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Guest MussaT

Hellow 2 all !

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Guest MussaT

Hey guis first i want to say hy !

My name it Alex i`m from Romania and i just buy Dayz , it not my first time playng dayz but it my first time playng on original servar and original arma 2 i buyt from steam.

First of all i want to say i want to join your servar because i`ve seen theat you guis are tring very hard to build a strong comunity 4 good players i want to join your servar .

I`t great theat you guis are keeping a close eye on this game it a great one 4 the guis how want to play fare , in my opinion if a game it plays with hax it a ruined one . I HATE hax and People how use theat sort of programs .

So i realy want to join you guis so pls accept my request ! sorry 4 bad englesh :))

See you later have a great day

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