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Server time (UTC): 2021-07-31 05:47

Lore Event - "The Scientists"
TODAY | 2021-07-31 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 13 hours, 12 minutes | Nyheim City

S1 - Griefing, Berezino - 15/02/2021, 8:25

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Server and location: Server 1 - Berezino

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8:25 - 15/02/2021

Your in game name: Benjamin Kooper

Names of allies involved: None at the time being.

Name of suspect/s: Unknown.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 





Detailed description of the events:

I logged into the game after waking up. I noticed that my secondary door was fully broken down so I went upstairs to see what was going on. There were two people upstairs going through my items and lockers. I asked them what they were doing in my house. They quickly got freaked out and told me to put my hands up. After that they told me to not move and stay where I was with my hands above my head. I further questioned why they were in my home and they started yelling at me to shut up.

Afterward, they handcuffed me and put me in the top floor on the ground. Here I noticed that they had left a lot of belongings on the ground as you can see in the screenshots.

They left the items there to decay and made no effort to put them away before leaving.

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Connection Logs;


07:00:55 | Player "Benjamin Kooper" is connected
09:08:12 | Player "Benjamin Kooper" has been disconnected

06:20:01 | Player "Sergei Drozdov" is connected
07:54:09 | Player "Sergei Drozdov" has been disconnected

Position Logs;


07:05:36 | Player "Benjamin Kooper" (pos=<12035.9, 9064.2, 62.3>) 
07:10:35 | Player "Benjamin Kooper" (pos=<12037.7, 9082.2, 54.0>) 
07:15:34 | Player "Benjamin Kooper" (pos=<12037.6, 9063.1, 62.3>) 

07:35:31 | Player "Sergei Drozdov" (pos=<12062.3, 8951.0, 56.7>) 
07:40:30 | Player "Sergei Drozdov" (pos=<12610.5, 8755.7, 13.2>) 
07:45:29 | Player "Sergei Drozdov" (pos=<12579.5, 8678.5, 16.8>) 
07:50:28 | Player "Sergei Drozdov" (pos=<12297.3, 9022.3, 35.2>) 

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@Matt Chillas | Benjamin Kooper | OP
@KermieSB | Sergei Drozdov |

Only people called in should be posting their POV's

@KermieSB Can you list your allies involved in the situation.

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Privyet Comrades Role-players and Staff Team,

Sergei/KermieSB Storytime

Before the raid:

We were all radioed by myself to bring the boom, the bar had sold me out down the river earlier in the day So myself @Mike and @CaptainChips all meet at the berezino military checkpoint and march down into Berezino. Reaching the front gate area close to the hospital we at this point find our first target of opportunity we blow in and find much of nothing. We moved into the Bars prefab area and scout out the targets and take inventory of all of our boom and make a list of targets and prioritize and settle on three doors we plan to blow. We blow our first target and things remain quiet this is fine and we go in only to find much of nothing. We fill our sacks up with the loot and head to target house two this is the house in question in this report.

The Raid:

@Mike calls out he is going to blow in and we make way for the rocket and back blast. Mike being the genius he is doesn't realize he has an odd angle for all that concussion and blast and kills himself. At this point @CaptainChips and I realize damn this is quite scuffed. We run inside and clear the first two floors of the three story I start checking Mike for Vitals after clearing the first floors and start grabbing his kit as it is clear that poor bastard was not going to wake up any time soon. I get chirped at from the top floor "Holy fuck brat get up here you wont believe this shit". I have never seen more loot in my life this place was the damn Willy Wonka Factory of ammo and guns. We start packing bags, Myself and Chips pack up bags full of loot and were planning to double carry a bag in our hand and on our back. We were rudely interrupted by the homes owner where he decided it would be a good idea to repeatedly say "hey what are you doing why are you in my house" we obviously are worried that this man could be upset with us and decide its best to tell him to put up his hands and we hold him at gunpoint. He continues to demand to know why we are in his house. I inform this man that we are in his house robbing him and it definitely looks like he has plenty to spare for everyone". At this point I tell the man to walk up the stairs from the base of the second story stairs to come up to me I handcuff him and inform him to lay face first on the floor and wait three and a half minutes before he starts trying to wiggle or do anything hostile we left the dude surrounded by firearms and ammo. As we are beginning to wonder who this man is and who he might be associated we decide to leave quickly we pop dex and epi and blast off out the front door out of the cargo container crate and split in separate directions thinking worst case one of us will get away.

The End:

Chips and I RV with  @groovy dingo Near the Polana/Gorka T intersection Gas station We split the loot change some clothes and gear and figure out who wants what and then decide to split again and go about our evenings and run around for a bit before waiting out our timers and logging out.


Obviously we had no intention to leave a single thing on the floor, backpacks were meant to go with us before we were interrupted we just wanted to dip set no reason to hang around and find out who or how many people this man may know. Also if it is any point everything in the black field backpack was mine before the raid so I only left what I brought in as you can see in this screenshot I had prioritized taking the backpack that was stacked with items for the warriors of the Vyzov. Also the pants left in the room were also Mike's Uniform pants as again we were prioritizing the ammo guns and anything else that would be useful. Again we fully planned to fill the bags with everything we could and only left in such a hurry for fear of who the man might know.



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52 minutes ago, KermieSB said:

07:50:28 | Player "Sergei Drozdov" (pos=<12297.3, 9022.3, 35.2>) 

08:00:26 | Player "Jan Koppel" (pos=<12022.1, 9030.5, 58.0>)

Hello @KermieSB,

Can you advise why you swapped characters within 2 hours of initiating/raiding another player, while they had defender rights on you?

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Greetings @Rover I reunited with some homies and we split the gear, I ran away and hid changed my clothes  waited my timer and broke Line of Sight and character. I ran back through the town and ran into @YAKMOUTH  I could tell Hector was pissed IC and we engaged in some decent RP. I realized what had happened I talked with both @YAKMOUTH and @Matt Chillas privately in a discord explained the transgression squashed our beef and talked specifically about this I didn't log into a different character to avoid repercussions. I rolled with the two mentioned above and ran to Polana and continued RP for the rest of the evening.

Edited by KermieSB
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On review of the report and after a help desk conversation or three, we've decided to close this report.


@Matt Chillas - To address your griefing claims, this wasn't griefing. Had you logged in and there was no one there and your possessions were left on the ground, you could make a case for griefing. However, when you interrupt the parties that are actively raiding you, they aren't quite under the same obligation to leave your base spotless, as its assumed once they dip and leave you there, you'll pick up the pieces since you are present.


@KermieSB - The 30 minute combat logger is for when you are leaving the server, or logging out for the night, etc. You can not swap characters while other community members have defender rights/attacker rights on you. In this instance, you ghosted by changing characters. 


4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. If any players have kill rights on you or your group, you may not log out from the game until 30 minutes passed since you broke the line of sight with any of those players. This rule can be ignored if the players involved give you OK to log out earlier.


2.5 Ghosting is the act of abusing the mechanics of logging in or out of a server to gain an advantage over other players. For example, sneaking into an enemy base and logging out with the intention of logging in later when they are offline to get past base defenses, logging out near a location where your allies later initiate hostilities to log in behind enemy lines or switching to an alternate character to avoid repercussions for your actions or use anonymity to your advantage. This rule does not apply to players logging in inside their own home base.

However as the victim of the original initiation/raiding and his group member that later ran across you on your alternate character do not wish to pursue punishments and talked things out with you, we've decided to allow the report to be closed. In the future please be sure you only swap characters when you do not have active rights against you.

With that said, report closed.


Signed.: @Hofer, @Rover

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