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Nature Overhaul by Kaffeina

NatureOverhaul by Kaffeina   

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While all of these changes look incredibly nice, I imagine that this would kill performance for a lot of players and I personally always prefer performance over graphics or anything.

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While this mod is incredibly pretty, it WILL tank people's FPS counts, due to the numerous extra details added into areas. 

I will -1 this, simply because it will make DayZRP unplayable to many who are scraping the minimums or are getting sub 60FPS even in open areas, as DayZ is the pinnicle of optimization and a finished game /s

Playability over graphics any day of the week. Also, can you imagine this mod on top of the numerous buildings/items places in hubs, and the hit on performance? Jeepers... 

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  • Game Master
25 minutes ago, F4ibrava said:

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this new addition to the server if approved by the council?


Last updated in May.

However mod author commented in January.

Looks good, but no idea how it'd mesh with our conglomeration of mods :D Or how fast things would get 'overgrown' like it shows.

I didn't see anywhere that says it can't be used on a monetized server.

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  • MVP

While I'd love to see this on the server, as others have stated, this will definitely hit lower end pc's hard and it will make the fps count drop drastically for everyone. Also, the timeframe for things to be overgrown IG and having fully grown trees in places that there were none before just doesn't match up. 

While it hasn't been a year yet I really don't see how nature is going to take over Chernarus in such a small amount of time. So this is a -1 for me. 





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  • Sapphire

I think it could be cool as long as it doesnt fuck up performance.

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  • Lore Master

This is amazing. We should add something new and this is great.


Pls buy new PC if you cant handle it thx (joke)

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  • Emerald

Think this would be a really cool addition, however I agree with the fact that it may really cripple lower end computers, so I don't think introducing anything that may result in server population loss is worth it.

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  • Moderator

I went with no, not because the mod is bad, but because the majority of roleplayers here have low end or mid end PCs, meaning more objects to render would make their FPS go low. 

Expansion has its own version of Chernarus which is overgrown and with more amazing interiors, but then again, that would also cause problems. 

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I agree with what @Woodzie said. Good amount of the people on this community have shitty PCs and this is just gonna fuck up their performance and experience, if this mod is added.

Mod's good, but not worth it.


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  • Diamond

No if we keep Expansion Mod and its heavy map padding.

Yes if we remove Expansion Mod

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  • 2 months later...

I have a fairly medium PC and I don't get a huge frame drop. But this looks amazing. So +1 for me. Even if I loose a couple of frames here and there, it makes up for it.

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  • Administrator

Expansion has its own mod for this I believe it is called Gloom, but it is very taxing on server performance, it is very nice looking I agree but keeping server perforce to a high is more important sadly.

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  • Emerald

my fps would 100% go to shit with this, maybe a few months to a year down the line we can add it as it would then make sense apocalypse wise.

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