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Knight Medical [IC Recruitment/Selective OOC]


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“In the howling darkness of the end, men will become monsters, but hope will ride with those courageous enough to carry the flame.”


     Knight Medical was formed June 14th, 2012. The company was a subsidiary of a PMC organization known as Gryphon International. Initially finding great success in the Private Military Sect, Gryphon International expanded its horizons, looking for new ways to generate revenue and put more money in the pockets of its founders, and its soldiers. Thus Knight Medical was born.


     While a young company, they were immediately working alongside other companies, conducting research into current threats around the world. Ebola, the Zika Flu, the Frenzied Flu. All major infections and diseases that the company focused their research on. While publicly, the company was regarded well in the international health community. They aided in many breakthroughs in research, particularly in the early days of the Frenzied Flu epidemic.


     Once a vaccine was engineered by the German company “Nozzby”, Knight Medical focused its attention elsewhere, deeming the Frenzied Flu no longer a priority for research. 



     In March of 2020, with the beginning of the third wave of the Frenzied Flu, Knight Medical reopened its research into the Frenzied Flu. They detached multiple teams of researchers to several locations. Livonia, Cernyelen, Takistan, and Chernarus, all areas where the infection had a significant impact.


     These teams came at a significant cost for both Knight and Gryphon. The assets and money required to send researchers and guards into these areas was significant, not to mention, dangerous. With the threat of infection, and the dangers of civilians rioting in many of these areas, each team was small, but well protected. Escorted by operations from Gryphon International.


     As time wore on, many of the less successful teams were extracted from their sites. The research and data they collected bore little sign of success and they weren’t worth the cost of maintaining. By the end of April, the only research team left was the team dispatched to Chernarus. Funding was limited, and as time wore on, the team received less and less communication from their headquarters in the US.


     The last message dispatched to the team was a call for them to send any and all remaining data back to headquarters, and to purge their computers. They haven’t been contacted since.


Alone and Forsaken

     Left in Chernarus, the team set out together. While protected by their guards, slowly but surely the team began to fracture. Some killed by the infected, others separated in crowds of rioters and other survivors. By the end, they were all alone, lone survivors alongside everyone else, stranded.


     Among these lone survivors was Senior Researcher, Andrew Williams. After being separated from the rest of his team, he made his way to the Vybor safe zone, working to aid the R.A.C. with medical assistance and infection screening of survivors entering the camp. 


     As time wore on, and the Vybor camp became more and more dangerous, he moved to Berezino, continuing to provide medical assistance for other survivors in the wasteland. 


Faraway Places

     All was not well, the team was also split with Micha and another Doctor going to Belozersk to collect samples from the infected for cross-examination. It was during that time he would be stranded with the collapse of Governmental Forces & left to make his way back to South-Zagoria on his own following the Burnaya River, though he would make it back after the winter thaw.


Beacon of Hope

     As the warmth of Summer faded into the cold of Winter, Drew came across a new group of doctors, researchers, people who were fighting to help others in the harsh new world, Asclepius Research and Healthcare. Quickly joining the group, Drew took his place among the ranks, not only continuing his research into the infection, but helping other survivors brought to the hospital. He found friends in many of the members of the hospital, finding a new family in the entire group. Hope seemed to have finally returned to the lone doctor's life.


     This was not to last. As time grew on, the hospital began to make enemies. Not only out of their own actions, but through the actions of others, until finally it all boiled over.


Lost Faith

     As warmth began to return to Chernarus, Drew began to see more and more of the issues within the hospital. This culminated when the hospital was driven out of their home in Berezino, forced to live a life on the run. Drew didn’t agree with the actions of Asclepius, hating their choices to fight those who don’t wish to fight them. Falsely accusing old friends of actions against them. It drove him to betrayal. He sent information to other groups, protecting those he cared for, until that was ripped away from him.


     Drew abandoned the hospital, a friend dead, and a group he once considered family left to hunt him to the ends of the earth.



     Drew knew what he needed. It had been nearly a year since they had separated, but he knew where to find them. In his time away from the group, he began to seek out lost members of Knight Medical, he sought them out and gathered them, bringing about the rebirth of Knight Medical.


-Maintain Operational Security [Permanent]


-Potentially develop a new vaccine/cure for the Frenzied Flu [Ongoing]

-Sub Goal: Locate remaining vaccines in South Zagoria and secure a small portion for the purposes of research [Ongoing]

-Sub Goal: Recruit a Virologist [Ongoing, Est day 350]

-Sub Goal: Acquire Research equipment for the research encampment

-Sub Goal: Locate any and all remaining F13 Canisters in the region and secure them [Day 350] - [1/X Located]


-Create a strong alliance to support select groups within South Zagoria [Day 300]

-Sub Goal: Establish a trade of Medical supplies for food and weapons to arm the security team and provide for the needs of staff [Day 300]


-Locate any remnants of the former Asclepius Research and Healthcare and ensure they are no longer a threat, recruit them, or eliminate them [Indefinite]



Completed Goals



-Make contact with the Takistan Research Team. [Day 300] Completed - Day 268

-Reunite all missing members of the Chernarussian Research Team [5/5] [Ongoing]  Completed - Day 266

-Establish a main base of operations to conduct research into the infection [Day 295] Completed - Day 269

-Seek peace or victory over the former Asclepius Research and Healthcare, whether through negotiation, direct interference, or open conflict. [Indefinite] Failed. Group defeated by other forces.



-Create a medical group with a focus more on research into the infection itself, rather than medical treatment

-Continue the story lines of former members of other groups


Drew Williams - @JasonBR

Michail Petrov - @ToastyMedic

Edward McGrath - @XxGrAipYyxX

Tommy Rordan - @SpookyBug

Jakov Cvek - @TaniksBR

Leonid Vorobev - @8Dust8


Recruitment is done near exclusively ICly, however there are some OOC exceptions

For questions on OOC recruitment, DM @JasonBR



(Huge thanks to @ToastyMedic for the graphics. Goals, roster, and page layout will be updated over the coming days.)

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Medical Groups beefing this could be interesting.  Please for the love of God though please, PLEASE don't build another hub in the east. best of Luck Lads.

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2 minutes ago, KermieSB said:

Medical Groups beefing this could be interesting.  Please for the love of God though please, PLEASE don't build another hub in the east. best of Luck Lads.

No plans for a hub, only a base. Thank you!

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Thread looking good, i like it fellas!

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Now, THIS is an extremely interesting turn of events! 

Doctor Vs. Doctor PvP montage when? But in all seriousness, this looks like it could create a good RP line for many groups, as well as deciding (via IC) which doctors to support! 

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Looks interesting, looking forward to when our groups meet 😉

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Looking good boys

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Don't leave me with the other williams! Don't do this to me  😞 

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Good luck with this group!

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Group looks good. Best of luck with this guys! Can't wait to see all the medical groups going full out war on one another... it's gonna be great 😂!

Chicago Med Fight GIF by Wolf Entertainment


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Woo woo! More medical staff makes for higher chance of survival in this world! Great choice yall! Good luck out there.

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Great to see this pop up 

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i don't remember working under a pmc..


jokes aside ,

Good luck fellas 😄

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  • Emerald

Can't wait to see how this goes

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Always received top notch RP from you, Jason. Excited to see where you take this.

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Minor page update. New goal, completed a goal, added @8Dust8's character formally to the group.

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GL with the group, looks cool.

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One again, minor page update. New goals. 

New logo in voting.


At the request of @Niller this may be the new logo for the group.


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2 minutes ago, JasonBR said:

At the request of @Niller this may be the new logo for the group.


I am indeed a fan of this fine piece of art.

This post was made by the members of MS Paint gang.

I have enjoyed the Roleplay i've experienced from you guys so far, keep up the good work.

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