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[Chernarus] - NRČ Official Broadcast (102.5)


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A new feed came forth on majority of Chernarussian frequencies.

"Dobrý Den citizens and survivors of Chernarus, this is Adam Joseh Zavat, leader of the newly formed Nová Republika of Chernarus.

These past couple of days, progression to a reconstruction of Chernarus has been slow, but steady, there have been difficult times ahead for all of us, but to many who I have spoken to, know what I intend for us all. 

However, many others may not agree with me, but I am willing to give it all to show I can to everyone, foreign or local. 

This official broadcast will serve as means of information, news and issuing Public Service Announcements to aid the communities and groups that are present within the South Zegoria region with anything to know about future progression and warnings. 

As first information on this new broadcast, this Friday, I am calling all able citizens and survivors to join me in Berezino at Section 16 Police Station in the South-West Side of the city, near the Belic Pub for a speech on the future of Chernarus. (Friday, 19 Feb, 14:30 Server time) 

Secondly, reports have been brought that Extremists, Chedaki, are present in the area abusing and threatening the lives of survivors and locals, these armed thugs are not to be taken kindly and will be marked for capture and placed under arrest, even executed if situation escalates. 

This is all for now, as days come by, more information will be delivered on 102.5, along with broadcasted music by Apocalyptic Radio. 


Be safe and stay strong, Slava Chernarus."

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The Frequency 102.5 came to life with a more lively voice. 

"Dobrý vecěr, people of Chernarus. 

Today marks a day that will go down in history, for many days of bloodshed and loss of our compatriots and our defenders, the day has finally arrived. 

The Russian Federation has delivered through an entrusted envoy, documentation that confirms Chernarus is acknowledged as an Independent nation! Together with the appointed Prime Minister, Josef Liska, have read and decided to agree with the terms brought by the Federation. 

None of the mentioned terms will affect our nation, but promote our independence and if relations are stable, to a brighter future. 

With threats dealt with every day, the infection and criminals threatening our lives, we will now have full authority and control of our home once more, and criminals who dare to cause destruction and pain will face the judgement of the people. 

Together, locals and foreigners have achieved this victory, and a new age for Chernarus arrives. The New Republic of Chernarus will now rise from the rubble and rebuild what we lost. 

Now time will tell, if we and the Federation hold this peace and respect the promises, we might finally see a new future, for the better. 

Slava Nová Republika Černarus. 

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The radio would go from static to a middle aged Chernarussian man being heard

"Mí bratři, foriegners, my fellow countrymen... I spent years in the service of my motherland. I have bled for her. Suffered for her. Years of confinement in a prison cell and the witness of such losses have not broken my spirit. I am Chernarussian strong. My father would been proud to see what progress we have made this day. He rest peacefully now. He and thousands of our fellow patriots now sleep with peace in thier hearts. The fighting will end soon. The Russian Federation has given us thier olive branch and has accepted the truth: Chernarus will be a free and independent sovergn nation. I, and the Provisional President Adam Zavat have agreed to the end of hostilities offered to us by the Russian Federation. I, Josef Liska, Prime Minister of the Republic of Chernarus, look forward to leading the new government in the service of her people. I swear this with all my heart. For the New Republic! 

Slava Nová Republika Černarus!" 

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The broadcast comes to life with a series of beeps.

"People of the Republic and Survivors of Chernarus.

The last days we have seen terrible events unfold and many lives lost, among them is Doctor Elijah Williams, Head leader of the Medics that has helped many wounded across many months, including myself. His killers are the Anarchists that have caused nothing but chaos and destruction wherever they stepped, along with them are a band of outlaws calling themselves "Dead Horse", this crime along with many others lost and wounded will NOT go unpunished.


Effective immediately, all members of the Anarchist movement and Dead Horse are now considered enemies of the Nová Republika Černarus and a threat to the lives of survivors across the Oblast, those found harboring these individuals from justice by either hiding or supplying any of their members shall be charged with accomplice to accomplice to treason and conspiracy to over throw the government. The Chernarussian people take no kind to criminals and traitors, and if these Anarchists strive to be criminals, then they shall be considered criminals. Information about the whereabouts of these individuals are encouraged to come forward.


The Republic shall be a new nation under no tyrant, a new dawn arrives for Chernarus."

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