claims, he even told you himself that they weren't true. That we were allies and even suffered heavy causalities defending them against the Vyzov one night. You wanted an excuse to start a war, and you've started one. For what? More guns that you don't need? More ammunition that you don't need? Nails that you don't need? You're built up in Polana. You don't need those supplies and any supplies that you DO need. You have close to 20,000 rubles in your treasury to buy what you need. So don't try and take this moral high ground with us about right or wrong."

"Those in Spero who spent time with me, know what kind of person I am. So if they choose to believe whatever box and agenda you're trying to throw at us. That's on them, but I encourage them to think for themselves and do their own investigating into the matters in question. All this over rumors."

"You had my personal radio frequency and yet you chose to never contact me once. You chose to only face me in person in front of people for whatever reason. To gain witnesses to a conversation? Either way, my people are tired of helping you just to get shit on and accused of shit."

Radio turns off completely.

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  • Sapphire

*speaks into the radio*


Sounds like once more you are full of shit, 

Vas, it was your own people who sold you out for being a scum bag and a thief, your people have been holding people up and extorting them, so please stop with your utter bullshit propoganda, that is to be expected of someone as slimey as you. 

As for the people or sharing our load, we do that well enough, to those who deserve it, if you come to find trouble you will get it, if you come to find food you will also get it, I hear a lot of horse shit and hypocrisy, I would like to think you aren't stupid enough to believe your own lies. 

You were asked to leave because you attacked the people we call friends, you are a group of people who operate trying to bully or lie to people, this is not something I buy."


"If you have valid issues I am willing to hear them out, but I do not like it when sharks try to act as victims."


"Luka Novak, out" 

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  • Emerald

                       *Bart Turns the radio on*

The Knights Of Wynne will not prevail you are just a bunch of greedy people who are unjustly attacking people for no reason. Rude.  

                     *Bart listens for replies* 

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Nate would turn on the PTT

"I'm not quite sure who you are but I assume you are Russian yes? I don't much care for who you are or what your cause is about."

"Just know that soon you and all of your friends will be dead."

"As always, you know where to find us. But we never know where to find you... how annoying."

"Slava Spero"

Nate would release his PTT

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  • Diamond

*A Disappointed Russian can be heard talking* 

"You claim to be a charity and to feed the needy... But you were so quick to try and take MY FUCKING TOES because you think i had your husband?...Cease your delusions and your bold faced lies to all of Chernarus, starting your ethno state in Polana... holding me up for being a Russian... Some time soon your feeble capitalist ideals will come to be your undoing"

*A cork can be heard being popped from a bottle before the radio cuts out*

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  • Sapphire

*presses Into ptt*


We haven't claimed we are a charity in many many months I don't know who keeps feeding this lie, but let us dispel it for you. 

We are not a charity, but we are happy to help those who deserve it. 

Hope this clears things up for Russians with clogged ears. 

Also debil, I am a socialist. People in this group have different views, not many of them are capitalist.. But keep flapping gums, ano? 

*ends ptt*

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  • Titanium

Phil pushes the PTT

"I'm confused on who you people even are. You walk around like you're the saviors of Chernarus or some'tin but all you do is strong arm people. You remind me of the Mafioso back home, ya know? You give to those in need but where da hell you getting da goods, huh? It's funny that we, not me in particular, did so much for you and at the first hint of 'rumors' you ask us to pack up and leave, which we did in less than 24-hours. So let me tell you a story, alright? 

There was a mob boss in the heart of the Bronx, his name was Carbone. This boss he was decent, ya know? Plumber by trade. Well anyways, the boss claimed he was like a modern day Robin Hood, walkin around in da streets, givin away what he could sellin what he couldn't for a profit. Well eventually, people found out that he was sellin and makin more than he was given, and perception of tha Don changed rapidly, ya see? It changed so much that a new Don came into tha scene, alright? an his entire premise or design of his crew, his group, his bangas... was to simply fuck'up the false savior of the Bronx... an in time he did just dat, ya see?

So my advice, shudafuck'up and don't be a Carbone."

Phil releases the PTT

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  • MVP

A female voice with a chernarussian accent can be heard on the radio. She speaks calm but sounds genuinely disappointed.


“Ryker. I hope you’ll hear that or if you don’t at this point I just feel other people should know, too. When I had been over at your place I really thought you were a good man. And I really wanted to believe in what the cards had told me. However, with what happened yesterday I have to say I’m really disappointed. 

I wanted to help you get to the bottom of those rumours. I truly wanted to believe that you are a good person and I still believe you have some good men among you - but you made a really stupid decision. 

I’m disappointed because I wanted to help you. And I thought we had a mutual understanding. But instead you turn to someone else and I honestly do not believe they will help you solve things in a peaceful manner. 

You try to call the people of Polana out and say they betrayed you. That they are greedy. That they started a conflict that could have been avoided when you just did the same. 

I said at the camp in Polana that my favourite card is ‘Justice’ because there are consequences to the choices we make. And you chose. I hope you are prepared to deal with the consequences.” 

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  • MVP

*He chuckles for a moment before speaking into his radio*

”I find all of this ironic Ryker. That you of all people are trying to preach about greed. YOU went on a witch hunt for your gear the day your place was broken into around the time you broke off from Spero. YOU are the one that would come into Polana or into the Spero frequency and question whether or not your place had been hit in the process, even while we were STILL FIGHTING. You don’t have a leg to stand on to preach about greed when you yourself are just as greedy as anyone else in this world. The only difference being is that Spero will actually give goods out to people that need them where as you hide it for yourself behind walls.”


*He takes a moment to rub his chest and cough before continuing*

”What is the saying? You reap what you sow? You and your people have taken action that has gotten you to where you are now. You say you offered up one of your men for supplying Russians but what’s funny is your own men were spotted working with Russians yesterday. Whether it was you or your men willingly allowed these people to hold hostages in your compound and then you proceeded to follow them to Pusta where more hostages were taken. Neither you or your men can preach anything about what Spero does within their home.”


*He coughs loudly again, cursing to himself*

”The actions being taken against you were caused by you and your people alone. Not Spero, not the doctors, YOU. You have abandoned the people that would have died to help you. That is the choice you made and the consequences of your actions will be made clear soon enough.”


*He sighs and releases his PTT*

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  • Emerald

*loud Mikey noises can be heard before his voice comes through the radio*


”whomst is this? Ryker, we gave you an option to leave peacefully and leave things as that but you decided to do quite the opposite. What’s the saying? Talk shit get hit? You talked the shit and then you got the hit. That’s the way the world works bub. Don’t go around playing the victim. Also, stop whinging and playing the victim. You know full well this is the result of the consequences of your action and those under your command. Take responsibility for once like a man.” 


*the sound of pills and a fart can be heard before they’re both cut out by the sound of screeching birds as a thunder strike rumbles through. Mikey would let out a reeee before the radio cuts silent*

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  • Emerald

Riggs' voice would come over the radio, with a slight chuckle.

"Oh, so I see, Mr. Vasilly did nothing. Well I can assure you that Mr. Jan of your little cesspool informed me the night of the robbery of not only the bar, but the people of Cherno. 

You would hear a lighter spark and a couple audible deep inhales and exhales

You guys stole the bar's car and used it to attack Cherno, which are people you claim to be protecting. The same day your men were caught with their pants down in Cherno talking to the nice people. Vysov came and shot every single one of the blue armbands that was there. I was there to see it myself, the difference is I was still kicking. You guys claim to be nice people, helping people with food and other supplies. What you fail to say is that you guys leech off of the wonderful people of South Zagoria, strong arming them with your big dick energy and big guns that you don't exactly know how to use. 

Riggs would laugh

You guys are just fucking pathetic to be honest, talking like your the victim to gain peoples trust. It is truly sad.

I want all the smoke, I won't run from it. If there is a fight expect the last thing for you to see, a red jacket.

A slight cough would be heard


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  • Emerald

Vasily picks up his radio

"Not once have I said that i am innocent."

"Mr. Riggs you are doing a piss-poor attempt at putting words in my mouth, it would probably work better were you actually a proper adult."

"But you are not, you are another child soldier for the army that Spero has drawn in with their illusions and selfishness."

"Don't mistake my statements for anger, they are quite the opposite."

"There is no need for you swinging your cock around, but you need to see the people you have lost from your town."

"The Bar had vehicles that we desperately needed, so i decided to put my people before them to make sure we could achieve what we were out to do."

"Mind you, we took one out of four. A crime indeed, but if anything a petty crime that should have been solved with words instead of violence."

"As for the people in Chernogorsk, one of them aimed a rifle at me and got shot. You cannot convince me Self Defense is not alright."

"We are no different then others, but you are clinging onto anything and everything you can to try and antagonize the people who have served under your command and helped you."

"And Mr. Riggs, stay away from the smoke. I do not wish to harm Women and Children as i do suprisingly have morals."

"Dasvidaniya, and Slava Freedom."

Transmission end.

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  • Diamond

*Jan Grabs his radio and takes a hit before responding*

Ya'll sound like fucking kindergarteners, like holy shit just shut the fuck up.

Seriously who Gives a damn about who has this or that. Just be a decent human being tell the truth and have a drink.

Riggs you kinda flipped the order there the car was stolen after Cherno kind of reversed the order, come have a drink with me at the bar sometime soon.

Its the only place I find any rest nowadays.

*Jan sets his radio down and listens for replies and drinks another whiskey sour*

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