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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-04 22:15

Dynamic Events - PLIKT / Contracts
ONGOING | 2021-08-04 21:30:00 (server time) | Ends in 14 minutes | Nyheim City

S1 - Griefing, Impersonation, Metagaming - 18/02/21


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Server and location: S1 Solnichniy Docks

Approximate Time and Date of the Incident: Thursday, February 18th between 10am Server Time and 7pm Server Time (Approximately)

Your in Game Name: Deborah Siskoh

Names of Allies Involved: Anthony “AWOL” Khachatryan @GunterThePenguin

Name of Suspect/s: Unsure, video evidence and logs will show.

Friendly/Enemy Vehicles Involved: Friendly red gunter was stolen from our garage, and seems to have been used in the Cherno portion of the rule breaks. Other vehicles were involved at other points. 

Additional Evidence: This is a link to a video that was found on YouTube, which clearly shows edited portions of longer video recordings. It appears to be taken from the viewpoint of one of the raiders, specifically the one who launched the rocket and griefed the blue tent outside of the warehouse. I don't where any other parts of the recording might be, or who might have them. It is not my personal recording.

Detailed Description of the Events: Deebs woke up and jogged down to the warehouse where she was told by a member of El Familia, Anthony “AWOL” Khachatryan, that he had found one of the warehouse walls broken down earlier in the day. AWOL said that he had repaired the wall best he could with the supplies we had on hand, and mentioned to Deebs that we’d need to find a replacement canopy tent to put in the outdoor seating area, since the one that had been out there had been stolen by whoever broke in. Deebs got on the radio to talk with Hector about the situation and come up with a plan for acquiring a new tent for the patio, before taking a nap before what was likely a long run down to the merchant west of Kamanka, since our car had also been stolen. 

Earlier today I found out that the warehouse had been raided and that the wall had already been repaired - it happens from time to time, and it wasn’t a big deal as the damage had already been repaired. A little while later it was brought to my attention by another member of the community that there was a video showing the raid from the raider’s perspective. Unfortunately, in this video several potential rule breaks can be found. 

Griefing: At the very beginning of the video it is clear that the raiders make no effort to empty the blue canopy tent and move it or steal it before blowing their way into the base. There was absolutely no need to destroy the container and its contents, as there were several other containers very nearby that had plenty of space available to store both the blue canopy tent and everything that was inside of it. There was a mostly empty green caravan on the docks, another partially full blue canopy tent in front of the main door to the warehouse, and another almost entirely empty caravan beside the road in front of the warehouse compound. All told there were hundreds of empty spaces of storage available to put the blue canopy tent and its contents into if the raiders didn’t want either, and most of those available storage spaces were likely visible from right where the rocket was launched, and absolutely were visible from the general area around where the rocket was launched. 

Impersonation: Around 0:45 in the video, after the cut-away saying five minutes later, the video shows that one of the raiders is now wearing an El Familia armband while he and others from his group are negotiating with other characters in what appears to be the Cherno Island compound. The voice over makes it very clear that he is pleased and amused that the characters they are interacting with are freely giving over parts for vehicles, which they intend to use to steal the vehicles belonging to the very same people who just handed over the parts. Given that El Familia has interacted with Cherno Island compound in the past, and did so on good enough terms that Deebs was provided with a tour of the compound and invited to their bar for drinks, I strongly suspect that the raiders were using the armband (and perhaps additional roleplay, which was clipped from this edited video) to impersonate El Familia in order to get the car parts from the people in the compound without using force. Given that the vehicles were then stolen, and at 1:37 you can see that the driver stealing the vehicle still has the El Familia armband on while stealing the car, this could certainly bring harm to El Familia’s reputation with the Cherno Island Compound, which is currently on peaceful terms with us. 

Metagaming: Throughout the video you can see many occasions where the player who is recording it shares important IC information over OOC voice that clearly wasn’t also spoken in game. This is especially noticeable when he and several others from his group are talking about the characters on their screen and immediately around them having voluntarily handed over car parts which would then be used to steal vehicles - clearly an important part of coordinating the heist - and something that surely would have impacted the outcome of events if the characters around them had rightfully heard what should have been said in game. I understand that sometimes mistakes happen, and sometimes a person thinks they’re double-mic’ing messages when they’re not, or they’re double-mic’ing nearly all of the in character messages and one or two slip past, but this appears to be a blatant and repeated behavior to keep information away from other characters who are being interacted with, while providing that same information to other members of his raiding group so that they can coordinate their actions. 

Edit To Add: Given the number of potential rule breaks involved, as well as the number of people involved, I will only be responding to Staff requests and posts. 

Edited by K2U
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@Nonplayer Please provide the names of all of those that participated in the raid with you, as well as accompanied you to Cherno Island. Please upload the complete footage of your montage.

Log pull will follow.

Do not post unless you were directly involved with either the raiding itself, or the conversation on Cherno Island where the alleged impersonation occured.


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El Familia base

Position logs


17:07:50 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<13199.6, 7425.3, 2.2>) 
17:12:49 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<13527.1, 6354.8, 3.0>) 
17:17:48 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<13522.2, 6367.8, 3.1>) 
17:22:48 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<13396.8, 5769.7, 5.7>) 

17:02:51 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<13050.3, 7684.3, 5.5>) 
17:07:50 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<13396.9, 6688.5, 5.4>) 
17:12:49 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<13528.6, 6357.8, 3.0>) 
17:17:48 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<13503.9, 6370.2, 3.1>) 
17:22:48 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<13397.6, 5770.4, 5.7>)

17:07:50 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<13043, 7788.6, 5.6>) 
17:12:49 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<13526.5, 6370.8, 3.0>) 
17:17:48 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<13514.2, 6356.5, 3.1>) 
17:22:48 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<13397.5, 5769.6, 5.7>)

17:02:51 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<13051.1, 7692.4, 5.5>) 
17:07:50 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<13401, 6685.4, 5.4>) 
17:12:49 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<13538.2, 6361.7, 3.0>) 
17:17:48 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<13511.8, 6366.3, 3.1>) 
17:22:48 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<13396.9, 5770.5, 5.7>) 

Chernogorsk Island

Hit logs


18:09:48 | Player "Damek Novaki" hit by is unconscious
18:10:36 | Player "Damek Novaki" hit by regained consciousness

Chat logs


17:33:28 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "We hide car somewhere"
17:42:29 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "This tent is very supportive"
17:42:44 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "I do not understand the cowboy"
17:49:00 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Hello"
17:49:05 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Why are you hiding"
17:49:13 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Ok"
17:49:51 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "I thought they were dead"
17:50:22 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Yeah they aren't Jesus monkeys they are Russian monkeys"
17:50:49 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "No no, there was man in caravan, he said he was just in his head"
17:50:55 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "There he is"
17:51:58 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "It is a bit cold for a tshirt"
17:53:36 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Cowboy man"
17:53:47 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "You are actual real life cowboy?"
17:54:04 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Yes I know of this place"
17:54:10 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Which state are you from?"
17:54:27 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Ah yes, bible people are there"
17:55:06 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Yes. jesus was a jew, always remember that"
17:55:14 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Americans forget he was Jew"
17:55:53 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Yes, bible belt place is breeding ground for people like that"
17:56:04 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "I have met some crazies from there"
17:56:26 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "They tried preaching here and converting the churches"
17:56:30 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "It was weird"
17:56:38 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "They got shot"
17:56:52 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Preaching during apocalypse"
17:56:55 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Kind of stupid"
17:57:14 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Large fat bald american man and his followers"
17:57:27 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "They even tried to save the infected people"
17:57:54 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Do you have problem with killing infected?"
17:58:16 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "If they are still somewhere deep inside, I also wonder"
17:58:34 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "I still just shoot them anyway"
17:59:02 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Sometimes I feel bad about the women and children infected"
17:59:13 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Some hot women are now infected"
17:59:25 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "I am just saying"
17:59:28 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "It is a shame"
17:59:45 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Him I guess"
18:00:04 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Very right yes"
18:00:24 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "What is this?"
18:00:39 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "You said you are pacifist lady, yes?"
18:00:56 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "How do you feel about shooting infected"
18:01:10 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "What if they are chasing you"
18:01:18 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Ah, so you still kill them"
18:01:41 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Hm, fair enough. Just interesting to get point of view"
18:01:44 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "
18:01:53 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Oh, interesting"
18:02:00 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Like experiment?"
18:02:15 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "You found anything interesting so far?"
18:03:11 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "You know the story of the infected bar tender up near Tisy?"
18:03:32 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Some soldiers caputered two infected"
18:03:44 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "And used electro shock torture"
18:03:51 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "To train them to serve drinks"
18:04:10 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "How much treatment is really involved in electrocuting somthing"
18:04:24 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "It was probably torture, lets be honest here"
18:04:36 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Anyway, they managed to train it to server drinks"
18:05:58 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "My name is Kammy"
18:06:05 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "What is yours cowboy"
18:06:24 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "I must also catch up with them, I will see you Skeeter"
18:06:37 | Chat("Kamil Novak"): "Nice hood"

Position logs


17:32:46 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<6453.7, 2620.4, 9.9>) 
17:37:45 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<6812.2, 2572.1, 3.0>) 
17:42:44 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<6823.1, 2566.2, 6.1>) 
17:47:43 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<6833.2, 2490.6, 3.3>) 
17:52:43 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<6821.2, 2509.4, 3.0>) 
17:57:42 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<6822.1, 2563.0, 3.0>) 
18:02:41 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<6751.6, 2494.1, 3.0>) 
18:07:40 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<6816.7, 2697.3, 3.0>) 
18:12:39 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" (pos=<5852.7, 2197.5, 8.9>) 

17:32:46 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<6454.7, 2620.6, 9.9>) 
17:37:45 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<6813.3, 2571.8, 3.0>) 
17:42:44 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<6821.9, 2566.3, 6.1>) 
17:47:43 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<6832.1, 2504.2, 3.0>) 
17:52:43 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<6738.6, 2521.8, 3.4>) 
17:57:42 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<6789.4, 2511.4, 3.0>) 
18:02:41 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<6789.1, 2703.3, 3.0>) 
18:07:40 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<6792.7, 2706.6, 3.0>) 
18:12:39 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" (pos=<6278.3, 2616.6, 8.9>) 

17:32:46 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<6454.2, 2620.0, 9.9>) 
17:37:45 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<6815.6, 2568.1, 3.6>) 
17:42:44 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<6821.7, 2565.2, 6.1>) 
17:47:43 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<6821.5, 2504.8, 3.0>) 
17:52:43 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<6803.7, 2510.2, 3.0>) 
17:57:42 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<6798.6, 2648.3, 3.0>) 
18:02:41 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<6788.5, 2701.8, 3.0>) 
18:07:40 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<6792.1, 2706.3, 3.0>) 
18:12:39 | Player "Damek Novaki" (pos=<5859.4, 2191.6, 9.0>) 

17:32:46 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<6454.2, 2621.0, 9.9>) 
17:37:45 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<6809.1, 2573.4, 6.4>) 
17:42:44 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<6821.7, 2567.6, 6.0>) 
17:47:43 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<6822.2, 2505.8, 3.0>) 
17:52:43 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<6803.3, 2508.6, 3.0>) 
17:57:42 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<6801.0, 2513.7, 3.0>) 
18:02:41 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<6800.4, 2513.8, 3.0>) 
18:07:40 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<6789.7, 2702.8, 3.0>) 
18:12:39 | Player "Kamil Novak" (pos=<6278.8, 2616.2, 9.0>) 

17:32:46 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" (pos=<6833.4, 2523.7, 3.1>) 
17:37:45 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" (pos=<6815.2, 2561.6, 6.5>) 
17:42:44 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" (pos=<6813.9, 2560.5, 6.0>) 
17:47:43 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" (pos=<6831.7, 2502.3, 3.0>) 
17:52:43 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" (pos=<6821.2, 2507.9, 3.0>) 
17:57:42 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" (pos=<6799.6, 2512.6, 3.0>) 
18:02:41 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" (pos=<6741.6, 2494.1, 3.0>) 
18:07:40 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" (pos=<6806.7, 2554.1, 3.0>) 
18:12:39 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" (pos=<6799.6, 2546.6, 3.1>) 

17:32:46 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" (pos=<6813.5, 2552.2, 3.0>) 
17:37:45 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" (pos=<6813.5, 2552.2, 3.0>) 
17:42:44 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" (pos=<6815.3, 2561.6, 6.6>) 
17:47:43 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" (pos=<6820.9, 2506.1, 3.0>) 
17:52:43 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" (pos=<6757.9, 2481.3, 3.2>) 
17:57:42 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" (pos=<6804.5, 2508.7, 3.0>) 
18:02:41 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" (pos=<6799.3, 2514.4, 3.0>) 
18:07:40 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" (pos=<6809.0, 2554.0, 3.0>) 
18:12:39 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" (pos=<6788.2, 2510.7, 3.0>) 

17:32:46 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6825.9, 2540.7, 3.3>) 
17:37:45 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6850.1, 2560.9, 3.3>) 
17:42:44 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6847.7, 2558.5, 4.0>) 
17:47:43 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6848.1, 2555.8, 4.0>) 
17:52:43 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6802, 2509.6, 3.0>) 
17:57:42 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6805.1, 2591.1, 3.0>) 
18:02:41 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6792.6, 2499.7, 3.0>) 
18:07:40 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6806.0, 2552.5, 3.0>) 
18:12:39 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6797.3, 2546.8, 3.2>) 
18:17:39 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" (pos=<6808.4, 2514.8, 3.2>) 

Connection logs of both locations


17:04:37 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" is connected
19:23:43 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" has been disconnected
19:28:38 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" is connected
23:33:21 | Player "Radzig Kobyla" has been disconnected

16:26:32 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" is connected
19:23:43 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" has been disconnected
20:00:30 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" is connected
23:22:49 | Player "Ondrej Novotnych" has been disconnected

17:01:08 | Player "Damek Novaki" is connected
18:36:12 | Player "Damek Novaki" has been disconnected
18:36:25 | Player "Damek Novaki" is connected
19:23:43 | Player "Damek Novaki" has been disconnected

17:03:36 | Player "Kamil Novak" is connected
17:43:42 | Player "Kamil Novak" has been disconnected
17:43:48 | Player "Kamil Novak" is connected
18:31:48 | Player "Kamil Novak" has been disconnected
18:31:56 | Player "Kamil Novak" is connected
19:23:43 | Player "Kamil Novak" has been disconnected

16:07:29 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" is connected
18:14:46 | Player "Montgomery Huneycutt" has been disconnected

17:02:28 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" is connected
18:20:47 | Player "Magen Shae Holzer" has been disconnected

17:14:40 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" is connected
18:39:34 | Player "Dima Dobrovolny" has been disconnected


Calling in the following people for their full and detailed POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have:

@K2U | Deborah Siskoh | OP

@Nonplayer | Radzig Kobyla | POSTED
@Hanro | Ondrej Novotnych | POSTED
@SynO | Damek Novaki | POSTED
@Kordruga | Kamil Novak | POSTED

Please provide a POV of your interaction at Chernogorsk Island with the above players wearing the El Familia armband:

@InvalidCat | Montgomery Huneycutt | POSTED
@MagenShae | Magen Shae Holzer | POSTED
@Griffin | Dima Dobrovolny | POSTED

Also name all people that were involved in the situation that have not yet been called in yet.

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Good day people of DayZRP. The people who participated in the "CLF And The Case Of The Missing Loot" video are as follows: The people in the warehouse raid were: @SynO, @Hanro and @Kordruga. The same very people were in the car heist as well. Regarding the full unedited footage I have deleted it after making the video as it was bunch of shadow play recording that took my precious SSD space. And as I have a 125gb SSD I wanted to preserve space.


Me and my CLF compadres were in need of medical supplies and a vehicle so we decided to raid a warehouse in Solnichniy. We do so, take the car and go on our way to hit the next target. We arrive at the Chernogorsk island location, park our car away and notice a garage with a few cars parked. As we were out of explosives we plan a heist how to steal the cars. We bruteforce the locks and go ahead to talk with the people there. While there we get the people to help us with engine parks, they give us parts and we execute the heist and steal the cars and drive away.

And now to address the allegations:

Griefing: We moved the contents of the tent to another container afterwards. We did not expect the tent to go down therefore we did not make the effort to put the tent down.

Impersonation: I have found the armband on a dead person in front of the warehouse. I put in on because it looks pretty cool and it made my character look intimidating having a skull on his armband. I have never throughout my presence in the that compound claimed to be a member of El Familia therefore it is not an impersonation in my opinion. Also to add to that I did not know that the armband belongs to a specific group.

Metagaming: The OOC chatter was done on purpose to provide comedic value to the video which was supposed to be a private video. The IC radio broadcasts were done shortly after to keep the game fair and avoiding breaking any of the server rules.

@K2U With all due respect I strongly believe this report is very unnecessary and I am willing to clean up any misconceptions in a voice call on a third party platform. With or without staff overlooking the conversation. Have a wonderful Morning/Day/Evening.

Edited by Nonplayer
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Due to medical reasons, I have recorded a brief audio summary of my POV. I apologise for any inconvience this may cause, and if at any point you need me to clarify, please let me know. WARNING: when you click on the link, your computer will download the mp3, however I assure you it is only an mp3, and it has been verified by the staff. Thank you, and have a nice day! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/812363492719067166/812363518220697620/InvalidCatReportAudio.mp3

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Whatsup fellas, It's Syn0 here in another report. The weather is currently very cold, but enough of that, back to the report. 

The homies and I were looking for places to raid and we remember that last time we raided, we raided El Familia and we thought "Alright, they've probably stocked up on some stolen Chernarussian equipment that the Front could be using" such as Cars, Weapons and Ammunition. So we went towards their base in Solnichy and began to think about options going in, as we see there's a tent infront of the base and if i remember, correct me if i'm wrong, using tents infront of gates into bases are not allowed. But we decided to blow it up anyway and I personally was surprised to see the tent get destroyed since i honestly didn't know it would. Once we got inside we decided to repurpose their stolen Chernarussian equipment, I personally made sure that all stuff that were in the tent were places in an inventory space nearby so we didn't leave any equipment on the ground.

For the impersonation accusations that were pushed against us, we never specifically told anyone we were apart of or affiliated with the El Familia when @Nonplayerput the armband on, to be quite frank with you all I still thought they had the old armband and didn't even know they used a new one with a skull, so i thought it was some random armband with a cool skull on it. When we arrived in Chernogorsk we never stated who we were with at all, I told them we were local countrymen of Chernarus and nothing else. We decided it'd be a smart idea to use logic instead of violence for once, so we began friendly talk with them and got their "trust" in a way and told them that we were in need spark-plugs. Whilst @Kordrugaand @Hanrowere talking to them I bruteforced the lock to get the other cars, and we did it with success.

To be clear on the Metagaming information, there was no-one around us at the time at all and we were speaking ingame before the heist started, but refering to @Nonplayer's post, we did transfer information to eachother after the heist aswell, even if no one was around. Because that's what good Roleplayers do. 

That's all for my POV roleplayers, I will not be responding to any questions from the OP or anyone else but the staff



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Hello @Basko & @Rover

PoV: We needed some supplies and decided to hit up a base in Solinichy. We find some dead dude outside the front door and I take a few things from him. @Nonplayer blows open the door and we enter a base that's absolutely filled to the brim with stuff. At least 10 lockers, several tents and barrels among other racks and containers. It was insane. Anyway, I take a plate carrier and some random RP notes to be assessed at a later date. @Nonplayer then sticks a bomb on the warehouse containing a car, we put some stuff in it and leave. We head to Chernogorsk because of a prior radio broadcast announcing some people lived down there. Upon arrival, we are let in and I start talking to @InvalidCat & @MagenShae as the others work on stealing their cars. I had discord muted for much of this as I was trying to hold the attention of these two and distract them from my friends who were working on stealing their cars. So I create some small talk to kill some time. Eventually, one of my boys comes over and tells me it's time to go so I hop in a car and leave. Several hours later we return in a chopper to talk to these people again and announce who exactly we are to gauge their response but no one is home. We blow open some doors and grab some things for our homies and fly away. Just want to make it clear that our first encounter with these people and their place did not involve any raiding. We got parts for their cars by asking them for the parts and they provided. Only in the second encounter hours later did we raid anything. 

End of PoV

I'd like to give my opinion on some points made by @K2U

Griefing. That tent you had put up at the front door had a maximum of maybe 8 boiled tomatoes. Nothing inside of it will be missed, unless you adore boiled tomatoes and they are a key aspect of your RP. Furthermore after looking back at it, not only did @Nonplayer probably not know that the explosion would collapse the tent, it could almost be considered bait as anyone blowing into that base would basically have to destroy the tent, hence why we're here. It's a bit absurd that you would report for a handful of boiled tomatoes and a tent, c'mon now lets be real. Just replace it with one of the 30+ containers from inside the base. 

Impersonation. @Nonplayer found the armband on the dead guy. He took it because it had a skull on it, he's a simple man. @K2U are you really trying to say that we were supposed to know of your groups involvement with the people at this camp? Also, throughout this whole situation, your group was never named, nor did we directly do anything hostile or defacing to this camp to tarnish your group. 

Metagaming. I myself did not metagame, nor do I believe that any of my friends did. Most of our conversations we had ICly and it wasn't only until we were away from the other party did any information get shared OOCly. To my knowledge of the rules, this is fine: 
3.6 Using OOC communications like Discord, TeamSpeak or others to transmit or receive information related to in game situations is only allowed when you have a personal radio item in your inventory. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio - for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F1 or F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory - you may not receive or transmit any in game information through OOC communications. While in presence of other players all such communication should also be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. This means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously.


I'm happy to answer any further questions from both the reporting party, any others involved and of course, staff 🙂✌️💖

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Dima Dobrovolny's Pov: I had just woken up and hopped in the server when the accused were at our gates, I was answering Discord DM's when they were let in and shown around the compound so I was afk in one of our Caravans when one of them came up to me and asked why I was hiding. When I joined in the conversation with them they were asking Magen what we do at our settlement and while she was explaining that we are just a place for our doctors to provide medical attention and a place for travelers to rest and get a meal and some drinks two of the accused kept leaving the RP and going out to the garage outside the north end of the compound. I noticed the Familia armband and assumed it was atleast one El Familia Member but did not mention it ICly at all. They asked for a spark plug because "One of their idiot friends crashed their car on their way to Cherno" and then came back and asked for another spark plug and a radiator, I bring them a battery and a spark plug instead and offer them one of the cars they later stole, to which in my memory they never replied. After they got the spark plugs all rp ended and they left without issue, only to later come back to raid the compound while we were offline and all they seemed to take was the gun wall out of the bar because we had nothing else of value. 

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Apologies for the length, I though being thorough in this particular instance was important.


Magen's POV: As soon as I had gotten in game, I heard people talking at the gate, and went to the scaffolding on the side to see who had arrived. Upon moving up the scaffold, I saw a group of people standing on the tent in front of our gate that I did not recognize, though one of them was wearing the armband that I knew, but was unsure from which group they were in. They kept asking to be let in, followed by "Let us in, or we'll just jump in anyway", or something very close to that affect. They were visibly armed, and since I knew we had nothing of value in the base anyway, at least nothing that wasn't easily replaced, I allowed them in. I showed them around, though two of them kept running off, to a location unknown to me. One of them approached me, weapon still in hand, and kept asking "Who is the guy that keeps hiding?". I had no idea what he was talking about, as I had just gotten in game. Evidently it was Dima trying to do something RL, so he had gone AFK really quickly. In his own base, in his own caravan, so what their issue was with that is lost on me.

I was asked several times what we did at the base and I explained we were a medical facility that provided both physical and mental health treatments. I further explained that we also offered food, clothing, mechanical assistance, and a myriad of other services to anyone who requests it, especially those new to the area. I offered them food, medicines and asked if they needed anything else. They commented several times the base was nice, with one of them giving me a bit of history on the location. I was asked what I did there, and I explained I was a doctor, though I was a behavioral psychologist, I still had medical training. I explained several times the focus of our group was to provide assistance to those in need, and even mentioned to them that we did not keep military-grade weapons or armaments in the compound because of this.

After the conversation I had with the one using RP via text about my research, my character needed food so I ran over to my garden, obtained some food and returned. Upon return, I found them standing atop a shed in the back yard. They were inquiring about spark plugs with Dima, which Dima then offered to them after they explained their friend was on their way to pick them up, but crashed their car and needed replacement parts. They hopped off of the shed, and I followed them to the front gate as they left. 

The one which spoke most of the time, told me to close the gate and made some flippant remark about "bad people". I closed the door behind them, and they left.


A short time later, after logging out to fix my son something to eat, I received a bleep on Discord that our base had, yet again, been raided. When I logged in, I checked medical supplies, the armory (again, filled with nothing you couldn't find in a police station), as well as the storage sheds and found nothing missing, with the exception of the gun wall in the tavern. I had no idea it's value was that of a helicopter trip and two RPG grenades. Who knew.

-End of POV-

To address specifics: 

Impersonating - I saw the Familia armband, and although I did not know the name of the group, it was familiar to me as a friendly group, so I allowed them in. Dima is in charge of inter-group relations and communications and it is thus outside of my prevue as medical support staff, aside from knowing the colors of the "friendlies", as there is a rule against impersonation, so it never occurred to me to question it. 

Metagaming - First, the only thing I can speak to about this, is my own perspective. The only thing I can speak to is their interactions within my field of view. There were no text emotes regarding hand signals, so non-verbal communication was not used. The only conversations I heard were benign, and simplistic in questioning. Nothing nefarious was said in front of me, and their questions did not seem disingenuous.

Second, and more importantly. The issue I have is with the video posted. Please refer to these particular parts:

:48 - "He's giving us two sparkplugs"

:57 - "They're giving us sparks to steal their cars"

1:10 - "Enough for two cars and we know the lock as well"

1:18 - "He gave me, he gave me" (referring to the spark plugs)

These comments were said as two of the characters stood next to Dima. You can see it in their own video. They were letting their friends know , on the other side of the compound, OOC, that they retrieved the items needed and that they knew about the lock. If their microphones had been keyed, I can guarantee you, that encounter would have went a lot differently.

1:30 - "Ha, ha... She called me sweetheart" (my character is from the south, of course she did)

This comment, also made via discord coms and not IC coms, would have vastly skewed my regard for this group, and that individual character greatly. Had it been said while this person was out of range of my character, that would be one thing, but saying it in OOC coms, while in active RP with that character, seems although not breaking the letter of the rule, definitely the spirit. You are either IC, or you are OOC. You can not be both.


Just to clarify, based on a remark in the video:

It was never indicated that our group were pacifists. I indicated my particular character was. "Pacifist my ass" is what I heard in the video. The armory is not my bed room. Had you gone in there, you would have found a blouse, a cute pair of shoes, and a pink denim skirt. In the armory, I am sure you found no hardware worth taking. Some rounds. Maybe.




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Hello everyone

I play Ondrej Novotnych. We needed some new supplies and cars especially, so we headed to a known location for a base and found a dead guy outside. We decided to raid the place to see if there was a car inside, there was none but we looted the place. We found a garage next to the actual base and raided that and got a car. After that we went to Chernogorsk  and decided to talk to the boys and girl there. We found two cars in the garages outside where we parked our own car and decided to try and steal that, but we needed spark plugs and stuff to get them to work and convinced the people from the camp to give it to us, we then figured out their 3-digit code and broke in and stole both their cars. To respond to the other reports I have no clue about the metagaming and impersonating. But the griefing is not a valid one as we just destroyed a tent that was inte the way of the entrance. Never our intention but it got accidentaly destroyed.  


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On 2/19/2021 at 12:23 PM, Nonplayer said:

Metagaming: The OOC chatter was done on purpose to provide comedic value to the video which was supposed to be a private video. The IC radio broadcasts were done shortly after to keep the game fair and avoiding breaking any of the server rules.

I don't understand what you mean about the OOC chatter being done for 'comedic value'. Or exactly what you did afterwards to resolve the perceived rulebreaks, and how you felt the actions avoided breaking our rules. Can you elaborate further? I am referring specifically to the incident in the presence of other players, not the 'raid'.

On 2/19/2021 at 1:11 PM, SynO said:

To be clear on the Metagaming information, there was no-one around us at the time at all and we were speaking ingame before the heist started, but refering to @Nonplayer's post, we did transfer information to each other after the heist aswell, even if no one was around. Because that's what good Roleplayers do. 

Please review the video evidence, and address the metagaming accusations that occurred in the presence of @InvalidCat, @MagenShae, and @Griffin

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14 minutes ago, Rover said:

Please review the video evidence, and address the metagaming accusations that occurred in the presence of @InvalidCat, @MagenShae, and @Griffin

When I was inside of the said compound we were all IC, then me and another one went out to check on the garages, to our surprise there was cars there. At the time of the accusations I was outside of the compound not near anyone but @Nonplayer whilst @Kordrugaand @Hanrowere talking to them inside, once @GriffinI believe came up to me I switched to IC voice and IC radio, we stood near the garages talking, asking him if he has any spark-plugs since my "friend" was stuck in Elektro. For the last raid I was not present, but that's not what was asked. After the car heist was done I switched back to OOC since we were already driving away from the scene.

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What I mean is that it was done with the purpose of making the video fun to watch when we narrated it OOCly.

At the time of incident I felt like I did the right thing by repeating my chatter ICly after the OOC chat was over, however I see now how that defeats the purpose of 3.6 which is trying to make roleplay and radio roleplay more realistic and fair for everyone in the situation I was present in.

In the future I will strive to always double mic, regardless if I am in the immediate presence of other players.

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@Nonplayer - Metagaming - Guilty

@SynO - Metagaming - Guilty

Accused - Impersonation - Not Guilty

Accused - Griefing - Not Guilty



In this incident, the accused go raiding on the El Familia base. In the process they destroy a tent along with their intended target. They then steal some things including an armband, which is worn when they go to Chernogorsk island and roleplay with some roleplayers there. In this process they get a couple of spark plugs and figure out the codes to the cars, so they can later come back and steal them.



Griefing - We frankly don't really believe that the raiders were not aware of what would happen to the tents, given in the first few seconds of the video you can hear someone saying tents and 'thats not griefing' right before they get blown up. They are however correct. When you place a tent right next to a wall/gate that is likely to be targeted to be blown up, that is sort of on you. A single tent blown up in the course of raiding is not griefing. Had they made a point of selectively choosing situations where they could intentionally destroy storage in order to break in while causing the most damage possible, we might have found a griefing verdict. As it is, a single tent and no lost items according to the accused does not griefing make.

Impersonation - There are situations where wearing an opposing sides armband can be cause for impersonation. This isn't one. According to the roleplayers at Chernogorsk island, the accused never identified themselves as members of El Familia, and more importantly were never asked if they were members of El Familia. Additionally, based on POV's and evidence provided, at no point did the accused even do anything that would bring harm to the El Familia reputation as they were not associated to the stolen vehicles, and didn't openly steal anything in a way that would have even had them labelled as being thieves.

Metagaming - @SynO & @Nonplayer are being found guilty of metagaming for their antics in this video. @Kordruga can only be heard in the evidence speaking once or twice, and @Hanro doesn't overtly appear to metagame. However it is incredibly disappointing to see the comms demonstrated by all four of you. We simply do not care if you are doing a meme montage video or not. When in the presence of other players ALL COMMUNICATIONS pertaining even remotely to what is going on in-game MUST be double mic'd. As @Nonplayer correctly realized in a later post, you don't get to say it, then walk away to a safe point in-game and broadcast it to cover your ass. That completely disregards the intended point of the metagaming rule. None of you should have been encouraging or engaging in comms like this, that goes for @Kordruga & @Hanro as well.

Additionally, the 'in the presence of other players' is not a get-out-of-metagaming free card where by claiming you didn't think anyone was around you can metagame freely. If you have any reason at all to suspect players are in the area, double mic. It doesn't matter if you were talking to a guy and watched him walk away. You are on their island, where they could be in a building around you, eavesdropping, etc. Double mic. It doesn't help that we know for a fact you were not trying to relay the information ICly, as you dropped your accents and talked in regular voices over the discord, not in ways your characters would be speaking.



@K2U - Don't place things you don't want to lose next to the likely entry points to be blown up. While we do expect people to avoid despawning items, they are under zero obligation to disassemble and reassemble your base to protect your storage. Place it more carefully or expect to lose it to explosives.

@SynO, @Nonplayer, @Hanro, @Kordruga - Tighten your comms up. Focus on the roleplay at hand, not laughing about it in private comms.



@Nonplayer - Metagaming - Guilty - 3 day ban, 10 warning points, character reset.

@SynO - Metagaming - Guilty - 3 day ban, 10 warning points, character reset.

Signed.: @Rover & @Inferno

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