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Note Verdict | BadRP 5 days,10 points

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/54250-sirarxfatalis9/warnings/6605/

Why the verdict is not fair: There was a rule misunderstanding and was immediately corrected by burning the note in question within 10 minutes of its creation, noone read it, no harm done to the groups rep or anything.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I mixed up explanation of deception and made the node, immediately remembered i couldnt so i burned the thing. Noone saw the note or took action against cerb for it, we told the person whos camp we took things from that we did it aswell, so even if someone saw the note we already let him know after we figured out it was his camp.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned, points removed.

What could you have done better?: Remembered faster and made sure i clearly understood.

Very silly on my end but i fixed immediately Thank you. 

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Hi Mr Sirar, 

Hope you're doing perfectly splendid today. If possible, could you provide the names of the people you spoke to in the camp? And also provide your list of allies in the situation.

Thanking you. 

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Noone saw the note so there is no pov you can find that will have anything to do with this. The note was burned, i can try to find someone who knows about it OOCly who can vouch that i burned it instantly. But give me a little bit due to irl stuff happening.

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20 hours ago, Sirarxfatalis9 said:

we told the person whos camp we took things from that we did it aswell

I understand that, but I'd like to know who you spoke to, as well as your allies. 

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Calling in @Niller for a POV. The main details we require are the dialogue between yourself and the OP. Thanks.

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Andrei Polyak's POV:

I logged in after a week of being at my boarding school next to my camp which was a little south of Green Mountain near the Red Trail to see that my Improvised Shelter, alongside 2 of my crates were gone (i know that someone has been there at least once while i was gone). Curious and a little disappointed that someone found it so quickly i decide to go to Green Mountain and look for some food and a drink. When i arrive i ask if they've seen anyone go near the hill or trail that the camp was set up at where OP asks if it the one directly south from there, when i say it was the OP and "Evin Foster" (idk her Forum name) admit it was them who took the items and i shrug it off by saying "At least it went to a good cause". After getting a little bit of food and something to drink i continue to RP with the people there.

As far as the note is concerned, i personally didn't see any note nor did the other person who used the camp in the week that i was gone.

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Hi Sirar,

Looking at what we have, we have a log of you writing a malicious note to frame Cerberus for robbing a base. We then managed to gain a POV from the base owner (Niller) who claims you fessed up to stealing from his base. 

You broke the rules. We have a clear mindset on impersonation in the community. You corrected your actions, but you still did it. The best route would've been going to the staff team and alerting us that you cocked up and you've disposed of the note. Instead, we had to find your rulebreak. 

"3.9 Do not impersonate another individual or group in a way that would bring harm to them, their group or their reputation."

Since you did the right thing morally, we'll reduce your ban by 50%. Your points have been lowered to 5 points and the rest of your ban has been removed. You know the rules now, don't do it again. 

Outcome: Appeal Partially Accepted, Points lowered to 5 and duration of the ban removed.

Signed by myself and @Hofer

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