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Hey guys,

I'm making this post not to shit on the community, not to say "everything is being done wrong", because that's not going to help whether it's true or not. Fact of the matter is we're struggling, which can be shown by the fact that we're not even getting about 20 people on a Friday night. There's no real outside sources we can blame for this other than other RP communities taking players, as DayZ is at a stronger pop than it has been for most of it's existence, including when DayZRP was doing very well despite overall DayZ population being low. 

I'm suggesting what I 100% believe needs to be done to actually save the community based on what I see, and I welcome any other genuine ideas that can cause real change. Instead of just putting forth something that would only unban select people, I think we need to just do a massive wipe of everyone who's been perm'd from more than 6 months ago to 2012. Now, if staff/Rolle have select people they can think of that should stay banned for one reason or another that's reasonable, some people have done pretty messed up stuff and shouldn't be allowed back. I realize some people will have misgivings about this but I really think this could be the thing that allows the community to exist a year from now instead of just being a footnote in the history of this broken game we all play.

I actually do love this place, for better or worse, and I really don't want to see it go.

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