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The problem plaguing the DayZRP community.


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The nerve of some people. Not only did they raid you, but RP'd as well . I think a BAN HAMMER is about to hit someone.


@Banshee I was having a shit shift at work, and this made me laugh. Thank you very much.

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haha!!! This made my day! Thank you bud for making sutch an awsome post

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Keegan-Michael Key Lol GIF by HULU

quality shitpost

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I don't know what is so hard to understand. It can't be online raiding if I am offline when I am raiding and the owners are online but the base is offline, just build the base offline and be online then I won't be able to online raid because I will be offline and the loot is online. It's that easy.

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dog lol GIF

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Haha, every time I hear of an offline raid I see this image of the perps  

im gonna wreck it GIF

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