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[Chernarus] A call of hope, a call for Whisky


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*I hold King's radio close to my mouth, speaking softly*
If anyone can hear me... please forgive me.
*I squeeze the radio, clenching my teeth for insatiable hunger*
I will not make it friend, i will not... i'm sorry that i could not make... so as you
*I take a deep breath, trying to find some air from all the pain*
Gavicenelle King, that was his name... he died first... he tryied to save me by giving his flesh, but i cannot hold any longer
*I release the button, a second later i take a deep breath and press the button again*
If anyone can hear me, forgive me, but spread this message... i do not have enought time, my name is Keeper, Gavi King gave his life and i could not make it, but find a name who call's himself Whisky, he was a lone rider friend of King, last time they talked was about twenty when he arrived with me and walked from Vybor to Gorka, tell him that we tried, tell that he could not make it.
*A deep breath can be heard*
If anyone come to Gorka, there's gonna be enough equip for three people, there's medical supplies such as gun's, make a good use, i will no longer be here to use it

I will find King in afterlife, spread the message to get to Whisky...

*The sound of the falling radio can be heard and after a few minutes, static*

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