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Joe's final hours - The defense of Green Mountain

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As joe took a sip from his canteen he could hear gunshots; turning from sporadic to frequent he traveled north to what he could only imaging as a bloodbath, upon meeting 3 more survivors along the way; they informed him that a horde of infected made their way towards Green Mountain to which they added that were was some sort of battle going down also and most likely the firefight attracted the passing horde. As we made our way it became apparent that this once safe haven for all travelers was under serious threat from both the living and the dead. After a short greeting with some friendly faces we were met with more infected, wave after wave they charged; friend and foe alike fought side by side against a common enemy. only to be met by the greater threat, helicopters and heavy weapons fire hailed on various parts of the sanctuary; Joe who at this time was positioned by the main gate scanning the woods for oncoming enemies, he was close to one of the RPG strikes that hit the outer wall, the blast from the rocket fire propelled joe into the gate knocking him unconscious.

Awaking to hear distant shouting and gun fire Joe finds himself entangled within the barbed wire that acts as a defense by the gate, lacerated from the barbs and disorientated from the blast he stumbles into the near by woods falling to his knees and stumbling ever few steps. He's attacked by several infected; managing to kill 2 to of them however the distant gunfire seemed to caused enough of a distraction for joe to get away, using the night to his advantage he crept past the many infected that still roamed through the woods. Bandaging as much as he could he discovered a bite on his shoulder.

Getting as far away as he could and slowing the spread of the infection down by using whatever medicine he had; joe could get to a safe place, away from everyone he could harm if he turned. Knowing he will die defending Green Mountain and his friends he smiled; thinking about his home in Zelenogorsk he was proud he could fulfil his promise to her, and pay back the debt he owed. at some part of his reminiscing he passed out for several hours. When he woke he could feel the corruption coursing through his body, joints fragile like glass and intense heat all across his torso, the fever would take him soon and he knew it, and what came next he wasn't sure but didn't want to take the chance and looked at the sun set one last time.

(Had some fantastic RP and combat experience with Joe so thanks to all ye who I met along the travels! I'll miss him but you know when a death is a good death!)


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