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goodbye all


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sadly my character was rejected, im shit at writing stories so that was my best attempt at getting whitelisted

as i cant come up with anything else i have no need to be here


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Don't give up shit happens.

Think outside the box.
Take ideas from IRL.
Take ideas from other characters but don't outright copy. 

Make sure it is compatible with the lore though is well. 

Bet if you do those 4 things you will get accepted. 

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  • Diamond

I have always my Little Problems while coming up with a new character ,but i manage to Solve them After a while.

if you want to give it another try and Need some help Hit me up okay?

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  • Sapphire

I understand that it can be super tough to come up with a story sometimes. And the lore for the server can be daunting to some. What helped me understand little further is listening to someone else read it. This is just from personal experiences, but I’ll leave this (link) here and just copy and paste it and just listen away like a podcast. After listening to it - it might help your creative juices. If this doesn’t help then like @Mikey said shoot him a message or the support staff team will be sure to help you out in any way they can and I love writing so I wouldn’t mind giving you a push in the right direction.

Read some really good character profiles that I've linked below.

Hope this helped in some way. Good luck if you try again :


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  • Diamond

In addition to what’s already been said, check out this Newcomer Guide. It’s extremely helpful when you have questions regarding creating a character. All of it applies to the character you’re making for the whitelist. After the whitelist, you will have to create a new character page but you can use the same one that you used in your whitelist if you were accepted. 

The guide includes information about what is accepted as a character backstory, information on what they can’t have as their current work, and tips to get you going. Ask any Support member for help if you have questions or are unsure about anything ?

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