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*He hesitates for a moment as he stares at the PTT button, a few seconds go by and he decides to press it*

*Static* .... I don't know who is listening, so i guess this is for who ever is on the other side... *Some static returns for a few seconds*

My name is Diego, and i call upon those native to these lands. I have lost someone very dear to me and i need to find her.

*The static returns for a moment before he continues* Are there any communities out there that shelter the lost and wandering?

*Static for a moment* I'm willing to meet up somewhere and perhaps trade for information. Anything... Diego out. *The static returns*

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*A thick British accent would come over the radio"

"Hello Diego, I am not native as you can tell but if you have lost someone I would not mind helping you find her either together or not. But if you can give me some information like her name, nationality,  all the shit one will need to her."

"If you want to meet up and look for her I will be glad to help."

*The radio would go to static.*

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*He stares at the radio for a moment as he scratches his head, then presses the PTT button and the static makes room for a voice*

This message is for the man with the Brittish accent. Thank you, who ever you are. I am in Severograd right now, where can i go to meet you?

*The static returns*

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*The voice would come back on the radio*

"You will find me in Komarovo and Balota for awhile, if you want to know my name its Dallas."

*There would be a small pause.*

"We can meet tomorrow if you want, I would also like to point out that my voice may be deep but I am not even 18 yet. So don't expect me to be some hulk or something like that."

*The radio would go to static.*

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*Tired voice with chernarussian accent comes in*

Dobrý Den,

I can offer you help with your search. You will find me in the abandoned Tisy military base.  On the main square of the base there is a statue and behind it there is this white  or grey building. You go there and on the side of the building there is a door. Behind it stairs leading underground. That's where you will find me. 

*Radio would go silent*


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*Presses the PTT and begins talking*

I have learned to expect nothing these days Dallas. Yes, lets meet tomorrow. I am on the other side of the country at the abandoned military base called Kamensk i beleve.

*Pauses for a moment and static can be heard for a short while*

I will make my way to Tisy now, who ever you are... If i cant find you when i arrive, i will radio again. Diego out.


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*You hear a strong London accent come through*

Yooo Wagwan my guy. What does this piff ting look like maybe a name bruv. If I see this girldem i will hollow you my guy.

*You would here grime music in the back ground before the radio goes silent*

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*The voice would come over again and would respond to Diego.*

"That place? that is quite far from what I know of anyways might be wrong." 

*There would be a small pause*

"And I would not trust that chav whatsoever who whoever was playing that shite music, with my runnings with chavs back in the UK they did not seem the friendliest."

*The radio would go to static* 

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*Presses and holds the PTT*

I dont judge Dallas. Who ever can help me find the one i am looking for, is the one i will be in debt to. Chav or no Chav mate, no offense. I do appreciate the concern, thank you. And yea you are right, i am on the other side of the country making my way to Tisy.

*He pauses for a moment and static can be heard*

As for the woman i am looking for.. Her name is Natalya. How would you recognize her? She would be the most beautiful appearance you have seen in a while buddy. Long fiery red hair, legs that reach for the sky and an pair of tits that makes me crave milk. 

*laughter can be heard further away as it cuts off into static for a few seconds*

Thank you.. I dont care who you are, or where you are from. If you, whoever, can help me find her... I will be in your debt forever. Diego out.

*Static resumes*

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*The voice would come back on the radio*

"One last thing before I forget Diego not to intrude on anything personal or anything but why do you want to find her? 
It's fine you don't tell me but I just want to know."

*The radio would go to static*

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*The static fades and a voice can be heard*

Why i want to find her you say? ... Well, to be fair... I need a reason to keep going. And she's worth it. I guess..


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