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Allow Wallet to store RP Items


Should drivers license's and credit cards be storable in a wallet?  

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  • Emerald

Requesting a slight adjustment to allow driver's license and credit cards be stored in a wallet with paper.




Have a wonderful day.


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  • Administrator

I don't see why not, makes sense for it. @Whitename be active and get it done 😎

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  • Moderator

Yes please, I need to keep my identification papers somewhere.

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  • Diamond

Ano. +1 Makes sense and see no issue with that.  Believe it should be added after the importat stuff are done. 

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  • Legend

I was kinda sad when I couldn't put that stuff in the wallet so it would be a nice change to see 😭.... really no downside either

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  • Server Manager

We will fix this in next patch.

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