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A while ago I passed the whitelisting process, and attempted to make a character to join the server. Unfortunately, I didn't read up on the lore, and put only a moderate effort into my character's background. I was told to do more research and start again. This put me off somewhat, so I left to try other servers with less stringent application processes and get more experience with the game. I've struggled to find a good role play server since then. I joined a few young ones with low populations only to see them flounder and evaporate in the ether of the greater Day Z community. Now I'm back to make a more concerted effort in joining DayZRP to get that immersive role playing experience I crave.

As I read up on the server's history and lore, I'm even more intimidated than I was before. Seems easy to make a mistake in the character creation process, or step on the toes of other more established characters. I dearly hope I can fit in and get up to speed with what's going on in this fascinating world of post apocalyptic survival.

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I'm sure you will be just fine @Jimbob, welcome and good luck with your whitelist application.,

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Welcome! Ask us any questions you may have ? 

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I was taken back by all of the lore as well.  We are all new here, or at least once were.  Im sure a great effort will be appreciated. Not to mention it helps to get to that daunting 1k words lol.  Welcome

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