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Chernarus Needs you

groovy blisna

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  • Sapphire

Adrik Would pick up the large radio and bring it with him to where he was sitting and start to transmit.

My name is Adrik. I am a member of the Ocelari. You might have met some of us on the road or we might have seen you. In recent times members of the Ocelari have watched as the infected tear through civilians whilst the civilians don't put up a fight. In the coming days Ocelari will be holding Self defense courses. For the Chernarussians of this land that need and for the country men that are already well versed in such we will also be forming a police force entirely made of Chernarussians. This police force will be trained by us and will follow the Government of Kozlov. If you are interested in either you can reach us here on this frequency. If you would like to learn more details on the events please tune into this frequency. 106.9 ( //Sc0ttie on the forums ) Slava Chernarus and may everyone out there survive. 

Adrik would stop transmitting and head back to the camp

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You hear a scratchy American accent come through as your radio comes to life:

This is Dallas Price of the Sentinels here, and I just wanted to say that I think that's a mighty fine idea. I know that you guys aren't always fond of foreigners like myself and our group, but we are all stuck in this infected wasteland together so we are going to have to survive it together as well. If you need any help conducting the training sessions or acquiring the resources to do so, please feel free to reach out to myself or any of my fellow Sentinels. You can often find us in Bor. Cheers brother, and good luck. Dal out

The transmissions clicks off

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  • Sapphire

A young Chernarussian sounding voice would come through the radio.

My name is Damian, Sounds like a lot of fun, And really useful!

Count me in, Will contact you shortly for the details!


The transmission ends.

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  • Emerald

PTT turns on

"Dobry dén people of Chernarus, this is Wookie speaking."

"Even as a foreigner i have attempted to assist the Chernarussian people in every way that i can possibly do by myself"

"I hope that means something to you, if it does you can contact me on Frequency 82.9hz as that is where i normally set my radio to."

"I hope you will contact me soon, for i will fight viciously for Chernarus to be in the hands of the right people"

"Slava Chernarus"

Transmission ends.


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- An angry voice with an eastern accent starts talking over the radio. -

"Aha, infected tearing through civilians? Last time i ran into you guys you tore a bullet through my knee..."
"As much as i like this country, and it's people, i cannot see it flourishing under your extremist ways."

- He takes a moment to consider if his next words. -

"But maybe we just started on a wrong foot, im willing to give you guys a chance to redeem yourself, in my eyes anyway..."
"That could start with attempting to deal with the ongoing attacks from those weird cultists or superhumans... or whatever else they are."

- Silently, he mutteres into the radio -


- The radio goes silent. -

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  • Diamond

[A local sounding voice seems to pop up a while after.]


"Dobry den. We should talk.


[Click. That's all that is said.]

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