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Can't find passphrase in role play section

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Hi Guys,

I have read the role paly section over and over multiple times. I have also tried copying the text to Word, but It didn't help.

Even though English is not my first language i feel that I read and understand it very well, but still can't find the word!

Are u 100% sure that there isn't a bug not showing the passphrase?

Best regards 


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Greetings Mr_Humble,

The passphrase is definitely there. You need to carefully read everything and look for something that is slightly off. There are a few things that you should make sure of when you are reading it:

  • You are logged into your forum account;
  • You do not refresh the page (This moves the passphrase).

Good luck and hope that you will find it and get through the whitelist application!

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Greetings Mr_Humble,

I would like to add. that if possible read the text out loud. If you cant still find it, take a short break and repeat. 

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