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Shelter needed

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*radio crackles* "Any communities within range, my name is David. I've been on the road for several months and would appreciate an open door. I bring a lot to the table and can carry my own weight, I have firearms experience as well as general survival skills. Please, even a warm meal would be a step in the right direction."

*end transmission*

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  • Diamond

[A local sounding male voice pops up. Yes, it's still muffled. Of sorts. Might be transmission quality or factors.]

"Whatever you do or wherever you end up, I suggest not trying to cross the border North, anywhere North of Tisy, Kamensk, Novomitrovsk or ... Berezkhi, to give you a rough "line".

Some more 'clicks' up ahead, you will meet the border and while patrols became spotty, as compensator they became rather trigger happy with possible unforeseen behavior towards certain individuals.

I know, I ran into them straying too close to the border."



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  • Emerald

Andrei holds down the PTT

"Novaya Pertrovka School, Berizeno Pub, Severograd."

"All places where you will find people, very commonly Foreingers such as yourself."

"Good day to you."

Transmission end.

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