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this is a bit confusing to me

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sorry I don't want to be annoying but this is a bit confusing to me, and I hope you can explain it to me

on monday 19th i got a message on my whitelist about my english writing and that i had to go to discord and speak to staff member, to check my english speech to approve my whitelist. Spent the same day with one of the staff member and my english is good enough and she spoke to one of the admin to approve my whitelist and let me go ahead. I have saved my whitelist again, I was 15/17 and now I am 19/28 now I am curious, do I have to wait for the whitelist to be approved, or will I be let through what the staff member have told me.

I know you have to go to discord to speak to one of the staff members. but due to the covid19 lockdown, my wife works at home and has many phone calls and video consultations with her work. that's why I do it this way so that I don't disturb her with her work

Thank you in advance for the explanation

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  • El Presidente

The queue place you see just sorts people in order of application submission. It doesn't take into account special circumstances like this. It's possible you will be handled outside of this order, however only the admin who handled your case will be able to do so which may mean additional waiting time since whitelists are only checked once a day or so. Sit tight and you'll be approved soon.

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