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Great News from Green Mountain Congratulations!


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*The radio would click and a young mans voice would begin to read calmly, some background noise could be heard including the crackle of a fire*

It has come to my attention as well as some others around me that we have great news coming out of Green Mountain this week. 

Apparently Alexei Novak and Wynne Walker have had a child named Anthony, or something along the lines.

I know Alexei personally and I wish him and his new family nothing but good fortune and health during the holiday season.

I love you buddy and am so happy to see you and the family running around South Zagoria together.

I hope this very important life event forever is kept close to your heart Kids are God's greatest gift to us here on Earth.

If you Wynne, or Anthony need anything please feel free to reach me or the others on our private radio frequencies maybe we can even have a baby shower in the coming weeks.

May God keep you all safe and I hope you and yours prosper and grow ever closer this winter.

Lets all congratulate the new parents.

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  • Emerald

Antonio holds down the PTT and talks

"Congratulations esé, i hope it will go good for you."

Transmission End

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  • Titanium

*you would hear a man audibly shake his head*


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  • Diamond

The radio would click on as a middle aged Chernarussian man speak. A camp fire can be heard as well as the wind and rain. Then there is a roar of applause and cheers of joy

"Blahopřejeme k narození vašeho syna! Congratulations on your new baby boy! This is always great news! God bless you and your family Brat!" 

The radio would cut off as more cheering is heard in the background 

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  • Sapphire

*Alexei would hold down his PTT sounding really confused*

"I... I think a baby a would be very hard to have during these times. I don't think that would be the best idea right now but I mean thanks for the wishes if I was to have one... I guess? Thanks though?"


*He'd release the PTT*

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  • Diamond

An exasperated sigh would permeate the airwaves

Ah, yes, I have suddenly given spontaneous birth to a full ass sixteen year old. And thank you, all I would like for Christmas is for you run out of batteries.

the radio would click off abruptly

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