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Deacon johnson's temp ban appeal and POV'S


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 



Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was unfair in my opinion as i did not at the time; Have access to a Computer of any kind to respond in the report.
I also don't recall much from a firefight that i believe happened over a week ago today.

I don't feel i should be penalized for things out of my control such as technical difficulties as Computers are fickle systems.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  hey i just want to say i am sorry i couldn’t post my POVs as my PC has been in the shop and i only just got it back, I'd like to start off with  @edgy BeanMama since that was the first one i got before my pc broke,: i was in Zelenogorsk with GM and some AJ line and Ocelari just hanging out when a member of over the Ocelari heard over the radio "my hands are up" or something like that i didn't hear for myself from memory, but we ran up the hill maybe i think 15 people and we told everyone to put there hand's up or they will be killed and then shot's got fired and the gun fight broke out, from my memory i didn't find out about @edgy BeanMama untill the gun fight was over, i went looking for @Hampze when i didn't find him i went back to GM where i live, im sorry thats all i can remember from that report, and now onto the NVFL report POV: from what i got told there were a group of people acting suspicious up at GM so we walked up there with about 25-30 people and the reason for there being that many of us going is for the last full week GM has been hit again and again by the same group's, once we got the confirmation that an initiation had happened up there and hostages had been taken, we all make our way up there in full force, easily outnumbering the people inside, and we begin initiating on the people inside and killing everyone inside except @TurkRP & @RP who were held up in the GM tower, after a long while of sitting down there firing shot's and shooting the tower with RPG rounds they still wanted to stay up there then after maybe an hour @RP decides to value his life and come down. After a good bit of RP with @RP AJ line and i believe Ocelari decided in order to get @TurkRP down, we would threaten to execute Luke if he didn't surrender. which he did not and just ignored us, so they shot @RP in the head and then after that from memory maybe 10-15 minutes go by of us telling @TurkRP to come down and trying to get him to RP with us, he just runs around the top of the tower shooting at us and gets killed himself not valuing his own life in doing so, but thats all i can remember from those two report's once again i am sorry for the very late reply's i hope you all have a nice day/night and i hope what i say's can help.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: be able to play the game again without technical difficulties.

What could you have done better?: tend to my technical difficulties quicker.

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Thanks for the POV, much appreciated. Your temp ban has now been removed, allowing you to play on the server.

Since you’re appealing 2 different things, you should’ve made separate appeals, but we can address them both here to save the hassle.

Keep an eye here for potential further questions, if you fail to respond to them, your temp ban will be reinstated. 


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@wastingdoor - Invalid Kill - Roleplayed: Not Guilty


During a rather long standoff situation, @RP had surrendered to the combined forces of Ocelari and County Lines. Shortly after Luke was used by the collective group as a bargaining chip in an attempt to get Turk to come down. When this failed you followed through with the threat and executed Luke. The staff team have discussed this kill, and decided that, given the circumstances, the demand is not seen as unreasonable, and therefore the kill is seen as valid.


@wastingdoor - Invalid Kill - Roleplayed: No action taken

Signed by @Zanaan @Duplessis & @Jade

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